Monday, November 1, 2010

Monster Mash

I’ll begin right where I left off on the last Halloween themed post! I totally forgot that I had a pumpkin carving/cleaning video to share from Friday night. Here it is…

After carving pumpkins, Katie and I stayed up until one in the morning so we would be awake when Ronnie and Jordan left to go to Talladega to see the NASCAR race. After they left, we crashed and slept until nine the next morning. I woke up to Brandon crying because he missed Jordan. He noticed she wasn’t in her bed and decided she was missing. It was pitiful!

I woke Katie and Alexis up and made them eat breakfast and get dressed so we could go to Fountainbleau park. It’s my favorite State Park in the area. I brought my camera because I needed Fall themed photos to scrapbook with my next Scraptastic Club kit! We got there, and I asked Katie if she would go on the nature trails with us. I’ve never done that before because I’m too much of a chicken to go by myself with Brandon in case something happens.

We started off down the trail in the sunshine. Alexis held Brandon’s hand and kept him in line. She wouldn’t let him pick up sticks or rocks, and finally he had enough of her help. It was cute while it lasted though.

What we didn’t realize when we set out on the trail was that it was about an hour hike. If I would’ve known, I would have brought the wagon for Brandon to ride in. Oh well, live and learn right? We walked slowly on the way out to the alligator viewing area and we enjoyed all of the scenery.

Brandon found a tree to climb on. It was so high I had to set him up there! He loves climbing.

When we got back to the alligator viewing area, the kids took turns looking through the binoculars that were provided.

At first we didn’t see any alligators, but we did see some beautiful scenery!

We decided to walk further along the boardwalk and on the way we saw this. I didn’t think it was at all pretty, but the whole point of being on a nature trail is seeing nature right?


I think I like my nature a little farther away! At the second viewing area we finally saw our first gator.


He was just far enough away to make me happy. Plus, we were on an elevated platform! Katie held Brandon up so he could look through the second set of binoculars to get a closer look. It’s a good thing that I had someone to help lift him. He got tired of walking about half way back to the viewing area and I alternated holding him and making him walk. He’s forty-eight pounds now. Not that easy to tote around anymore! (My back is still hurting two days later. Sigh.)

On the way back to the car, we made it into a game and raced and ran and played so he wouldn’t be so fussy about all of the walking. When we got to the car we blasted the air conditioner, drank some Powerade, and headed to the beach!

There were an amazing amount of sailboats out on the lake. It was SO pretty. The temperature was decent and we had the entire beach to ourselves! I let the kids take their shoes off, and I rolled up their pants so they could dip their toes into the lake. As you can see, Brandon didn’t stop with his feet. If you look closely, his butt is sandy and his pants are soaked!

It was Lexie’s first time there so she was particularly thrilled with the whole thing.

This is my favorite photo of the entire day. He is almost as tall as she is! That tells you how tall he is, and how tiny she is.


After we finished dipping our toes in the water, we went to the fountains to rinse our feet and shoes off. Brandon’s socks and shoes were filthy from the trail. I managed to get the tennis shoes cleaned off, but the socks were a total loss. What is it about boys and mud?!

We were headed to trick or treat at a charity event so I changed them into their costumes in the car. It was a good thing I had brought them along so they had something dry to change into. On the way to the event, we had to stop at a store and buy new socks for Brandon!

We finally got to the Boo Fest at Lakeview Hospital where Jordan goes to therapy. The kids both looked so cute in their costumes. We walked around and they trick or treated at all of the little houses.

Some of the houses were absolutely amazing! You could tell that HOURS of work went into them. This one was my favorite.

This one was NOT Brandon and Alexis’ favorite. It had scary sounds and a smoke machine. They didn’t even stop to grab their candy!

After we trick or treated, we bought jambalaya for lunch and I even found some coffee which made me a very happy camper due to the lack of sleep the night before. We stayed about two hours, and then we headed home!

Meanwhile, at Talladega Ronnie and Jordan were checking out all of the super cool car exhibits. This is my favorite photo of Jordan. She was so excited to be there with Ronnie. Ronnie told me that she asked a guy in the parking area if he was a NASCAR driver because he had a Kasey Kahne cap on. That totally cracked me up. She told everyone that she was a NASCAR fan and that she was happy to be there.

She chatted with the other fans, and anyone who would sit still long enough. (Including this model who was posing with the Dodge cars.)


She had a really good time until qualifying started. They left early because every time a car would pass by on the track she would tremble a bit and look really scared. She had on her ear phones and everything, but the noise just totally overwhelmed her. She has sensory issues due to her cerebral palsy. They ended up not even seeing the truck race. Ronnie was more upset that she was upset than about missing the race. They ended up going out to lunch, and then heading back home. They got home at seven in the evening on Saturday. Everyone was exhausted and we all fell into bed and slept until ten the next morning!

On Halloween, I cleaned up the house and tried to catch up on some of the stuff that needed to be done around here! Right before it got dark I brought the kids outside and snapped a few photos of them in their costumes. This is the best photo of the three of them together.

Brandon was Mater’s Mechanic complete with dirt smudges and a wrench. Alexis was Jasmine from Aladdin, and Jordan was a cheerleader. When it got dark, we set off to trick or treat! We pulled them around the neighborhood in the wagon, and they had a really good time.

Alexis says these are her favorite candies. Look how excited she is!

When we were finished trick or treating I had Ronnie take a photo of us together. I am rarely in photos, and I’m really trying to work on that, so here’s our group photo. (Apparently Brandon didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to look a the camera. He was trying to get into some of his candy.)

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be Halloween without including a photo of them with their candy haul!

I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Halloween. I already can’t wait until next year!



Amanda Sevall said...

AWWWW..... poor Jordan! I feel for her -- it is really loud at those races. Such cute costumes -- love the Mater's Mechanic one Brandon is wearing!! ;) Looks like you really enjoyed the weekend and Halloween!! :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like an amazing, eventful, yet trying weekend.

Lisa said...

the kids look so cute in their costumes! I love the video on the pumpkin carving! such a great memory!

JadeCook said...

aww what a great weekend! Only in La will you have alligator look outs lol

Sara Zenger said...

I would have fled the area at the sight of the snake - I think the alligator would have sent me over the edge!!!! Great pics! It was freezing for halloween where I live we had to dress in layers and where hats to try and stay warm!

Leah. said...

Your so awesome posting this massive Halloween post. Ugh. Haven't even posted Halloween but maybe I should! Giggling over Brandon's awesome costume and your girls look darling!

Love the video. Mostly because I just love to listen to you talk. Hee, Hee.