Thursday, October 28, 2010

Had A Bad Day

Every time we turned on the light in the little kids room on for the past few days, it made a popping noise and the breaker switch flipped. I called an electrician out to the house today and when he unscrewed the light from the ceiling this is what we saw!


It had caught fire!!! One of the wires shorted out. We are so very lucky that the house didn’t catch fire. The wires were burnt all the way up into the ceiling. The bill from the electrician ended up being $180 dollars and I had to go buy a new light fixture for $30, but all of it is worth the peace of mind to know that the kids will be safe! Alexis has an identical fixture in her room, and even though it’s not having any problems I’m still planning to change it out in about two weeks.

Jordan has been home from school almost all week and she is driving me bananas. She and Ronnie are supposed to be going to Talladega this weekend. I think she’s well enough to go back to school tomorrow! I have an insane amount of errands to do tomorrow to get ready for them to go. My cousin Katie is coming to spend the night too so that the remaining kids can drive her insane. I’m sure she’s going to love every minute of it. Wonder if I can make her babysit so I can scrapbook? Just kidding! I’m going to enjoy hanging out with her.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!



Laurie! said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you and your family are safe!

Amanda Sevall said...

OMG! How scary!! Glad it didn't turn into anything worse. I'd totally be replacing the other fixture too. Hope you have a great Halloween this weekend and enjoy your visitor!! :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I am still just so freaked about this. So glad the electrician came and fixed it. B. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Sand and Sunshine said...

OMG! And I thought I was having a "terrible awful no good very bad day!" Hugs for you. Enjoy your sleep over.

Leah. said...

Yikes! I'm so glad you are all okay! Big hugs!!!!!!!

Jane said...

oh man..what a scary experience...I'm so glad that it didn't start the house on!
I hope you have a good week Heather!!