Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I took my migraine medicine this morning but between this migraine and the pink eye that Lexie shared with me… I’m getting some pretty weird visual disturbances. Not cool. I woke up today with gritty, disgusting eyes and when Ronnie made fun of me I threatened to rub them on him so he could have this wonderful experience with me. He left for work pretty quickly after that. I’m totally mean!

It really makes me realize how much I depend on my eyes though. It’s  hard to do things with blurry vision. Right now I’m sitting here typing and I’m relying on the little spell checker things to pop up so I know if I misspelled anything. Then I squint to see the screen so I can see what went wrong. I tried laying down and taking a hot shower. Nothing has helped. Plus, I just can’t be still that long. Hopefully it’ll go away soon! Today is my only entire day off of errands to scrapbook but I don’t see how I’ll be doing that.

Both of the girls went to school today. Alexis’ pink eye has improved and her cough is better. Jordan went yesterday too since her cough finally went away. It’s been totally wild here lately with illnesses and appointments. I think I need a vacation! Brandon still has his cold. He’s miserable and snotty. I’m thinking that the pediatrician is going to have to call in some antibiotics for him because he can’t seem to shake it. Plus, he keeps licking his lips because they are dry from him sleeping with his mouth open. He has succeeded in making a ring of chapped skin all around his mouth.

That didn’t stop him from having a blast in the tub last night though. If you believe all of that stuff about signs and horoscopes it definitely makes sense that he’s a Pisces (fish). He loves playing in the tub and frequently whines when we pull him out.

Yesterday, Alexis went to see her new psychiatrist for the first time. He asked us all kinds of questions and he really seemed to be interested in what we had to say. He had drawings that his patients had done completely covering the walls. It seems like he genuinely loves what he does. He switched Alexis off of her Risperdal which is an antipsychotic medication onto a medicine called Abilify which is approved for bipolar children. The side effects are much less intense as well. One of my biggest concerns was that one of her last blood tests determined that she has high cholesterol at nine years old! It’s a side effect of the medication she was on. I am hoping for an improvement with her on the new medication.

Today is Wednesday which means it’s time for a blogging/journaling question!

What colors have you used to decorate your house? Do you use one color more than others or is your house decorated in all of the colors of the rainbow?

When we first bought our house the builder told us we had to choose one color for the entire house. I wanted the kitchen and living room to be yellow and we have really high ceilings in there so I told him to go ahead and paint the entire thing light yellow. Then we would just paint the bedrooms ourselves.

They used watered down yellow paint that after a year (which just so happened to be how long the house was under warranty for) started flaking off. We have repainted the front room a nice neutral brown. Our bathroom is a little darker brown. Alexis’ bedroom is an orangey brown… My couch in the living room is brown. Hmmm. I’m sensing a theme. I have accents in the living room that are green. (Green curtains and a green chair.) I really would like more color.

Jordan and Brandon’s shared bedroom is a bright teal blue that went with her Finding Nemo theme when we redecorated her room when she was about one year old. I like the color so it has stayed. The kid’s bathroom is purple with a Winnie the Pooh themed shower curtain.

I would love to redo some of the paint and furniture in our house but first I have to replace the carpet that the builder put in with a really shoddy pad. It looks decades old and we haven’t even been in the house for ten years. Anyone want to guess what the color is? A light brown/beige. Yep. That settles it. My house is covered in brown. What about yours?

I’m off to go try resting again. This migraine is winning. Sigh.

Plentiful Thank You


Laurie! said...

Oh I'm sorry to see that picture of your son's chapped lips. I hope he gets to feeling better soon! And I feel you on the migraines. What do you take? I take Axert with two Aleve when I get a migraine and it works as long as I take the medicine right at the start of the migraine.

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

so sorry you aren't feeling well. big hug.

Amanda Sevall said...

Pink eye -- that stinks!! Sorry you have a migraine too. Hope you are feeling better soon. So glad you are happier with the dr -- I think some doctors forget that "bedside" manner is just as important as anything else that they do.

As for colors in our house... we are working at getting rid of all the white still!! But we have lots of shades of browns (floors and paints), yellow tones (flooring, cabinets), blues (bedrooms, bath room, curtains in downstairs) and greys (new laundry room - yay!). We're working to incoporate a few more accent colors, but still have lots of painting to do on the inside. Funny now that I think about it that's the color scheme we picked for the outside -- guess we like it!! LOL :)

Fritchey said...

Pink eye and chapped lips are just not fun, Heather. Hope he and YOU are feeling better soon. Sending well wishes and hugs your way!