Friday, September 24, 2010

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

As I’m sure many of you know, it is officially Fall. I’m also pretty sure that the state of Louisiana did NOT get the memo. Yesterday at hippotherapy the temperature was a balmy (NOT!) 91 degrees with a wind that was so strong Jordan was leaning on her horse a bit. Don’t believe me? That’s okay! I have evidence.


The van was sitting in the shade! I'm sure it was much hotter in the sunshine. Here’s my wind evidence. We were all breathing red dust particles. Gross! I finally put Alexis and Brandon in the van with the windows up.

It made for an interesting photo though right? I love the lighting in it! Oh and I had to share this photo of Jordan picking weeds before her horse was ready to ride.

She’s the kind of kid that always makes you smile! It’s the little things that make her happy, and speaking of little things… See that gorgeous tank top she’s wearing? My friend Michelle sent the girls a whole bunch of clothes that her daughter has grown out of. It was like Christmas here the other day. Jordan wanted all of the girlie sparkly stuff, and Miss Alexis only wanted plain things. She won’t wear embroidered stuff or glittery things without complaining. She’s such a tomboy!

After I got everything washed and hung up in the closets, I realized that my children MAY be little clothes horses. I took photos of the girls closets to share. Brandon could care less about what he’s wearing so long as it’s clean. Boys are fun that way!

Here is Jordan’s closet. It’s huge, and the clothes go so far back that the flash couldn’t pick them all up. LOL


Alexis’ is even worse. She has an entire closet to herself, and it’s pretty big too. Before you all comment, I know it’s organized within an inch of it’s life. All of my kids’ closets are like that. P.S. There’s about a foot of clothes on either side that you can’t see. (Hey, if we’re being honest let’s be way honest right? LOL)

DSC03144 copy

I just thought it’d be fun to share this little piece of our lives. It’s something my girls will probably get a kick out of when they come back to my blog/journal and read. Is it pretty terrible that I told Ronnie that we need a bigger house so I can store more clothes for the girls? LOL



Michelle said...

I am glad you are enjoying the clothes!! Britty is kind of a clothes horse... as you noticed by all that I have sent you over the last year or so!! LOL Funny how much of an individual kids are. My girls tastes were so different from each other when they were younger.

While it may not be balmy here.. it sure is windy!!!! We have gusting winds atleast 25 mph non stop. They have not let up all morning. I went out to put something in the mail box for the mailman, and I thought I was going to get blown away. Hopefully, it will dry up some of this rain before the next batch comes thru this weekend!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Ah, clothes are good...gotta start em young. Help the economy and all. lol

It is supposed to be in the 90s here all weekend am 97 on Monday. WT?

Agnes said...

LOL Heather, Florida didn't get the memo either!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh trust me I'm starting to become a green eyed monster just hearing about other places where the leaves are changing color, or about needing to turn the heat on! OMG! Bliss!

Amanda Sevall said...

I totally believe you... no evidence necessary! LOL It's been ridiculous here this week... upper 90s with no wind. Normally the highest temp around here is 80 with wind.... not happy!!

Love the pics of the closets!! Your girls will definitely get a laugh out of that someday!! ;)

Leah. said...

So this is what I have to look forward too?! Yikes. IT's funny because I've already noticed a difference with Sophia. Extra things that the boys just don't have like dresses, shoes, tights. etc. etc.

What a great thing to photograph though!