Monday, April 19, 2010

How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls?

Jordan’s birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated her birthday last weekend. I made her a rainbow cake that she saw in Family Fun magazine a few months ago. She was so thrilled with it, and I was thrilled that it only took a few minutes to make. Much easier than fondant! 

Here is a close up of the finished cake. The jellybeans tasted so funny to me, but she liked it. That’s what is important!

The reason why we had Jordan’s birthday party last weekend instead of on her birthday this weekend, is because she rode in her first horse show this past weekend. Check out those pink boots, and the pink bandanna. She also had a pink cowgirl hat, but she had to wear her helmet for riding. She met several new friends at the horse show including another little girl with cerebral palsy. It nearly broke my heart because she was so excited to find another little girl “just like her”. I exchanged numbers with her Mom so that we can get the two of them together in the future.

After everyone finished riding, they had an awards ceremony and Jordan won “Best Equineship” which is about how she “trains” her horse gently and carefully. She was absolutely thrilled. We are all so proud of all of Miss Jordan’s achievements!

After she accepted her award, she went back to our table to celebrate her win by eating petit fours. She might be a cowgirl, but she’s still a girlie girl!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Congrats to Jordan on both being 6 and on the horse show. And how fabulous to have her find a new friend.

Agnes said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Heather, I love love love the rainbow cake!

Leah. said...

What an adorable cake! I love the rainbow and I LOVE those cowboy boots! Super cute!

Again, hope you had a Happy Birthday Jordan!

Congrats on your award :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations!! My God-daughter has cerebral palsy and has had tremendous posture improvement through horse riding and - of course - she LOVES it!

Scrappycath said...

Congrats to Jordan! WTG in the Horse Show! And Happy Birthday to her also! I love the rainbow cake! Guess what? My dream is to have a ranch that offers hippotherapy. art therapy and others as well as a place to live and work for adults with special needs. Don't know if I'll ever make it - but it's good to dream!

Jules said...

Wow! Congrats to Jordan for winning such award. And happy birthday to you pretty girl. =D

The Brown Mestizo

Kristin said...

Love the Rainbow cake! And Congrats to Jordan on her ribbon! Love those pink boots too!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Happy Birthday Jordan, and congratulations on your win! Love love LOVE your cake!!

Elizabeth said...

Great job on the cake, I'll have to remember that one. Perhaps skittles or m&m's might work too, I'm not a big jelly bean fan. (But even I have bought Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans!)

Great job to both Jordan and her Momma. Wow she's 6 now! Where the heck is that pause button?!?!?!!?

Helen said...

oh my ... how fabulous looking is that cake! WTG Heather! I hope she had a fabulous day!

Julie W said...

It baffles me that she is six years old already. Really??? REALLY?? Gorgeous as ever, too.

Cindy said...

Adorable cake! I forwarded your blog to a friend who is planning a rainbow themed party for her daughter. Congrats to Jordan on her birthday and the horse show!