Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Cool

I am still extremely sick, but I couldn’t pass up dropping by to tell you all that I’m a guest blogger over at Flamingo Scraps today.

To celebrate my post, Suzanne and Susan have discounted the paper I used in my post by 30%. They also included all of the other Lily Bee papers! I think that is just so cool of them. Here’s a link if you want to check out the sale.

If you aren’t familiar with Flamingo Scraps and are worried about ordering through Ebay, I can definitely vouch for them. I’ve ordered over 4 times now!

In other news, all three of my kids are sick too. Alexis has been having issues with her OCD, and has pulled out every last one of her eyelashes! She now has a staph infection on her eye where one of the pores got infected. I will spare you photos, let’s just say it’s not pretty. I’m incredibly worried about her. We will be discussing it with her psychiatrist. When I asked her why she did it she said, “I don’t know". I don’t even know what to think. Say prayers for my girl if you’ve got a spare minute. She needs them.

Jordan told me she had a sore throat this morning, but I totally think she played me because she wanted to stay home. The doctor didn’t find anything wrong with her. Sigh. I’m such a sucker when it comes to that kid. I worry about her health so much that anytime she whines I freak out. She got a free day out of school today. She certainly isn’t acting sick.

Brandon has a totally awful sinus and ear infection. I have the exact same thing, but I haven’t been to the doctor yet. (Yes, I made my kids go but I didn’t. I’m SO mean right?) Brandon hasn’t slept in 3 days. He’s so congested. That means I haven’t slept either. Other than the few snatches of sleep that I got in between comforting him. So it’s totally wild at my house. No scrapbooking for me. You know I’m sick if I say that.

I haven’t been posting much of our everyday life on the blog lately. I just feel like life is streaming by so quickly, but nothing really interesting is happening. I hate constantly posting the bad things that happen, so I don’t! Nobody likes a whiner right? LOL I promise, I’ll try to do a better job of remembering that I started this blog to document life.

Speaking of that, here’s a conversation Jordan and I had today…

Jordan: Jeez Mom! You look awful today.

Me: (Sarcastically) Thanks baby. I don’t feel really well.

Jordan: You aren’t going to die or anything are you?

Me: (Smiling) No, I’m not planning on it.

Jordan: (Seriously) Well. You know Mom, no one PLANS these things.

Me: (Speechless because I couldn’t stop laughing. This child is something else!)



Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. You know me and mine are all praying for Lexi. Poor baby. And You and Jordan and Brandon of course. Hope you are able to get some rest this weekend when Ronnie is home. Hugs.

Amanda Sevall said...

Hope you and the kids are better soon Heather... I'll definitely be thinking of you all, especially Lexi. Poor kid. :( So glad you guest blogged for us today!! Those layouts are awesome!! :)

Cindy d said...

So sorry to hear about you and the kids. I disagree with 'nobody likes a whiner..." You certainly aren't whining, now or ever. You are consistently upbeat and optimistic; never feel bad for telling us when things aren't so great. I hope things look up for you soon. Off to check out Flamingo Scraps!

JadeCook said...

I hope they can figure out things with Alexis! Poor thing! Sounds like it is rough over there! And the convo with Jordan was so crazy! I was so shocked! lol

Leah. said...

ROFL!!! Sorry but that convo with Jordan is hilarious!!!!

Hope you all feel better soon.
Praying for Alexis k?


Sand and Sunshine said...

Man you have a lot on your plate. Why don't you pass some peas (I hate peas) and we'll share the bad so you can have a bit less. Take care.