Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Animal Magnetism

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I definitely believe that I’m telling the story of my life with my photography habit. Take the photo below for example. It shows an eclectic mix of my little boy’s treasures he gathered on our walk last Thursday. He picked me flowers, and threw them in the bag with his trains. They got all smushed, but I didn’t care a bit. It’s the thought that counts. Right now these beat up blooms have a place of honor on my kitchen table. Every single time I see them, I smile. DSC01417

I even made a layout with the photos when we got home just because I didn’t want to forget a single thing he did or said. Adventure55_1

There really is nothing like digital scrapbooking for instant gratification! I’d never give up my paper, but I love the fact that if I’m feeling inspired by my photos I can scrap them right away digitally.

My Mom and my niece Alexis B. spent the weekend with us so the little kids and I wouldn’t be lonely. Ronnie and my daughter (Alexis A.) were out of town. I don’t like staying alone in my house, so it was the perfect time to have a sleepover. The sleep over was wild, and you’ll have to take my word for it because I’m sure my Mom won’t want me posting photos of her in her jammies.

On Sunday we went to a local wild life preserve that I’ve been dying to visit. Ronnie just never seemed to want to go with me even though I had free vouchers, and they were about to expire. Mom and I decided to take the kids and just go. I’m so glad we did. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Of course, you know I took photos…

This is the tractor/wagon that took us around to see all of the animals.

Here are the three heathens at the beginning of the trip. They loved throwing food to the animals. The wildlife preserve loved it too. Especially since food was $1.00 a cup. We won’t even discuss how much I spent on food. 

I am the biggest kid of them all, so I bought my own cup of food as well. I fed two animals before the kids stole my cup. Parenthood is so awesome sometimes. I didn’t mind, because really. Their tongues were disgusting, and I kept dreaming of hand sanitizer. Ick.

These guys were my favorites. Their names are Abu and Aladdin. Aladdin is older than Abu, and he really didn’t want to get up off the ground. Abu kept irritating him until Aladdin growled and snapped at him, but he got up. They reminded me of my kids. The trainer/guide was so knowledgeable and funny. She was even helping them pull off their Winter coats while she talked to us. Trust me, they don’t need their coats because it was 80 degrees that day!

You may be wondering where my husband and Alexis were during all of this? They were in Talladega, Alabama for the NASCAR race. It’s a yearly trip that they make together, and I think it’s wonderful that they get to spend time with each other one on one without the other kids.

They had a really fun time, and Ronnie made Lexie pose with him in front of all of the cars. It makes me smile, because he does it so he’ll have photos to bring me so I can scrapbook. It’s the little things in life that let me know he loves me. DaleJr.

I’m so glad everyone is home now. I feel like a chicken that’s been trying to get everyone back in the nest where they belong. Now that they are here again, I can relax. (Mostly!)


Jules said...

Nice photos, especially the first one. =D

The Brown Mestizo

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love, love, love the photos...and all the stories...and the fact that Ronnie takes photos for you to scrap! hugs.

Amanda Sevall said...

My husband takes pics for me too so I can scrap them! It's definitely those little things in life that matter. Love the pics and stories that go with them Heather :)

Agnes said...

I love looking at your photos Heather and reading about your adventures.

Michelle said...

Love the bag of trains with the flowers.. too cute!! Ben picked me dandelions yesterday... asking again if they roar!! Love this age!!! (most of the time!)

kim said...

i like the first pic too. i can't get the hang of digital scrapbooking much for some reason. mine never come out right.

Tabbetha said...

Hey Heather! Luv luv luv all your photos! Im a follower now, Also i have something on my blog for you, stop by when you get a chance!! Hugs...Tab

Leah. said...

Love the smooshed flowers :)
They could be covered in poo and I would probably still love them, I get them so infrequently. Okay, well they couldn't be covered in poo, but you get my drift.

Love the wildlife photos. As for the animals licking me, I would probably just chuck the food to avoid that ;)