Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Things

My friend Julie gave me a blog award today. I always love visiting her blog because she is an amazing writer. Go visit her, and I promise you won’t be disappointed! The stories about how she met her husband are fabulous. I’ve been reading her blog for years now.


“This award is to recognize good design, writing, photos, etc.; to network amongst other bloggers; inspire content ideas, etc.

Conditions of the award stipulate that I need to share seven things about myself and then pass on this award to other wonderful bloggers.”

So here are my 7 (rather random) things…

1. I am a danger to myself when it comes to the adhesive used in scrapbooking. I frequently glue myself to paper or random bits or scraps and forget until my husband says, “What on earth is that on your arm?” I had a letter “z” glued to my arm for days. Those Thickers have some strong adhesive. It stayed on in the shower and everything.

2. I am not an optimist. I believe that can go wrong will go wrong, in a big hurry too. I am overly cautious as a result.

3. I am a scrapbook supply hoarder. I have the hardest time giving things away because I might need it later. This doesn’t apply to any other possessions of mine. I frequently donate clothes, toys, dishes, and other things. It’s just scrappy supplies. I need a 12x12 step program!

4. Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon listening to Prince songs after a harrowing day bringing the children out in the rain to therapy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I have musical ADHD. I think it would be awesome if Glee did Prince songs when they come back.

5. I’m beginning to realize that I’m getting older. (I won’t say old because my friend Michelle who is older than me freaks out when I say I’m old.) I realized this when I heard some of the more popular music from my teen years converted into elevator music the other day. I really have issues with this! (The wrinkles don’t help either!)

6. If I had a million dollars, I’d spend at least half of it at Ikea. I secretly dream of having completely modern furniture with clean lines, and more storage than I know what to do with. I also secretly dream of a day when my children will no longer stick stickers to the cruddy furniture I do have, but that will probably never happen.

7. I have fifteen pairs of scissors in my house. That makes it really hard to hide them from children who want to cut their own hair, or the dog’s hair, or my hair for that matter.

Those are my 7 things! I’m tagging…

1. Nancy

2. Michelle

3. Liz

4. Amanda

5. Leah

6. Jade

7. Laurie


Amanda Sevall said...

I too need a 12x12 step program and suffer from musical ADHD!!! LOL ;) I will certainly play along Heather and I enjoyed reading your answers!! Oh and Glee TOTALLY needs to do Prince songs!! ;)

Agnes said...

LOL Heather "I had a letter Z glued to my arm for days" :-D

Laurie! said...

Alright, I'm gonna get on this! Loved reading your 7 things. I hoard my scrapbook stuff, too. :/

Julie W said...

Um ... I blogged about you again. ;o) Finally got the recipe site added onto the new host.

Elizabeth said...

Older? Eeegads Woman! Stop with that.