Monday, January 24, 2011

Whatcha Think About That?

Two blog posts in one day! I’m back to say that I’m so excited to do another review for CSN Stores. I’ve been browsing their site for something to review and the first thing that caught my eye was this super cute laptop messenger bag.


I just love the bright colors and the fun floral design and the strap looks really comfortable. I’m also browsing kitchen appliances because I broke my crock pot recently and my toaster is on it’s last legs. I’ll let you all know what I chose to review as soon as I decide! The best part of shopping at CSN Stores is that there are over 200 stores worth of  beautiful inventory to browse.

Plentiful Thank You


JadeCook said...

I like it!

JadeCook said...

I like it!!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Good For You, you deserve something just for you. :-)

Amanda Sevall said...

I was giggling reading this one Heather... super cute bug... or practical crock pot. I so do the same thing! I'd totally choose the bag ;)

verabear said...

It does look cute, more like a baby diaper bag than a laptop bag eh?