Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

I need to buy a striped shirt and a whistle! I don’t feel like a Mom anymore, I feel like a referee. Having three kids under the age of ten, is an adventure! I think it’s that they are on Summer vacation, and that they aren’t on any reliable schedule. I don’t want to think that it’s the fact that they just adore trying to kill each other and having full fledged wrestling matches that make Hulk Hogan look tame.

To make matters worse, I’m totally paranoid about letting them go outside. I have to go out first, and check all of the play equipment. I found four more spiders the other day. One was in the bottom of Brandon’s ride on car, and I didn’t see it until he got in the car. The spider dropped out and ran across the carport. I smashed it dead because the only good spider is a dead spider. I don’t think the ones I found were venomous, but I’m still really tired of this whole situation.

I shouldn’t complain too much though because I could be having a no good, terrible day like Ronnie had yesterday. He came home early to go cut the grass for a friend who is ill. He packed the lawn mower into the back of my van and drove to her house. While he was mowing, the lawn mower broke. So he loaded it back into the van, and noticed that her neighbors had almost completely blocked him into her driveway. He tried to back out, but ended up scraping the the side of the van on her fence. When he got out of the van to check the damage, he wasn’t watching where he was going. He fell straight in the drainage ditch and scratched his leg on the culvert. Thank God he didn’t break anything! After he told me about what had happened, I told him to come straight home so I could clean his boo boos and wrap him in bubble wrap for the rest of the day.

In Mommy makeover news, I have to announce that I went out and bought moisturizer. I have never used moisturizer before. It never seemed important until those wrinkles started popping up. Sigh. I also bought perfume, and I’m wearing it nearly every day instead of saving it for date nights. Let’s be honest, if I only wore it for date nights… I’d be wearing it once a year maybe. It would take a looooong time to use it up that way.

I can’t have a post without sharing a single photo, so I’ll include pictures of the kids playing in the sprinkler today.


I adore this photo. So.very.much! He’s getting entirely too grown up.


Where’s Alexis you ask? Well. She was mad at me, and elected to stay inside and read a book instead. The teen years are hitting early here.


(That photo is from our punk session the other day. She was doing her “mad” pose!) Here are a few other good ones from that shoot...

Jordan being uncooperative even though SHE asked for the photo shoot. So I went with it and did a whole grungy edit.


I love this one SO much. Alexis looks like such a little lady.


Last but not least… Pure cuteness! I rarely get a photo of the three of them together, so this one is super special.


As an end to this totally random post, I have layouts to share too. Again, not as many as normal. It seems to be picking up though! Maybe my mojo is returning? Hmmm.


My grandma and I do a layout exchange of 8x8 layouts. I do two of them and keep one and send one to her, and she does the same. I think I'm going to send her this one. I want to send her the prettiest one and I think I like this one better. I may just let her pick.

Journaling: Lady was sleeping on the couch when Lexie decided to use her as a pillow.

Supplies: October Afternoon Night Light paper and stickers, October Afternoon Ledger Stickers, and a Googlie eye! Couldn't resist adding that to the title.

HL_The Best Day

I took the title from a Taylor Swift song that my kids love.

I scraplifted this layout nearly exactly from Jenny Stockard's "Best Summer Treat" layout. She's on the design team at Scrapbook Deals 4 You, and she had the same kit that I purchased and did an amazing job with it.

Supplies: Pebbles Tree House paper and Embellies.

I hope you enjoyed this epic post, when I first started typing it, I was convinced I had nothing to say tonight. Guess I was wrong!


Michelle said...

I can't believe how grown up looking Brandon is getting!! He is losing his baby face!! I completely adore the photos of Lexie!! They and she are so pretty!!! Love the ones of Jordan and the three together! I love how you edited Jordan's!! Didn't you know that is one of a Mom's job titles... referee!? I think we all feel that way at times. I know I spend time doing the same and my kids are older and spaced much further apart. Hang in there!!

Julie W said...

Your kids are seriously so cute and getting SO big. What are you going to do when those girls are teenagers, Heather?

And I am jealous - JEALOUS - that you've never had to wear moisturizer until recently. Are you kidding me? I was sleeping with layers of Vaseline on my face when I was 15. I've since wised up, of course, and gone with less grease, but I can't remember a time after puberty when I didn't need it. LOL

Jane said...

I'm loving the photos of the kids!! Oh I can so remember my three when they were little and feeling the same about being a referee!! man, can kids argue!! You know they will all be best friends one day!

Your LO's are always awesome and full of love!!!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Brandon is growing far too quickly. Love the photo of the three of them, and the layouts, and the individuals. Come on tho...referring is part of it! lol Hang in there tho. Someday you will be sad it is over.

kim said...

adorable photos

Amanda Sevall said...

What does Ronnie think of the Mommy Makeover?! :) Great pics of the kids and, of course, the layouts are fabulous too! Can't wait to see you use that night owl kit. ;)

Oh and DEATH TO ALL SPIDERS!!! I'm with you on that one!! ;)

Mandy said...

Oh I know what you mean I told Mr.K we need one of those blow up sumo wrestling rings for the backyard. I didn't have brothers and sisters so this whole sibling thing is new to me and boy does it make me happy i was an only child lol. love em to pieces but wow soemtimes i need calgon to take me away.Love your photos they are just awesome!!And Your layouts are so cute I just used that monster on a card too funny!Have a great day!
PS I'm a spider hater too!

Leah. said...

Kung Fu Fighting! LMAO! I can't get past the title! LOL!