Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life is a Highway

The past few days have been absolutely insane! The story of my life I suppose. School had been winding down for the girls and the teachers sent home all of the girls’ notebooks and supplies. I was going through the stuff to see if there was anything I wanted to keep. I came across a note that Alexis had written… “I love Drew Brees!” I read it out loud to my mother in law who was over at the house. Alexis ran up to me and snatched it out of my hand and blushed beet red. I couldn’t help giggling. After a while, I thought about it and gosh eight years old seems to be too young to be having a crush on anyone.

Jordan had her kindergarten graduation this past Wednesday. She was so excited to get on the stage and sing. Here she is with her Kindergarten certificate… I think she was a little happy! We were all so proud of her. She is nervous about going into first grade. She told me this evening that she won’t know what to do when she gets in a new class. Ronnie and I assured her that the teacher would explain everything.


Thursday night Alexis had her fun meet at her gymnastics class. She won a first place medal in overall gymnastics. She also won first place ribbons in vault and beam, and second place ribbons in floor exercise and bars. She did an amazing job, and I took video but I’m having a terrible time getting it uploaded. You’ll have to be content with a photo instead.


On Saturday, Ronnie and I actually had a date for the first time in about a year. We went to a pool party at his friend’s house. Ronnie’s parents watched the kids for us, and we went out for about three hours. We ate crawfish, and got ridiculously sun burnt. I didn’t have the best time because I didn’t know all of the people there. Plus, I don’t drink at all and there was a ton of drinking going on. So I felt a little uncomfortable. Ronnie had a good time though, and it was nice to get out and get a break. On the way home the kids and I were goofing around in the car taking photos during our mini road trip. Here are a few fun ones I took!

She’s definitely sassy! See the mischievous sparkle in those eyes? LOL


I actually took a photo of myself in the side mirror! I thought it was a fun idea. The water off of the bridge is Lake Ponchatrain.

Here’s another view of the lake! We had stormy weather and sunshine all at the same time! I edited the goodness out of this one!


And last but not least… Lexie and Brandon. Pure cuteness!



Michelle said...

Ben is enjoying the pics of the kids!! LOL Asking lots of questions!! Glad you were able to get out. School will be winding down here too in the next couple of weeks.

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

So glad you got time with R. Love all the photos. The kids are so cute.

JadeCook said...

I mean you have to give it to her, Drew Brees is kind of cute lol I can tell ya'll are Saint fans :) Sounds like a fun weekend

Helen said...

wow your life has been SO busy Heather! Great photos to accompany your story. And so wonderful you got to go on a date ... that would be nice. Have a super week.

Agnes said...

Pure cuteness!!

And yes, I can definitely see the mischievous sparkle in Jordan's eyes :-DDD

Elizabeth said...

Congrats all around. Great photos as always.

Leah. said...

Dude I hear you on the drinking. I can have one drink before I start leaning a little. LOL! Sooo, I'm not much of a drinker :) I would have loved to hang with you.

I adore that photo of you in the side window!

Terry and I haven't had a date in....
Yep, it's been that long!

I don't feel so bad about my kiddies and their mischief :)

kim said...

so nice to celebrate your kids acomplishments.

i notice that your dd still fits in a 5 point harness. is that a special order one? My 5 year old doesn't fit in any of the ones I've seen and he is impulsive and always unbuckles himself. I have been looking for one. do u know the model of that one?