Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hurricane Preparedness for Crafters

I really wanted to share this link with all of my fellow scrapbookers who live in areas that are prone to flooding or hurricanes. Many of my friends and family members lost an incredible amount of priceless memories and keepsakes during Katrina so this is an issue near and dear to my heart. I found a wonderful post on the website at about what to do to prepare your memories and keepsakes in case of a hurricane. It is a must read! (Scroll down to find the hurricane portion of the tips.)

Thank you Dee for compiling this information for everyone. I will definitely be making some changes to my own hurricane preparation!


Angi said...

Hey Heather! LTNS. Just caught up on your blog, been a long long time. I'm thinking of starting again, just not sure if I have anything worthy of saying. LOL. I miss you on FB. Maybe once school starts I'll start scrappin' again, though I do plan on seriously downsizing my supplies cause I just have way too much... the hubby's finally managed to talk me into getting rid of the excess, just gotta list it on eBay. Oh, I wanted to ask you, how you got into reviewing products? Fill me in, and I wanna see the end result of this mommy makeover. I kinda went thru the same this past year. We need to catch up, drop me an email. The address is still the same. TTYL.

Michelle said...

Good info! I have often wondered what do to with my stuff. Tornados can be just as destructive. They too are rated with the F-factor just like a hurricane. I know someone that has a huge safe, and that is where she keeps all of her completed albums. For me tho, I think a bunch of rubbermaid totes under the stairs would be good. I don't have the room or the money for a huge safe! Too, if you upload your photos to a printing place like Shutterfly, Winkflash, Walgreen's, if something does happen to your photos... they have them in their server.

Scrappersaurus Scrapbooks - PHONE: 504-812-2261 / TOLL-FREE: 866-949-9683 said...

Heather, thanks so much for linking to our Tips section on Hurricane Preparedness for Crafters! I'm in the process of updating the Tips, adding to information already there, and changing things so you will be able to click on individual pages and go directly to the Tip/Technique you want more info about.

I especially want to add something I came across recently: its a bracelet that's actually a USB jump drive you wear, and you can save all your important personal and medical info on it that you may need in an emergency. I'll have lots more details about it in the updated tip, and am in the process of seeing if maybe we can sell them on our website.