Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take Me Out

Today’s post is all about positive things! Thank you all so very much for the comments on my last post. I don’t want to leave everyone with the impression that Alexis is always in a bad mood or struggling. She can be a very sweet loving child. Brandon loves her so much because she will always make time to play with him. Even if she’s in a bad mood, she’ll stop what she’s doing to go play. He thinks she’s the best! She lets Jordan play in her room all the time, and she loves reading to her siblings.

Last Saturday we were all having a good day so Ronnie and I decided to take the kids out for breakfast. They all ordered big chocolate smiley face pancakes and chocolate milk. They were hopped up on sugar for the rest of the day!


A while back one of my digital layouts was requested for a book about what to do with your digital photos. I finally got my hard copy in today and took these photos. This is the cover.


This is my page in the book! Isn’t Lexie so pretty in that photo?!


It was so very cool to see one of my layouts in print. Now, I’ve just got to manage a magazine publication. I’ll just keep submitting and hoping right?! Wish me luck on that!

Tomorrow Jordan has a field trip to the fair to visit the 4-H animals. I have to go clean her wagon so I can pull her around the fair like a Queen in her chariot! Of course, I’ll take photos. (I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Break Your Little Heart

Before I post what I wrote the other day, I wanted to say that I debated putting this post up at all. I have a lot of blog readers who ask how Alexis is doing and I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to parent a child with a mental illness. Things have been rough here for the past few days. Really rough. In fact, that doesn’t even come close to describing it. Two nights ago when I couldn’t sleep because I was so heart broken over everything, I wrote the following as a potential post for the blog. I decided to put it here because it’s important to me, and if one person gets something out of it… it was meant to be shared.

She hates me. At least that’s what she screams at the top of her lungs almost every day. I alternate between pretending it doesn’t bother me by brushing it off and explaining to her why I love her. Frankly I’m not sure that either approach is working.

It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I walk on eggshells. I second guess everything I say and do. (If I tell her she can’t go outside will she throw things and scream? Hurt herself? Hit the other kids?) There are days when nothing I do is right. She gets out of bed and from the moment her feet hit the floor she’s angry, combative, and deeply unhappy. Attempts to do anything other than what she wants to do are met with explosive screaming tantrums so loud that they make my ears physically hurt.

Coming from the childhood I had, I feel emotionally abused sometimes. I want to curl up in a little ball and cover my ears until it all goes away. It’s not possible for me to do that. I am the “grown up”. I have to help her even when she fights against me every single step of the way.

I know she’s ill. I am aware of the diagnosis’, symptoms, and the side effects of the medications. Being aware doesn’t mean I have the answers. I am powerless and clueless, but not hopeless. Some days all we have left is hope.

I try so hard to do the next right thing with her all the time. Yes, I lose my temper and yell back sometimes. It’s superhumanly hard not to. I’m not perfect. I’m human, and I make mistakes.

I wake up every morning thinking positive thoughts. (Today is going to be a good day.) Sometimes it is, but there are days so dark I wonder…  Am I doing the right thing? Does she think I don’t love her enough? Is there anything else I could do? Anything!?

She has bipolar disorder and I have a crack in my heart that widens each time she screams at me. It hurts so much to love her, but I do more than words could ever say.

Alexis is such a beautiful child. Please don’t think in any way that I’m saying she’s bad or wrong. This is a peek into our day to day struggle with mental illness. It’s not something she can help. I don’t get angry at her for being sick because can’t help it anymore than Jordan can help having cerebral palsy.

If you ever come into contact with a child that struggles with a mental illness please keep this post in mind and be considerate. Sometimes the parent is really doing as much as they possibly can to help, and the child is trying as hard as he/she can to cope.


Friday, September 24, 2010

If You Could Only See

Are you a scrapbooker? I'm hosting a challenge starting today at Scraptastic Club!

You'll have to sign up to see the challenge! I'd love to see you there! The Scraptastic Club forum has a bunch of lovely ladies who hang out there.

P.S. I heard that the October sneaks are up on the Scraptastic Club blog! You don’t want to miss seeing them. Click here and here.

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

As I’m sure many of you know, it is officially Fall. I’m also pretty sure that the state of Louisiana did NOT get the memo. Yesterday at hippotherapy the temperature was a balmy (NOT!) 91 degrees with a wind that was so strong Jordan was leaning on her horse a bit. Don’t believe me? That’s okay! I have evidence.


The van was sitting in the shade! I'm sure it was much hotter in the sunshine. Here’s my wind evidence. We were all breathing red dust particles. Gross! I finally put Alexis and Brandon in the van with the windows up.

It made for an interesting photo though right? I love the lighting in it! Oh and I had to share this photo of Jordan picking weeds before her horse was ready to ride.

She’s the kind of kid that always makes you smile! It’s the little things that make her happy, and speaking of little things… See that gorgeous tank top she’s wearing? My friend Michelle sent the girls a whole bunch of clothes that her daughter has grown out of. It was like Christmas here the other day. Jordan wanted all of the girlie sparkly stuff, and Miss Alexis only wanted plain things. She won’t wear embroidered stuff or glittery things without complaining. She’s such a tomboy!

After I got everything washed and hung up in the closets, I realized that my children MAY be little clothes horses. I took photos of the girls closets to share. Brandon could care less about what he’s wearing so long as it’s clean. Boys are fun that way!

Here is Jordan’s closet. It’s huge, and the clothes go so far back that the flash couldn’t pick them all up. LOL


Alexis’ is even worse. She has an entire closet to herself, and it’s pretty big too. Before you all comment, I know it’s organized within an inch of it’s life. All of my kids’ closets are like that. P.S. There’s about a foot of clothes on either side that you can’t see. (Hey, if we’re being honest let’s be way honest right? LOL)

DSC03144 copy

I just thought it’d be fun to share this little piece of our lives. It’s something my girls will probably get a kick out of when they come back to my blog/journal and read. Is it pretty terrible that I told Ronnie that we need a bigger house so I can store more clothes for the girls? LOL


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Like It

So it’s definitely not a secret that I like scrapbooking! I have some absolutely amazing news to share. Three of my projects will be featured at CHA 2011 in the Beacon Adhesives booth! They requested some of my projects, I mailed them in and they sent me a box of glue in return.The box contained several bottles of Zip Dry, some 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue, and Gem-Tac. I’m obsessed with Zip Dry already, but I’ve never tried the other two and I can’t wait to get crafting with them.

These are the three projects that will be featured. Make sure you stop by their booth and check them out up close and personal! You can even tell them I sent you if you’d like.

For more details, and a product list you can click on the image to go to my gallery. The first project is a card I made with a Scraptastic Club kit!


The second project is a layout of my son with his grandmother’s goat. He was not a happy camper!


Last but not least, there’s this layout of Ronnie and I on our date night a few years ago.


I’d like to say thanks to Beacon Adhesives for picking my projects and for making Zip Dry. You can check out all of their fabulous adhesives here.

In other scrappy news, I’ve been trying to use up some of my older supplies. I came across these photos and thought that the Lime Rickey paper in my stash from Basic Grey would be a perfect match.

I entered the Scrapping The Music Challenge with this one.


This photo of my kids and one of their cousins walking in the park is one of my favorites ever! I used the Lime Rickey collection on this layout too.


The next layout is digital! I used a kit called “Where Dreams Begin” from Createwings Designs. I bought it over a month ago and was intimidated by it at first, but I played with it last night and came up with this layout. My little man just loves to read, so when I saw this kit I had to have it!


I also got the chance to play with Scraptastic Club’s “Life’s A Beach” kit this week. It wasn’t my design team assignment but I loved the kit so much that I bought it! These are the two layouts I’ve done with it so far!

I did a two pager about swimming at my husband’s best friend’s house. He has the nicest salt water pool!


I actually had some help on this one. I had it on a white cardstock background and Ronnie told me it was too plain. I switched it over to yellow and liked it much better! I figured he was entitled to a little bit of an opinion since he was in the photo.

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a challenge at the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog. Jessica from Scraptastic Club donated a kit for me to use as a prize. You can read all about the challenge and the possible prize here.

Thanks for putting up with my million blog entries today!


Shine Up My Grill

Life is getting away from me again and I’ve been neglecting my blog terribly lately. I wanted to post a little update about the things we’ve been doing with some photos to go along with it!

Last Thursday we brought Jordan to her hippotherapy riding lesson. She had her photo taken because she is going to be a jockey in one of the upcoming fundraising events. She is very excited about it. She wanted to wear her cowgirl hat in the photo, but the rule is that you have to wear a helmet in the arena. It was an interesting discussion! She can be a very stubborn little mite.

I’ve been trying to catch up on housework again. We were so busy last week that I was away from home with appointments most of the time. I was barely keeping up with clean laundry! So Saturday was spent scrubbing the house from top to bottom. In the middle of all of this, my sister in law called and asked to come over for a bit to give the kids some books that she bought them. So I rushed to finish cleaning up everything as quickly as possible, and then we barbequed and played outside with the kids.

Brandon loved the book that Steph brought so much that he refused to play in the yard. He sat on the slide in the sunshine and read. I had to take the book away from him so he could go play. I promised him I’d give it back later!

Here is the food! Yummy. Ronnie has really gotten into grilling lately. He’s cooking at least once a week especially on weekends. It’s a welcome break for me!

While Ronnie cooked, we all played in the yard. Alexis and her Uncle Brian played Frisbee and I got some fun action shots.

Jordan got her Aunt Steph to help her climb the captain’s ladder on our play set.

It was a nice afternoon all around. With the housework finished, I was able to relax and hang out with everyone. That hasn’t been the case much lately!

Sunday afternoon was race day at our house. Jordan kept trying to get Brandon to drive the NASCAR power wheel, but he refused. The loud noise makes him nervous. He was content to drive around in his “Flintstone” car. I had to giggle when they lined up to race each other.

I have one more post to catch up on with some awesome scrappy news, so stay tuned for that!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bowling Ball

My husband and I experienced a truly rare event this past weekend. We had a date! My sister in law called on Friday and asked if all three of the kids could have a sleepover on Saturday night. Ronnie and I dropped the kids off at three on Saturday, then we went bowling. I know that bowling doesn’t sound very exciting, but I think we were just giddy to be out of the house!

I put on some super cute (gross, disgusting, smelly) bowling shoes that I rented.

First note to self: Buy bowling shoes if you ever go bowling again. Second note to self: No jeans. Bowling alleys are hot and humid. Yuck!

After I got my shoes on and the game started, I realized that I wasn’t the greatest bowler on the planet. For one thing, those stinkin’ balls are HEAVY! Thank goodness Ronnie wasn’t all that much better. He did at least get style points for trying to curve the ball.

Third note to self: Buy your own bowling ball or your hand will hurt for three days after from trying to stretch to use the house ball. (This bowling thing could get expensive!)

Are you wondering what the final scores were? I lost. Badly. The good news is Ronnie didn’t do much better than I did so I didn’t feel too terrible. His best score was a 92 and my best score was a 69. The highlight of the night came after Ronnie bet me that I couldn’t make a strike or a spare. He said that if I did he would take me to the newly opened Hobby Lobby store near here.

Two frames later, I did it! I made a strike. I jumped up and down like a crazy person! I’m sure the people next to us thought I’d lost my mind.

We finished the three games we paid for and then went out to dinner at the Times Grill. I had a crawfish soup that was really good, and Ronnie had a buffalo burger with doodads (fried onion strips) on it.

After dinner we headed to the newly opened Hobby Lobby. The only problem with that… It wasn’t open yet! Ugh! We saw a bunch of cars when we passed by on the interstate and assumed it was open. It wasn’t and I was SO disappointed. They were stocking the shelves, so all of the employees were there. I was looking forward to torturing Ronnie by making him look at EVERYTHING. God must’ve been looking out for him. It should be open soon, and I have a promise from Ronnie that he will watch the kids so I can go alone and take my time browsing.

Don’t forget to stop by Scraptastic Club to check out the discounts that Jessica has set up on past kits. I just ordered one today! I got the beach/swim themed one below. The glittered Thickers are fabulous!

Don’t forget to become a member at Scraptastic Club too. A little birdie told me that you get discounts if you do!

I have one more thing to share in what has become the longest post ever! I made my own word art yesterday for a layout using my Wacom tablet. I thought it might be fun to share! You never know who can use what you make. Here’s a preview of the word art done in my handwriting.


It’s showing up grey here in blogger because it’s a .png file. This is the layout that I made with the word art and some goodies from Design House Digital!


You can download the word art here.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Step Inside This House

I promised to share photos from the adventure Brandon and I had on Wednesday. We went to the Fairview Riverside State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana. We ended up taking the tour of the Otis House as well. Of course I took lots and lots of photos!

This is the view from the boardwalk on the Tchefuncte river. Brandon got frustrated with me because I didn’t bring his “bishing pole”. He looked at me sadly and said I wish I could’ve fished. Sigh. I’ll have to remember next time. I wonder if he would need his own fishing license.


This photo was also taken from the boardwalk at the river. I was experimenting with the lighting through the Spanish Moss in the oak tree.


Brandon was not too cooperative with taking photos. This is the look that I got when I asked him to smile. He was holding a leaf in his hand. This one was taken on the grounds of the Otis House.

DSC02943 copy

We sat on the steps of the Otis House while we waited for our tour. I was worried that Brandon wouldn’t behave, but he actually did very well. While we were sitting there, I got him to take a photo with me. I’m glad I did. This is one of my favorite photos of the two of us ever!

This is the front exterior of the Otis House. I edited the goodness out of this one because the sun was so bright it blew out part of the photo. I was able to save it by doing a vintage edit.


I’m not going to share all of the photos that I took on the tour, but I loved the lighting in this one. I can just picture sewing while looking out the window at this beautiful vintage sewing table. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Look at those gorgeous wood floors too! I was drooling over them. They are original to the house and have been refinished.


This set of irons was really interesting. They are heavy and were so dangerous to use! Especially the one in the center with the fuel container on the back of it. They were prone to exploding! Yikes.


In other news, Miss Jordan has her new glasses! She was so excited when she put them on because she could actually see. I stood across the room and held up two fingers and asked her how many. You should’ve seen how thrilled she was. I was so happy for her. She picked blue frames, and they look awesome with her beautiful brown eyes.


In scrappy news, I’m a guest blogger again today at Flamingo Scraps! You can see my post on dressing up lollipop flowers and using Pink Paislee’s Pop Fashion papers here.

Did you see the first October sneak peek at Scraptastic Club? If you register in the forum and click here you’ll be able to see the layout that Jessica did with next month’s kit! Scraptastic Club is also sponsoring the September Thaw at Willow Traders! One of the challenges involves using a sketch I made. You can check the thread out here.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

There’s A Class For This

I am all finished creating with the extra kit I ordered from Scraptastic Club this month! Remember when I told you that I couldn’t pass up the adorable “School Daze” kit? I’m SO glad I didn’t! Check out all of these layouts I made with it!

HL_A Student

For this layout, I was inspired by a fabulous sketch from the Ally Scraps blog that was created by Debbie Gaydos.

Journaling: Jordan and her kindergarten teacher Ms. Coco. May 2010


Journaling: I went to a Pentecostal preschool in Port Sulphur, Louisiana for two years. It was called Sunshine Playschool. Heather Martinez 1985

Sorry if this one looks a bit crooked. I couldn't get a straight photo of it to save my life. Actually, I think that the perspective in the photo is off and that's what's making me think it's crooked. Sigh. Anyway!!


This layout will be turned into a sketch for the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog. I'll post here tomorrow to remind you to go get it!

The photos are from Alexis' Terrific Kid celebration last year. She's gotten the Terrific Kid award every year she's gone to school at this school.

My favorite part about this layout is the teeny tiny bus brad. You may have to zoom in to see it!

Journaling: Alexis + Jordan Landry August 2009
Yep. I'm a whole year behind scrapping back to school photos. LOL

*In other news, the owner of Scraptastic Club emailed me today with updated photos of the available kits! I thought I’d share all of the eye candy. You can click on any photo to be taken to that kit!

First up: Alphabet Soup for girls. This one should look really familiar. It’s the one I got this month! Complete and utter cuteness.

alphabet soup girls

Next up: Alphabet Soup for boys! I’m considering buying this one because I loved the one for girls so much.

alphabet soup boys

And another one: Birthday Bash! Aren’t those rolled candles darling?

birthday bash kit

Last but not least: “She’s All That”. I just love those glittered Thickers!

she's all that

That’s all for today! I need to start getting out and about more to get photos for the blog. Things have been pretty boring here lately except for all of the scrapbooking I’ve been doing! Scrapbooking is NEVER boring!