Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bowling Ball

My husband and I experienced a truly rare event this past weekend. We had a date! My sister in law called on Friday and asked if all three of the kids could have a sleepover on Saturday night. Ronnie and I dropped the kids off at three on Saturday, then we went bowling. I know that bowling doesn’t sound very exciting, but I think we were just giddy to be out of the house!

I put on some super cute (gross, disgusting, smelly) bowling shoes that I rented.

First note to self: Buy bowling shoes if you ever go bowling again. Second note to self: No jeans. Bowling alleys are hot and humid. Yuck!

After I got my shoes on and the game started, I realized that I wasn’t the greatest bowler on the planet. For one thing, those stinkin’ balls are HEAVY! Thank goodness Ronnie wasn’t all that much better. He did at least get style points for trying to curve the ball.

Third note to self: Buy your own bowling ball or your hand will hurt for three days after from trying to stretch to use the house ball. (This bowling thing could get expensive!)

Are you wondering what the final scores were? I lost. Badly. The good news is Ronnie didn’t do much better than I did so I didn’t feel too terrible. His best score was a 92 and my best score was a 69. The highlight of the night came after Ronnie bet me that I couldn’t make a strike or a spare. He said that if I did he would take me to the newly opened Hobby Lobby store near here.

Two frames later, I did it! I made a strike. I jumped up and down like a crazy person! I’m sure the people next to us thought I’d lost my mind.

We finished the three games we paid for and then went out to dinner at the Times Grill. I had a crawfish soup that was really good, and Ronnie had a buffalo burger with doodads (fried onion strips) on it.

After dinner we headed to the newly opened Hobby Lobby. The only problem with that… It wasn’t open yet! Ugh! We saw a bunch of cars when we passed by on the interstate and assumed it was open. It wasn’t and I was SO disappointed. They were stocking the shelves, so all of the employees were there. I was looking forward to torturing Ronnie by making him look at EVERYTHING. God must’ve been looking out for him. It should be open soon, and I have a promise from Ronnie that he will watch the kids so I can go alone and take my time browsing.

Don’t forget to stop by Scraptastic Club to check out the discounts that Jessica has set up on past kits. I just ordered one today! I got the beach/swim themed one below. The glittered Thickers are fabulous!

Don’t forget to become a member at Scraptastic Club too. A little birdie told me that you get discounts if you do!

I have one more thing to share in what has become the longest post ever! I made my own word art yesterday for a layout using my Wacom tablet. I thought it might be fun to share! You never know who can use what you make. Here’s a preview of the word art done in my handwriting.


It’s showing up grey here in blogger because it’s a .png file. This is the layout that I made with the word art and some goodies from Design House Digital!


You can download the word art here.



Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Woo hoo for date night!!!! Yeah, rented bowling shoes are gross. Crawfish anything sounds pretty tasty. Sorry about the HL not being opened yet. Can't wait to hear about the sheets...and you know I love that layout.

Amanda Sevall said...

How fun!! I love to go bowling :) Glad you had a great time (even if Hobby Lobby teased you by being closed!). That word art is fabulous!!

Agnes said...

Smelly shoes or not it sounds like you had fun Heather!

AMKrogsgaard said...

SOunds like a great night, even if the Hobby Lobby was closed! (Sorry it was, though. Would have been the icing on the cake...)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Alpha(s),Word Art(s), Word Book(s) post on Sep. 17, 2010. Thanks again.