Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long, Long, Long

I’ve settled in to watch the first episode of American Idol tonight. I’m hoping that it doesn’t suck but honestly… I’m thinking that it will TOTALLY suck. You just can’t have American Idol without Simon. I shouldn’t be admitting this but  I’ll miss his meanness!Honestly, he was one of the only reasons that I watched it in the last few years. So this will be interesting!

It has definitely been a looooooong day today. Alexis got up in a completely foul mood and it never got any better. Jordan is still home from school. I brought her back to the doctor’s office this morning and they said that she now has an upper respiratory infection. She has missed an entire week of school now and she won’t go back again until Monday at the earliest. They started her on steroids but when we got home and she took it… she promptly threw it back up and declared that it was disgusting. Sigh. I wasn’t able to give her another dose because I didn’t know how much she kept down.

She’s missing all kinds of fun stuff at school. They had their 100th day of school celebration today and she missed a field trip last week. So today we made a 100th day poster in between around the clock breathing treatments. I hope that she gets better soon. She’s miserable! Plus, I’m so tired of cleaning up bodily fluids. Ewww! I won’t go into details.

I managed to scrapbook a page today for tomorrow’s Ideas For Scrapbookers post while Jordan and Brandon were making posters so I’m grateful for that! Scrapbooking really helps relax me. I have to try to fit it in somewhere so I don’t go totally nuts!

Today is Wednesday so it’s journaling question time! Today’s question is…

Tell me what are your five biggest pet peeves. What irritates you to no end? What aggravates the living daylights out of you? Spill! Then link your blog where you answered the questions back to me in the comment section and I’ll come comment!

1. I hate when people block the ENTIRE aisle at the grocery store while they are reading the label of a product. Scoot to the side please! And if I say “Excuse me.” because I’m hoping to get by sometime this century do NOT shoot me a dirty look. You’ll get one right back! Didn’t your Momma teach you any manners?

2. I really dislike elevator music. It all really bothers me because it’s so terrible! Especially when I hear music from the 90’s that was so cool at the time butchered. It makes me feel ancient and I’m not that old yet.

3. Endless household chores drive me insane. It’s not that I mind cleaning so much. It’s just that it never ends. I clean and clean and clean then I turn around and go back in a room I just cleaned and it’s dirty again.

4. I don’t like disrespectful children. I have taught my children to say “Please”, “Thank You”, “Yes, Ma’am”, and “No, Sir”. I do not like it when kids say YEAH or WHAT to other adults. It drives me nuts and I don’t allow my children to do it. I also make them clean up when we visit other people’s houses. I’m mean!

5. Driving is my least favorite thing to do in the world. It’s not so much that I don’t like it, it’s that I got in a really bad accident once and I get freaked out if people around me don’t drive well. I figured out that I had this intense dislike (road rage?) for driving when I heard Jordan pipe up from the back of the car when she was one year old… “Where’d you learn how to drive Moron?!” Since then I’ve watched what I say out loud but I still think it! 

That’s it for me! I can’t wait to read your answers.

Plentiful Thank You


Anonymous said...

I agree completely! I'm not even giving it a try with Simon gone.

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I have never been an AI fan. I just don't watch that much tv. sorry everyone is just....well. hugs.

JadeCook said...

disrespectful child bother me too! Maybe b/c we are from the south and that is how we were raised, but I will not have Westin acting disrespectful!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Hope J feels better soon.

I'm giving you my 5 hates here because if I put them on my blog - oh yeah. So anyway:

1. I hate living with any of my siblings. There's a reason why we grew up and got on with our lives.

2. I hate when people make promises and then break them.

3. I hate when my sister treats me and my family like crap.

4. I hate my sister's boyfriend I wish he would just go home to his beloved perfect family in Chicago.

5. I hate lies. HATE, HATE, HATE. I don't care who you are you're going to get more than a tongue lashing if I catch you in a lie to me buster!

Now not a peep on my blog ya hear? That girl is moving out next week, and I'm good with that.

Amanda Sevall said...

I must admit, I was happily surprised with the new judges -- totally breathed new life into the show and I'm hoping for a great season unlike the last one! :) As for the 5 pet peeves:

1. Laundry - missing socks (where do they go??)

2. Bad Drivers (share this one with you!)

3. Gum Snappers (drives me NUTS).

4. Intolerant people (we can't all be perfect like you!)

5. Narcissists (I've had the misfortune of knowing a true one - never again! Definitely a pet peeve now!) :)

Hopefully, next time I'll be able to post it on my blog... LOL :)