Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bright Sunshiny Day

This past Saturday we went to my grandparent’s house. Jordan has informed me that my grandparent’s are farmers because they have animals and they grow things. I have to agree with her! My grandma has always had a love for animals, and an outrageous green thumb.

We got down there extremely early, and my grandma had coffee waiting for me. (Yep. She’s awesome!) My Mom picked up my niece and one of my nephews and came down as well. It has been quite hot lately, so my grandma had a sprinkler ready for the kids to play with. Now, it wasn’t just any sprinkler. It was a HUGE golf course sprinkler that was taller than the kids.

Before I share any photos, I should say that I neglected to realize that Miss Jordan got my camera out of my purse and changed the settings again! Not realizing this, I snapped away. When I loaded them onto my computer after I got home it was a nightmare! I had some type of halo on the majority of the photos. It turned out she’d switched it to underwater settings. Thank goodness for Photoshop! It took me ages to edit these.

Before the kids went in the sprinkler, they had to visit the goats! In this photo my grandma is leading the kids around the pen like the Pied Piper. It totally makes me smile.


This is my nephew Christian. He was herding goats or dirt. I’m not sure which!

My Mom and my Grandpa. She doesn’t know I took this photo. (Hi Mom! LOL)


Then the kids went to play in the sprinkler. Pure heaven!


Then my grandma pulled out the bubble guns that they bought. Christian got the worst of it. At one point, his hair was so full of bubbles the girls were able to lather it. Poor kid!

Payback! Christian got his own bubble gun to get the girls back, but he couldn’t figure out how to work it! (Alexis was wearing my grandma’s shirt because I forgot to bring them a change of clothes. I’m not a Boy Scout and I wasn’t prepared!)


After that, there were bubbles to blow old school style.


The boys did a little better with that, but I think they spilled more bubbles than they blew.

Jordan stuck to her bubble gun. She shot me, Mom, and Maw Maw after she finished coating Christian.


At some point, a water gun was provided as well. Brandon thought, “What can I do with this?”


He came up with something. I don’t think Alexis B. was too pleased with his idea! She said, “Hey kid!” “Quit shooting me in the butt!”

Then we turned on the other water hose to refill the water gun, and Christian commandeered it. How cute is this?!


Of course his big sister had to take a turn too! Boy is she sassy! She’s 7 going on 17 I swear.


After a while, the kids got too hot. So we walked around and visited Maw Maw’s garden before we went in and changed them. Jordan was really excited to eat grapes right off of the vine.

We also came home with green onions to plant, cucumbers to eat, and a gourd to hollow out and make into a bird house. It was a wonderful trip, and a much needed rest for me.

Saturday night after we got home Jordan spiked a fever. I was really glad that she didn’t get sick while we were at my grandma’s. She would’ve been so bummed not to be able to go. Her temperature got up to 103 at times, and I brought her to the doctor first thing on Monday. It was an unexplained virus. She didn’t have a runny nose or cough. She wasn’t throwing up. It was the weirdest thing. They tested for strep throat and everything. She is finally doing better today.

I got a phone call from the girl’s bus driver this morning. She was telling me what time they will be picked up on Monday. They have a meet and greet meeting on Sunday at the school with their new teachers. I can’t believe that the Summer is already over!

Tonight was Alexis’ fun meet and she got a gold medal in her Platinum level gymnastics. We are all so proud of her, and most of all she’s proud of herself! That’s always an awesome thing! It’s important for her to have things that she’s good at. I find that gymnastics has been a very positive influence on her.

I was going to post layouts too, but this post has turned into an absolute book. So, I will share those next time. I also have the review of my awesome new food processor coming up!


Amanda Sevall said...

Looks like fun!! Great pics, even if you had to spend hours editing them. ;) Bubbles are fun!! Can't wait to see your layouts and what you picked!

Agnes said...

Underwater setting -- Jordan totally cracks me up :-)

Leah. said...

"Hey Kid, quit shooting me in the butt" ROFL!!! Totally made my day. I needed that!