Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s been so cold outside for the past few days that even Lady is looking for a blanket to cuddle up with. She has been showing a bit of improvement since I brought her to the vet on Monday. We thought the vet was going to have to put her to sleep, but with the help of antibiotics and steroids we’re going to have some more time with her! We’re hoping she’ll make it until Christmas at least. Christmas Day is her birthday!


The pink, purple, and teal hat is making it’s rounds around our house. Jordan wore it to her hippotherapy session on Thursday. We were trying to layer her to the max! If you look at her little fingers you can tell by their color that she’s freezing cold.

We made sure the kids got extra time with Lady on Sunday night before I brought her to the vet’s office just in case. They all sat on the kitchen floor and petted her. She loved every second of it. She was spoiled rotten!

Speaking of spoiled, go figure that it’s freezing and my camellia bush has finally decided to bloom for the 1st time in four years!! I’ve been going outside nightly to cover it with blankets. I wish it would warm up just a bit. If the buds fall off I will be one unhappy camper! I’m loving my little bit of Spring in the Winter.

I have layouts to share and I’m so excited! The fact that it’s a new month means that I get a new designer to showcase over at Jessica Sprague’s site! I’m creating for Liv.E Designs in December! This is the first layout I’ve done with her products. I love that I was able to fit so very many photos on her template!

GiveThanks Web MISM

Supplies: I used Liv’s EZ PZ Template 06- Photocentric No. 1, and Liv’s Winter Breeze Kit.

I also finally used my Pyrus kit from Scraptastic Club to create this layout about visiting the Northshore Nature Center. I love the rich colors and the embellishments are just so adorable.


Now I’m off to create more layouts with my wonderful December Scraptastic Club kits. I can’t wait to dig in!



kim said...

sweet pictures

Sand and Sunshine said...

Glad to hear Lady is doing a bit better. Camellia's like a bit of cold so it might very well be fine as well. Looks beautiful.

Amanda Sevall said...

Finally getting back into my reader... I'm so far behind on reading your blog!! LOL :) I'm all caught up now!! So glad to read that lady is feeling better. Cute layouts!!

Kristin said...

So sorry to hear about Lady, I hoep she continues to improve and gets to celebrate her birthday :) Our pup Indy was sick during the holidays last year and we lost her shortly after, big hugs to you, it's very tough :)

On a happy note, lovely LO :)

Mindy said...

That is so sweet! I hope that she goes on for you..
Loved your layout using Liv's template. The colors are perfect! I am such a sucker for b&w pics.
AND we have the same polka-dotted blanket!! It is our favorite..