Monday, June 28, 2010

That Song In My Head

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I love to sing. I seem to have passed that love of music on to my two younger kids. (Alexis prefers to dance!) You can find them both wandering around aimlessly humming tunes, or singing lyrics to whatever song is stuck in their heads at the time. We are all HUGE fans of Glee, and usually have Glee soundtracks plugged in on my iPod, and in my van as well.

Lately, Jordan has been obsessed with Glee’s remake of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Since she walks around singing it so much, it’s frequently stuck in my head as well. A few days ago, she demanded that I take a video of her and sing Poker Face with her. (She’s quite a demanding little mite. Don’t let that sweet face fool you!) It came out so cute with her talking over the music, and the adorable little faces she makes when she does sing that I had to share. Be sure not to miss the last few lines for the cutest faces ever! I may be a bit biased there but I don’t care. I’m a Mom. It’s my job.

Other news from the past few days:

1.) I’ve learned NEVER to leave my toothbrush where my 3 year old can get to it. EVER! I’m just wondering what else he was doing with it before I caught him. A true germaphobic nightmare. Ugh!

2.) Brandon’s spider bite is completely healed. There is just a little bit of discoloration to the skin. We are so lucky!

3.) Alexis behaved amazingly well all week long. Needless to say, she got rewarded for it and we are hoping for as good of a week this week.

4.) I watched the best movie with Ronnie on Saturday. It’s called Extraordinary Measures and it stars Harrison Ford, and Brendan Fraser. It was a tearjerker, such an awesome movie! I give it five stars! You can see the trailer here…

5.) Jordan recently told her friend “I can’t play with you because you lie too much, and I don’t like it.” I can’t figure out if I should fuss at her because she was rude, or admire her for standing up for herself.

6.) I bet you’re wondering what Brandon’s favorite song is lately since I told you what Jordan’s is… Taio Cruise Break Your Heart. That’s right future girlfriends. Beware!

7.) My scrappy mojo has returned! Be prepared for a TON of layouts to be shared, soon.

8.) Ideas for Scrapbookers has a fun post coming up tomorrow about Book of Me layouts. I know many scrapbookers forget to scrap themselves, so be sure to come check it out.

That’s it for tonight! Ronnie will be home with Lexie from gymnastics in a few minutes, and I have to make it look like I did something other than blog the whole time he was gone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

I need to buy a striped shirt and a whistle! I don’t feel like a Mom anymore, I feel like a referee. Having three kids under the age of ten, is an adventure! I think it’s that they are on Summer vacation, and that they aren’t on any reliable schedule. I don’t want to think that it’s the fact that they just adore trying to kill each other and having full fledged wrestling matches that make Hulk Hogan look tame.

To make matters worse, I’m totally paranoid about letting them go outside. I have to go out first, and check all of the play equipment. I found four more spiders the other day. One was in the bottom of Brandon’s ride on car, and I didn’t see it until he got in the car. The spider dropped out and ran across the carport. I smashed it dead because the only good spider is a dead spider. I don’t think the ones I found were venomous, but I’m still really tired of this whole situation.

I shouldn’t complain too much though because I could be having a no good, terrible day like Ronnie had yesterday. He came home early to go cut the grass for a friend who is ill. He packed the lawn mower into the back of my van and drove to her house. While he was mowing, the lawn mower broke. So he loaded it back into the van, and noticed that her neighbors had almost completely blocked him into her driveway. He tried to back out, but ended up scraping the the side of the van on her fence. When he got out of the van to check the damage, he wasn’t watching where he was going. He fell straight in the drainage ditch and scratched his leg on the culvert. Thank God he didn’t break anything! After he told me about what had happened, I told him to come straight home so I could clean his boo boos and wrap him in bubble wrap for the rest of the day.

In Mommy makeover news, I have to announce that I went out and bought moisturizer. I have never used moisturizer before. It never seemed important until those wrinkles started popping up. Sigh. I also bought perfume, and I’m wearing it nearly every day instead of saving it for date nights. Let’s be honest, if I only wore it for date nights… I’d be wearing it once a year maybe. It would take a looooong time to use it up that way.

I can’t have a post without sharing a single photo, so I’ll include pictures of the kids playing in the sprinkler today.


I adore this photo. So.very.much! He’s getting entirely too grown up.


Where’s Alexis you ask? Well. She was mad at me, and elected to stay inside and read a book instead. The teen years are hitting early here.


(That photo is from our punk session the other day. She was doing her “mad” pose!) Here are a few other good ones from that shoot...

Jordan being uncooperative even though SHE asked for the photo shoot. So I went with it and did a whole grungy edit.


I love this one SO much. Alexis looks like such a little lady.


Last but not least… Pure cuteness! I rarely get a photo of the three of them together, so this one is super special.


As an end to this totally random post, I have layouts to share too. Again, not as many as normal. It seems to be picking up though! Maybe my mojo is returning? Hmmm.


My grandma and I do a layout exchange of 8x8 layouts. I do two of them and keep one and send one to her, and she does the same. I think I'm going to send her this one. I want to send her the prettiest one and I think I like this one better. I may just let her pick.

Journaling: Lady was sleeping on the couch when Lexie decided to use her as a pillow.

Supplies: October Afternoon Night Light paper and stickers, October Afternoon Ledger Stickers, and a Googlie eye! Couldn't resist adding that to the title.

HL_The Best Day

I took the title from a Taylor Swift song that my kids love.

I scraplifted this layout nearly exactly from Jenny Stockard's "Best Summer Treat" layout. She's on the design team at Scrapbook Deals 4 You, and she had the same kit that I purchased and did an amazing job with it.

Supplies: Pebbles Tree House paper and Embellies.

I hope you enjoyed this epic post, when I first started typing it, I was convinced I had nothing to say tonight. Guess I was wrong!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Daddy

I have cabin fever! It’s really hard to take all three children somewhere without another adult’s help. So other than therapy, we haven’t gone anywhere during the week. I have to have a hand free to hold Jordan’s hand all of the time. If Brandon pulls away from my other hand, and runs off, I can’t drag Jordan with me to chase him. I would tote Brandon on my hip, but he’s getting to heavy to do that. Jordan refuses to be carried on my hip because she is too big for that. Alexis doesn’t pay attention and just walks off. If you add all of this together, going to the park with no help can be a nightmare. Not to mention, if they don’t want to leave I have to carry Brandon with one arm and drag Jordan with the other one while fussing at Lexie to keep up. Sigh.

Needless to say, I was so relieved today when Ronnie suggested taking the kids to the fountains to celebrate Father’s day. I got some sunshine, cute photos of the kids, and time with Ronnie.


I only got one or two decent photos because the camera thief (AKA Jordan) got to my camera the other day and changed all of my settings by pressing random buttons. She’s REALLY lucky she’s cute. There are no photos of Jordan at the fountain today because the only one I have of her has her butt hanging out of her bikini. Typical! There are no photos of Ronnie because he hates it when I take his photo.

He did get rather spoiled today. I made Pioneer Woman’s  cinnamon rolls from scratch. They were SO good. The first batch that I made as a trial run yesterday ended up taking like Krispy Kreme doughnuts according to Ronnie. (He wasn’t complaining!) I added a bit more cinnamon to today’s batch and I thought they came out great. They took a while to make, but they were totally worth it. I also made him a little coupon book from the kids for hugs, kisses, and help out in the yard. I don’t know if he’ll take them up on the “help”. LOL

I’ve been in a bit of a scrappy slump lately too. I think the kids fighting, being stuck inside, and all of the spider drama caused my mojo to take a vacation. I did do a few pages, but nowhere near what I normally do.


Journaling: When Mom comes to sleep over, the kids try to stay up as late as they can. They try to be night owls, but we make them lay down at nine. That doesn't mean they sleep! 4/2010 Jordan, Bubba, + Honey

I used a June PageMaps sketch, and my Scrapbook Deals 4 You June kit featuring Pebbles Tree House papers and embellies.


For a challenge where we had to use a PageMaps sketch, two photos, scrap child like photos, and use the title Forever Young from the current remix of that song.

Journaling: Just because you grow old doesn't mean you have to grow up! Don't forget to play! Bubs 7/2008
I used my June Scrapbook Deals 4 You kit featuring Pebbles Tree House papers and embellies.


This is for a challenge. I had to use fussy cutting (birdhouses) and I had to mat my photo on something other than paper. I used burlap. (Thank you Nancy!)

Journaling: We thought Brandon would want to hold the new baby goat, but when we set it in his lap he cried! I felt so bad! Maw Maw's house. 2009

I used my June Scrapbook Deals 4 You kit on this one. (Sensing a theme here?! LOL) It featured Pebbles Tree House papers and embellies. I also used a sketch provided by SBD4U by Lucy Chesna Designs.


This last one is my favorite I’ve done all month because Ronnie and I have so few photos of us together.

Journaling: I wanna roll with him, a hard pair we will be. A little gambling is fun when you're with me! -Gaga Lyrics (Heather & Ronnie's Date 7/2008)

I used a sketch by Julie Bonner on this one. It was done for a challenge. We had to use Lady Gaga lyrics or a song title (I did both.), use three or more photos, and a star shape (upper left corner under the title).

I used the King and Queen card as an embellie to represent us. I even dug out little crown brads. I pulled the colors from the photo, and all of the gold accents are pulled from the name of the casino in the far right photo. Oh, the number 8 card was because at the time we'd been together 8 years. I know the photo of us isn't all that clear, but we hardly ever get to go out on dates! So of course I had to scrap it anyway!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’re having a wonderful Father’s day weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The (Not So) Itsy Bitsy Spider

Brandon got bitten by a spider again two days ago. I freaked out, and I turned the house inside out. I flipped over beds, I washed every single blanket in the house. I vacuumed under and around ever single dark place I could think of. I was furious, and so upset. That makes three different bites. I am absolutely sick to my stomach over all of this. The one place my son should be safe is this house, and it’s just breaking my heart that he hasn’t been.

I did find one spider under the bookshelf near the front door while I was vacuuming. I’m guessing this spider was the one that was biting him because I store his cars on that bookshelf so he frequently sits in front of it. I found it while I was vacuuming, and I vacuumed it up so quickly that I didn’t really see what type it was. I had been trying to avoid using pesticides, but when he got bitten again. I just didn’t see any other way around it.

We bombed the house with pesticide foggers today. We left the house and brought the kids to my sister in law’s house where they are spending the night. Trust me, they are in good hands and they are all being spoiled rotten! When we got home four hours later, there were only three bugs I could see on the floor. A fly, an earwig, and a small spider directly under Brandon's chair where he eats. We had to open all of the windows and go sit outside while the house aired out for at least thirty minutes.

While we were out there, I happened to look over at the kid's sand box. I saw a spider web, so I got my little garden trowel, and knocked it down. Two spiders fell out and I smushed them with the trowel while cussing up a storm because I was barefoot and didn’t have shoes to crush them with safely. After I killed them, I walked around the sand box, and saw another web. I knocked it down and another spider fell down. So I killed it too! At this point, I became extremely concerned because my children play in this sand box DAILY.

I had Ronnie pull the sand box off the carport into the grass. He helped me turn it over and there were OVER ten more spiders in the little molded holes underneath the sandbox. One of which was a brown recluse. I killed them all with Ronnie's help. (Shrieking like crazy all the while!) We killed all of the spiders, and then we threw the sandbox out to the street for the trash man to pick up. I don’t want it anymore. It was like the PERFECT spider condo. I was SO upset. Ronnie and I pulled all of their toys off of the carport and painstakingly cleaned all of them. I'm having an exterminator out to treat the yard and the exterior of the house on the 16th. I'm mad/worried/scared, and a million other emotions that I can’t even describe.

My night without the kids has been full of cleaning. I’ve been washing clothes, doing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, fixing the vacuum, and vacuuming some more. I always complain about how nuts the kids are and how it’s never quiet, but let me tell you… I miss those little buggers. I do have to say that with all of the cleaning after fogging the house, my house is the cleanest it's been since we moved in. So that's something right?

If you’re waiting on the sandal review… it’s coming! I have just been beyond distracted by the not so itsy bitsy spiders around here. I’ve been threatening to move to Canada, or somewhere where there aren’t so many spiders. Ronnie refuses to move because he wants to stay near our families. He wouldn’t even listen when I told him I found my dream home browsing real estate in Tennessee. I was all set to move to Tennessee until I found out they have brown recluse spiders too. Maybe I should move to Antarctica? Are there spiders there?!

Brandon is healing pretty well. He has been such a trooper through all of this. I really am so grateful that he doesn’t seem to be losing that much tissue. The swelling has gone down, and now only the center of the bite is red. It feels warm, hard, and dry. He says it doesn’t hurt, but it itches. Thank you to everyone for your comments, concerns, and prayers. It meant so much to me, and to Brandon! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just a little post about why I’m not feeling very happy with where I live right now.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Living in Louisiana

1. Crooked politicians suck.

2. The huge oil spill and the lack of responsibility by people involved.

3. It’s so hot I could fry an egg on the blacktop road.

4. It’s stormed so much that my backyard has turned into soup.

5. Since it’s stayed so wet over the past two weeks, my kid’s toys are now mildewed.

6. I cannot get the mildew off of the kid’s toys, so I had to throw some away.

7. One word: Snakes

8. Terribly high auto, home, and health insurance rates.

9. Irresponsible neighbors. (I know, not all Louisiana neighbors are irresponsible, just some of the ones I know.)

10. SPIDERS!!!

I could explain all of these things, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear me rant that much. I’ll concentrate on number ten.

Today I had to bring Brandon to the pediatrician. He was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Luckily I caught the swelling early, and the antibiotics and cream should help. My health insurance refused to cover the cream he needed so it cost me $50.00. Which was ridiculous, but really… I’d pay anything to make him feel better. He isn’t running fever, but he’s very tired and whiny. His skin has already started to peel off. I keep putting his little foot in an ice water bath to help prevent the venom from spreading. He thinks this is great fun! I’m glad he’s entertained. When I found out it was a brown recluse spider bite, I cried. Brown recluse spider bites can be deadly in children under six years old. He is going to be fine, but we will have to wait and see how much tissue damage the venom has caused. It’ll become clearer in the next couple of days how bad it is.

We have no clue how he got the bite. He plays outside in the yard barefoot sometimes, but our yard is well maintained and has no high grass or dry dark hiding spots. As far as the house goes, we have the outside treated against pests. I didn’t want the pesticides inside the house where the children could breathe them in. After this, I’m thinking I will have the exterminator come and spray everywhere inside and out. Then we will leave for at least 24 hours, and when we come back I’ll leave the windows open and air the house out. I am really super upset, and really frustrated with insurance, spiders, and life in general. Thank goodness Brandon is such a happy go lucky, healthy child. I couldn’t end this post without sharing a photo of him icing his feet.


Thank you God that he’s okay!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Is The Future

Two posts in one day. Really, it must be a record! I guess I just have a whole lot to say lately. We’ve been cooped up in the house for most of the past week because the kids have been taking turns having an absolutely awful tummy ache. I’ve been afraid to leave the house at all. On Saturday we got a little bit of a break, and Ronnie and I took the kids out for breakfast.

None of them have ever been to a Waffle House, and it was quite an experience. I was able to actually get them to all sit in the booth during breakfast. (Usually Brandon wants to run around and I have to fuss at him to stay seated.) The waitress was really sweet, and she gave them all Waffle House hats. They wore them all through the meal, and even in the car afterward.


Jordan had just declared her intent to be a Waffle House waitress when she grows up when I took this photo. That’s why the other kids are smiling and she’s not. She also wasn’t feeling quite herself after her illness. She always cracks me up. I told her she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up because I’ll be proud of her no matter what she does! Last week she wanted to be an astronaut who plays baseball. LOL

We took them to the park after breakfast before it got too hot. It’s only June and it’s been sweltering here. Over ninety degrees at ten in the morning. Ridiculous! When we got home they were all super tired, and they watched TV for a bit. A Momma’s work is never done, so I went grocery shopping.

Later that evening, I fired up the grill because I had an idea for a recipe I wanted to try. I decided if it came out well that I’d post it here to share with everyone. It came out super good. Even the kids ate it!

Barbequed Corn


4 Fresh Ears of Corn (Still in the Stalks)

1/2 Stick of Butter Softened

1 Lime

1/4 tsp. Cilantro

1/4 tsp. Cumin

1/4 tsp. Red Pepper

1/4 tsp. Kosher Salt

Aluminum Foil


1. Remove the leaves and all of the corn silk strands and wash the corn well. Cut the ends off of each ear, and then cut each ear in half. (You can leave them whole if you wish, but they’ll cook quicker if they are smaller.)

2. Cover the top shelf of your grill with aluminum foil. Then turn your grill on to preheat.

3. Combine 1/2 Stick of butter with the juice of the lime. Mix well. Add the cilantro, cumin, red pepper, and kosher salt to the butter and lime mixture. Stir well.

4. Place your corn on top of the aluminum foil and paint on the butter mixture with a grill brush. Turn the corn every few minutes so it doesn’t burn, and reapply the butter mixture as you go.

5. The corn is cooked when the kernels change to a darker yellow. If you want a bit of color on your corn like I did, you can move it to the bottom shelf of your grill for a minute or two. Be sure to keep a close eye on it or it will burn.

6. Serve warm. Enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget to read the post below! I only have one more sample to give away! Leave me a comment if you want one.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Time Again

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’ve been outside watching my kids do this…


And this…


And this too…

Sunny Days2

I have a love/hate relationship with Summer vacation. I love having my kids home. I love playing outside with them, sitting in the sunshine and listening to them giggle. I love the way they run up and hug me even though they are soaking wet, or sweaty. I adore the way they smell like sunscreen all day long.

I do not love pulling Jordan off of Alexis because they are fist fighting again. It’s like the WWE over here. I don’t love arguing with Alexis for the fiftieth time that she needs to do her Summer reading. I do not like cleaning grass filled swimming pools. I don’t like bugs, and I do NOT like dragging screaming kids inside the house when it’s time for them to come in. I just KNOW my neighbors think I’m killing them.

I haven’t even really been scrapbooking, which for me is a big deal. I’ve managed a layout here or there, but nothing near what I normally do. I think my mojo is taking a Summer vacation! (If anyone has seen it can you please send it back home? I need it!) I only have a few layouts to share.


Journaling: I think it is too cool that Paw Paw named his boat "Miss Love". Love has been Maw Maw's nickname since she was little. May 2010

Supplies: Connie Prince's May Daze Challenge Template, and Deena Rutter's Hotel California kit.

I edited the photos a bit to downplay the orange in the life buoy because it was too bright to work with the kit. I kinda like the softer look.


This one is kinda plain and simple, but I really wanted the focus on these photos. They are some of my favorites EVER of Bubba. I can't believe how quickly he's grown up. Sigh.

I finished the last of my GCD Lydia papers with this layout. It was totally inspired by Amy Hoang's layout on page 11 of the June 2010 issue of Scrapbooks Etc.

Journaling: At five months you are developing quite a cute personality! You make the most adorable faces, and your smiles melt my heart. Just when I think you can't get any cuter... You do! Brandon Landry Aug. 2007


You've heard of car jacking, right? Well... two of my kids tub jacked me a while back and I've only just got around to scrapping it.

Journaling: Evidence. I was in the tub relaxing when 2 heathens came in and stripped! They climbed in and tub jacked me! Ronnie laughed and grabbed the camera. (I edited myself out of the photo of course!)

I used GCD Studios Lydia line left over from our spotlight on GCD on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog. The chipboard is Maya Road from my stash.

Well, that’s all for now! I do have another review and a sample/coupon giveaway coming up soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here’s the second freebie digital template I promised everyone! Sorry it took me so long to get it up today. It was a super busy day. Tomorrow is not looking any better, so I figured while I had a spare second…

Here is the preview. You could also use it as a sketch if you are a paper scrapbooker.


Here is the layout I made with it. I went in a bit of a different direction than I started out with, but I’m happy with the outcome anyway.


To download click here.

Also, if you are a paper scrapbooker you should totally check out the Camp Rock challenge over at Scrapbook Deals 4 You. It’s the monthly kit club I get. They are having a HUGE contest for next month’s guest design team spot, and I’m participating. Come check it out! You can also visit their blog here to find out more info.  It’s like Summer Camp for grown ups who scrapbook!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet Template Digital Freebie

It’s been quite a while since I offered a digital freebie! I decided to convert one of the layouts I did for my creative team assignment for the 52 Inspirations Project from Sue Cummings and Vicki Stegall into a template. This is the layout I made.


Here is the template preview.


If you are interested in more information about the 52 Inspirations weekly mini kit, you can go here:

52 Inspirations at Oscraps

Last but not least, here is your download link.


Come back tomorrow for another free template. I didn’t have enough time to make a sample layout today, so it’ll be up tomorrow instead.