Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cut It Out

This is the first of quite a few Halloween posts I have coming up! I am editing the photos a bit at a time. I’ve taken over 400 photos this weekend! We had a sleepover with my cousin Katie, Jordan went to Talladega, we went to the beach at the state park, we trick or treated at a community function, then we trick or treated around our neighborhood tonight! Like I said… LOTS of pictures.

Here are the photos I’ve finished editing from our pumpkin carving fun on Friday night. I bribed/begged my cousin to come over to hang out with us. She helped me out by taking all of the guts out of my pumpkins because she saw how freaked out I was by it. She only called me a weenie once! I really can’t help it. That stuff is GROSS!

Jordan and Ronnie cleaning out her pumpkin. She drew some type of hieroglyphics on her pumpkin that I was expected to cut out. It reminded me of those Transformers symbols. When she wasn’t looking I merged two or three of the shapes to make something remotely resembling a face. She was thrilled when it was done.

Katie digging out guts. I love her! (And not just because she got rid of guts for me!) She’s so much fun to hang out with.

Alexis with icky yucky disgusting pumpkin hands! Ewww! She doesn’t looked freaked out by it at all? She actually looks like she’s enjoying it. I don’t get it! 

Brandon did not participate in the pumpkin carving. He didn’t last year either. He’s just not a fan of the whole process. He refuses to even sit at the table while we carve and clean. So I don’t have any photos of him!

I do have a nasty photo to share! Everyone say it with me… Ewwwwwww! Just looking at this photo makes me cringe. I don’t know how I’ll even scrapbook it. My finger is inching toward the delete button as I type! LOL

I do love the finished result. Aren’t they adorable?! Everyone drew their own faces. The one on the far left was carved by Katie. He had an accident and has no nose and only one tooth left. Poor guy! LOL


Until next time!



Michelle said...

Greg and I cleaned our pumpkin and are drying out the seeds to toast them!!! (just thought I would gross you out more!! LMBO!!) We carved one BIG pumpkin!! I think the job is left mostly for Greg, but he enjoys it!! I am glad you had a good weekend!!!

Amanda Sevall said...

LOL -- You are too funny Heather!! I'm not a fan either, but it's worth the toasted pumpkin seeds in the end!! ;) Love how they turned out -- especially the one on the left with no nose -- awesome!!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I can't stand pumpkin guts. And of course, I wasn't feeling well when the children carved pumpkins so I went to lie down and guess what? Phil didn't even take photos. sigh

Sounds like a crazy, fun weekend. Love the pumpkins...but looking at that photo of Lexi makes me miss her eyelashes. sigh