Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweetest Thing

I haven’t been online as much as usual due to the fact that all of the kids are taking turns being sick. Jordan is finally better after missing a week and a half of school. Now Alexis and Brandon are sick. Alexis is home from school today and they have a pediatrician appointment later. I am not looking forward to sitting in the sick waiting room. (AKA The Petri Dish!) I need to buy a hazmat suit just to take them to the doctor’s office. So far I’ve managed to keep from catching the cold that they are passing around but I’m sure it’s going to get me when I least expect it.

I’m a little goofy due to lack of sleep because I spent the night being kicked in the back by a three year old with razor sharp toenails. Brandon wanted to “sweep with Mommy because he didn’t peel good” last night. I took pity on him with his little booger filled nose and tucked him in with me and kicked Ronnie to the couch. Poor Bubs spent the night struggling to breathe. Since he hasn’t quite managed blowing his nose yet, I had to suction him out with a bulb syringe. He was NOT happy. It didn’t help much though and he was extremely restless all night long. At one point he slept sideways with his legs kicked over me, then he turned and put his head at the foot of the bed which put him at the perfect angle to kick me in the behind for the rest of the night. Awesome right? Ugh.

I’ll tell you one thing… that kid is lucky I love him. Ronnie’s gotten growled at for turning over too frequently. LOL I am very cranky when people wake me up before it’s time to get up.

Before I fall asleep here at the keyboard I have two layouts I did for creative team work at that I want to share.

Here’s the first one featuring a baby Jordan photo. Awww! I miss her being this little. Not just because she was a lot less sassy either. LOL

Jan.24Sweet ThingWEB

Journaling: The darling dimples that you posses could melt the hardest heart. Your sweet belly laugh is extremely irresistible and your snappy brown eyes are beyond captivating. There's not doubt about it my baby girl, you are the sweetest thing ever! Love, Momma

Supplies: In The Making Design's Indulgence Paper Pack, In The Making Design's Indulgence Element Pack, and Creativity by Crystal's Doodley Doo 12x12 Borders.

I also did this one with a photo of Ronnie and I out on our anniversary date. It doesn’t happen often so I figured I’d better document it.


Journaling: Ronnie and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by having dinner at the Beau Rivage Casino and seeing Rodney Carrington's performance there. We had a wonderful time together! It was nice to be out as a couple. 1-15-2011

Based on a template by Pam Callaghan that will be available soon on the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog! Make sure you go follow the blog here...

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Everafter Paper Pack, Cosmo Cricket's Everafter Element Pack, Kitschy Digitals' Fabric Covered Buttons Kit, and Tia Bennett's Crochet Flower.

Now I’d better go drink some more coffee so I can wake up enough to drive these heathens to the pediatrician. I think an entire pot might do it. Wish me luck!

Plentiful Thank You


Alison said...

Beautiful LO's Heather, as always!

Amanda Sevall said...

Sorry to hear the kids are still sick!! Hope they get better and you get some sleep soon. :) I love the layouts -- so fabulous, as always!! And I also love the new look of your blog!! :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Well, you can take heart that the children are taking turns being sick. Cut the chills toenails and stay healthy. You know I love your layouts.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Sorry your little ones are not feeling well. The sick bug is getting everybody. Two great layouts, and I am glad you Ronnie had a wonderful anniversary.....

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love your Forever page. It is just beautiful!

Heather Landry said...

Thank you Alison.

Amanda, They are all dosed up on Benedryl so hopefully I'll get to rest tonight.

Nancy, I got Ronnie to cut his toenails. Thanks for the layout love.

Cherrie, Yes it is! Thank you.

Kim, Thank you very much!

Mindy said...

LOVE the layouts! Have to say my fav is of your sweet girl. Love the colors on that. I can agree on the hazmat suit, the sleep, and those who disturb it.. isn't being a mom great! ;)