Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Here is the first installment of the reinstated journaling/blogging prompt! If you would like to participate, all you do is post the answer to the question on your blog with a link back to my blog. If you leave me a link to what you’ve written when you comment on my post I’ll visit your blog and leave you a comment in return! I frequently end up using the blog posts that I write as journaling on scrapbook pages as well and you might find yourself doing that too!

Today’s Question: List ten things that make you happy right now. They can be serious things or silly or both!

1. Playing Thomas Mega Blocks with Brandon makes me super happy. Even when he’s being bossy and won’t let me play the way I want. (He’s a little bossy britches when it comes to trains!)

2. The fact that Alexis had a good day today. She was happy this morning and cooperative. It was GREAT!

3. My new laptop makes me deliriously happy. I love the bigger screen, and the HUGE amount of memory.

4. Watching Jersey Shore makes me happy. Mostly because I don’t think I was ever THAT stupid. (Maybe I just don’t remember?)

5. Playing with my blog design and making a new header gave me something to do today to keep me occupied. What do you think of the new design?

6. Ten things? (Who comes up with these questions anyway?!) Ummm… coffee makes me happy. It perks me up and it’s sooo yummy! Random fact: My kitchen is decorated in a coffee theme. I am THAT addicted.

7. Warm feet make me happy. Well, they would. (Where did I put those slippers?) Today Ronnie told me we can’t move to Tennessee like I want because I would whine all Winter about how cold it is.

8. A clean house thrills me in a way nothing else does. There’s something so satisfying about having everything in it’s place. This does not mean that cleaning house makes me happy…

9. Listening to the kids playing together peacefully makes me so happy. This evening they all played on Lexie’s laptop together and they took turns without me having to fuss at them. It was awesome.

10. Ronnie makes me happy. The silly goofy things he does that let me know how much he loves me make me smile. He brings me coffee when I’m tired. (See number 6! He knows the way to my heart.)

Plentiful Thank You


Michelle said...

Well, then.. I must make you happy too!! LOL Cuz I know the way to your heart... after all I sent you the little plaque for your kitchen! hee!hee! (J/K!) Sorry my friend, but I am going to have to side with Ronnie on the Tennessee thing!!! :)

JadeCook said...

I love your new design!! 10 things are a lot, but I am sure I can come up with 10.

JadeCook said...

here is my blog

Sara Zenger said...

Great idea Heather! Very inspiring. I know what you mean about a clean house!!! It really is pure bliss - but it never lasts long. You have inspired me to do something I wanted to do for a while now but just have not. I changed my profile on my blog to list 10 things that make me happy! THanks!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Coffee makes me happy too, once it gets past the point of being to hot to drink. I tell you we we have this new coffee pot and it is simply to hot to drink straight out of the pot!

Amanda Sevall said...

Love your list!! :) Hmmmm.... I think I'm going to have to reserve this one for my blog so I can hang onto it for a scrapbook page... :) LOL