Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool, Clear Water

It has been raining here for over a week now. That meant that we weren’t expecting to do anything outside for the 4th of July. After lunch, the rain seemed to be letting up though. We were all so excited when Ronnie’s friend Chuck called to invite us to swim in his gorgeous salt water pool. So we packed our suits, sunscreen, swimmers, and towels! Then we hit the road. About halfway through the ride, I looked back and saw this. I grabbed my camera and snapped away. Sometimes being a big sister isn’t easy. Especially when your siblings use you as a car pillow. Poor Lexie! She took it all in stride though and was actually giggling about it.


Since I’m a scrapbooker, I stayed out of the pool for the first 30 minutes to take photos. Ronnie corralled the kids admirably. It helped that we had them so covered with floaties that they couldn’t sink if they wanted to.


Alexis panicked at first with just the arm floaties. Every time before she’s had a ring too, but I wanted to teach her how to swim a bit better. She caught on pretty quickly and was cruising around the pool in no time. She took breaks on a raft when her arms got tired.


Jordan is my little daredevil. The first thing she wanted to do was jump off of the side of the pool into the water. No half measures for this one! Look at that mischievous grin. 


Brandon took to the big pool like a duck to water (or maybe even a frog). I was a little worried that he’d panic since he couldn’t feel the bottom, but he didn’t at all. He was so big. He paddled all around, and kept making frog motions with his feet. I was thrilled when I looked at this photo after I loaded it to the computer. I caught him in perfect frog pose. LOL


To end this blog post, Brandon does his impression of Mr. T in MY sunglasses. “I pity the fool who doesn’t get to go swimming on the 4th of July!”


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I’ll be back soon to share layouts. Maybe in a day or two!


Amanda Sevall said...

Great pictures Heather! Glad you guys had fun over the holiday weekend!! Can't wait to see the layouts that will go with these photos!! :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Such fun photos. Glad you were able to get out in the sunshine for a little bit.

Agnes said...

It's been raining here too...
Love love love the first photo Heather :-)

kim said...

cute frog legs

Leah. said...

Awesome photos Heather! That pool looks amazing. I hope you did finally get in and enjoy it too!