Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrapping Makes Me Happy

I also have some layouts that I created recently to share! I’ve been really enjoying my design team work lately. It helps distract me when things are crazy around here.


I loved creating with these Cosmo Cricket Jack's World papers! They are so bright and totally cute. I couldn't resist creating a sticker out of the title.

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World Paper Pack, Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World Candy Candy, Font is Smiley Monster, Creativity by Crystal's Merry & Bright Paper Pack, and Creativity By Crystal's Sweet Vintage Charm Element Pack.


Journaling: We got to see Zachary for the first time at Maw Maw's house on Thanksgiving. He sure is a cutie pie! It's a good thing he's patient too because he got passed around like a sack of potatoes. Everyone wanted to hold him! November 2010

Liv.E Design's "Circle of Life" Fit To A T Template, and Splendid Fiins Mixed Bag "Sampler Platter".


Another Easter layout! I did one for my oldest daughter and figured my youngest one deserved one too.

Journaling: Jordan Jasmine's first time looking for Easter eggs in the backyard. She was very impressed! 2005

Supplies: Cafe Rojo and Pea Bandit Fonts, Splendid Fiins Think Spring Border Bits, Splendid Fiins Think Spring Tape And Twill Ribbons, Splendid Fiins Think Spring Card Pack, Splendid Fiins Think Spring Paper Pack, and Splendid Fiins Sew Crafty Messy Stitches Vol. One.

I used my Scraptastic Club "Princess For A Day" kit featuring Echo Park's Little Girl papers again!

I created the medallion out of the ribbon included in the kit. I thought it would be fun to mat the cupcake sticker on it. I also added a lot of girlie bling with my new iRock tool. It's so fun!

Journaling: Jordan 3 Years

Journaling: January 2008. Jordan has pneumonia again! She seems to get it every single Winter. This time she ended up in the hospital for a few days. You can see how sick she was in these photos because she's so very pale. She's such a trooper though. Always smiling...

I used my March Scraptastic Club kit called "Princess For A Day" to create this layout.

I added a few e-line primas and some iRock bling. I'm obsessed with that thing! LOL

You definitely want to check the Scraptastic Club “Princess For A Day” kit! It’s absolutely fabulous. Here’s the photo of the kit if you want a little peek! It’s already up for sale.


That’s all for today! I’ll see you all on Wednesday with the journaling/blogging question.

Plentiful Thank You

Lots Of New Info

Jordan had therapy on Thursday and we had to rush across the street to her cerebral palsy doctor when she was finished with her session. We made it just in time for our appointment and then we waited an additional 20 minutes for the doctor to come in and talk to us.

He examined her and agreed with me that she is experiencing bilateral ankle clonus. *Definition: Ankle clonus is a sign of spasticity in which involuntary shaking or jerking of the leg occurs when the toe is placed on the floor with the knee slightly bent. The spasms in the calf muscle make the foot and leg bounce up and down. The shaking is caused by repeated, rhythmic, reflex muscle contractions, rapidly alternating between contraction and relaxation of a muscle. Ankle clonus is the most common form of clonus.*

It’s at it’s worst when she first wakes up in the morning. I noticed it particularly when I would go in to put on her braces and shoes. Her little foot just starts shaking like mad and she giggles! She told me that it tickles. I am not half as entertained it because I know what it means. She’s always been pretty lucky as far as her tone in her legs. She hasn’t been too tight or too loose and that’s the reason she’s able to get around so well. Recently she’s had a growth spurt and her bones have grown but her muscles can’t keep up and so she’s developing higher tone and clonus.

The doctor said that she has to wear her sleeping braces nightly now and she is not a big fan of that at all. He also started her on Baclofen to try to control the spasms. So far it doesn’t seem to be working. He is probably going to increase the dosage soon. If the increase doesn’t work  then he’s suggesting Botox injections. I am not too sure about those at all. The research I’ve done makes me a little leery of them.

On Friday, the girls had vision therapy. Brandon and I chilled out in the van and waited for them to finish. After we dropped the girls off at school we ran out to Lane Bryant to pick up some clothes that I ordered. Brandon thought watching me try on clothes was funny. He also had a blast trying on their costume jewelry. He was partial to the really blingy dragonfly ring.

Jordan had hippotherapy on Saturday and after her riding session was over we met Alexis’ biological brother at the park for a visit. It was really good to see him because it had been over six months since his adoptive mother returned my phone calls. Alexis was so glad to see him. She had been in tears several times asking me when she could visit with him again.

We came home after the visit and did some serious cleaning because Ronnie’s parents and sister were coming over on Sunday and the house was absolutely trashed. I don’t get it. I’m constantly cleaning and I never seem to get anywhere with it. I read a quote once that said something like “Cleaning when you have children in the house is like trying to shovel snow during a snow storm.” I totally agree!

Sunday was nice! It was really good to see Ronnie’s family. I was grocery shopping for some of the time they were here but when I got back we all had lunch together. The kids had a ton of fun playing with their grandparents and Aunt!

Before I forget, also I have a digital freebie to share. Click the link below to go download the template and feel free to pin the sketch!

HL February '11 Template Two Prv

I brought Alexis to her psychiatrist appointment today. It was an important appointment because yesterday she pulled out all of her eyebrows again. She had been doing so well with growing them back in but after Ronnie’s family left yesterday she yanked them all out.

Her psychiatrist said that she needs her anxiety medication increased because her old doctor had her on a dosage that wouldn’t touch her obsessive compulsive disorder at all. He also increased her bipolar medication a tiny bit because she’s been so very manic lately. I’m hoping that it will also help with her aggression. She has been very mean to everyone in our family lately and has even been physically aggressive with the younger kids. It  makes our home life really tough when everyone is arguing all the time.

Since this post got so very long I’ll share my Jessica Sprague and Scraptastic Club layouts in a separate post!

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Blustery Day

Therapy went well on Monday for Alexis. Although, I have to say that it seems like it always rains when we go. The wind pushes the van all over the interstate and it freaks me out. I found the perfect solution to keep my mind off of the not so great conditions though… I just turn up our newest Glee CD really loud and we all sing along. It’s impossible to be unhappy while  listening to fun music!

Brandon, Jordan, and I made a trip to the dentist on Tuesday. Jordan had her teeth cleaned and x-rays taken. I was pleasantly surprised that she sat still while they took the x-rays. The last time we went in she screamed bloody murder and they weren’t able to get any. She didn’t have any cavities, but there were some concerns about how her adult teeth are coming in since she lost her baby teeth. It definitely looks like she’s going to need braces. She has a grooved palate from being on a ventilator so long  as a preemie and her mouth is very narrow. I’m going to start saving  money now because Alexis’ dentist says she needs braces too. Yikes! At least they don’t have cavities. It could be worse. Right?

This morning Jordan woke up and told me she didn’t feel well at all. She ended up throwing up all over the rugs in the bathroom because she didn’t quite make it to the potty. She stayed home from school and took a two hour nap. We were supposed to go to her IEP meeting today at the school but obviously they didn’t want her to go if she was throwing up. So we had a quiet day here at home. I worked on creative team deadlines. I can’t share what I’ve created just yet though!

I can share the latest layout I’ve done for the Jessica Sprague Digi In Deeper class. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I had to change some of the embellishment placement to make the design work with the photos I wanted to use but it still looks kinda like Jessica’s!


Journaling: Our first trip to Disney World with the girls in 2005. Alexis was beyond excited and enjoyed every single minute. Jordan was obsessed with taking her socks and shoes off and throwing them out of the stroller. We had an absolutely magical time together.

*Since it’s Wednesday I have a journaling/blogging question for you all! Feel free to answer on your blogs and link back in the comment section or just leave a comment here with your answer.

What was your favorite book as a child? Why? If you have children have you read it to them? Do they like it too?

My favorite book as a child was “Green Eggs and Ham”. I’ll actually admit that I love every single book that Dr. Seuss has ever written. I really enjoy reading them to my children. I do silly voices and since I have most of the books memorized I don’t get nearly as tongue tied as I used to when I was little. The kids eat it up too. I hope that one day they end up reading the same books to their children. That would be totally awesome!

Plentiful Thank You

Monday, February 21, 2011

It’s Almost Like We’re There

Everyone is finally well at my house for the most part! Jordan went back to school today. She was absolutely thrilled. I don’t know why because Brandon and I are super entertaining. (Yeah. Right!)

I haven’t taken a ton of photos lately but I do have this one to share. The two little kids picked wildflowers for me at Jordan’s hippotherapy session on Saturday. They are so sweet!

This weekend was pretty calm with the exception of having the Daytona 500 blasted in the living room all Sunday. Ronnie likes to listen to it so loud that he feels like he’s there. The rest of us just suffer hearing loss for a week after. The noise never seems to bother him. It’s pretty funny. We’re all constantly asking him to turn it down and he just looks at us like we’ve lost our minds because “It’s the DAY-TONA 500!” Like what part of that do you people not understand?!!

To protect my hearing I retreated to my scrap room to create! (It’s the room farthest away from the living room! LOL) I have quite a few layouts to share.

I created this layout with a past Scraptastic Club Kit that sold out. I love all of the little robot papers!

Journaling: August 2009. Brandon loves jumping on the beds!

Yes, He's wearing a Hooter's t-shirt. My husband's best friend bought it for him as a joke when he went.

I also based the layout on the sketch from Palette #9 from The Color Room.

Here’s the next one!


I loved getting to design with the digital Echo Park Little Girl papers. It's such a fun collection!

Journaling: 3 silly girls making funny faces at a sleepover. Alexis, Jordan, and a friend... (Mikayla) February 4, 2011

Echo Park's Little Girl Paper Pack, Echo Park's Little Girl Alpha Pack 1, Echo Park's Little Girl Alpha Pack 2, Echo Park's Little Girl Element Pack 1, Creativity By Crystal's August '09 Basic & Bright Button Collection, Creativity By Crystal's {Doodley-Doo} 12x12 Borders, and Creativity by Crystal's {Merry & Bright} Papers.

I also created this one! I love the vintage look to these papers from Cosmo Cricket.


This layout was created using Jessica's Digi In Deep class! I changed up the papers and embellies though because I wanted to use Cosmo Cricket's Wanted paper with photos of my daughter riding years ago!

Outlaw Font, Cosmo Cricket's Wanted Mini Kit.

One more! (See? I told you I was busy?!)


I found these older photos of Lexie's 1st Easter egg hunt and thought they would work really well with the Think Spring collection.

Supplies: Splendid Fiins Think Spring Patterned Paper Pack, Splendid Fiins Think Spring Bits Pack, Pharmacy Font, Creativity by Crystal's Templates 1 & 2, Creativity By Crystal's Merry & Bright Papers, and Traci Reed's Bad Sewing Machine XVIII Kinda Kleen.

***OH! I almost forgot. If you would like to download one of my sketches or a free digital template please visit the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog at the link below.

That’s all for now but I’ll be back Wednesday with the journaling/blogging question!

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Really? Again? Awesome. (Not!)

Life is beginning to blur around the edges a bit. I’ve been ridiculously busy between running to appointments for sick kids and cleaning up nasty stuff related to sick children. I’ve also been disinfecting everything I can think of. I can’t understand why my children have stayed so sick this Winter!

I did figure out how SOME of the germs are spreading in my house. Brandon walked into my bedroom yesterday morning and proceeded to wipe his nose on his pajamas. When I fussed at him he said, “What?” “Jammies are just like tissues.” Uh. NO! They are not!

We made it to the pediatrician’s office yesterday and after waiting for an hour we saw the doctor. Brandon was diagnosed with a stomach virus and a double ear infection. Jordan was diagnosed with tonsillitis, a sinus infection, and pink eye! Pink eye?! Again. Oh that’s just awesome! (Not!) I spent the rest of the day cleaning and trying to keep the children from touching each other.

Fast forward to this morning when Brandon starts hollering… “Momma!!! My eyes are crooked!” I peeked at his little face and you guessed it. Pink eye! I am just about ready to go on strike. I really am. I wonder what my children would do if I sat in the middle of the living room floor and crossed my arms while declaring “I quit!”?

I promise you the only thing keeping me sane is scrapbooking! I sneak off and do a little bit here and a little there. I ended up creating this page with the Scraptastic Club “Alphabet Soup For Girls” kit.

I used my Cindy Loo cartridge and my George cartridge on this page. I’ve been trying to use my Cricut a little more. I’m trying to justify wanting a new cartridge. Shhhhh!

Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a journaling/blogging question. Feel free to answer in the comment section or to answer on your own blog. (Just remember to link me back so I can comment!)

Do you go out to the movies or to eat by yourself? Why or why not?

As a Mom of three I have very little alone time. When we go out to eat we normally bring all of our kids with us. If the kids are with a babysitter then it’s Ronnie and I. I don’t think I’ve eaten anywhere by myself since I met Ronnie and I don’t think I would want to.

The movies are a different story though! We don’t bring our kids to the movies with us. It’s something we do every now and then to sneak out on our own together. I don’t even care what’s on… I just go to get out of the house!

I did go by myself to watch New Moon. Ronnie wasn’t invited after all of the sarcastic comments he made while he watched Twilight with me. Example: “Vampires can’t go out in the day time!” “Vampires don’t sparkle!” “This movie is LAME!” You get the picture. Instead of having to listen to Ronnie, I got to listen to 47 preteen girls talk about how hot Jacob was throughout the entire movie. Next time, I’ll just wait until the DVD comes out. LOL

Plentiful Thank You

Monday, February 14, 2011

So Sick Of GERMS!

Jordan is home from school today. She is sick again! She missed her planned play date and her hippotherapy session on Saturday. Today she is missing her Valentine’s party at school. Let’s just say she is not a happy camper. I’ve managed to keep her somewhat placated with a steady stream of Disney movies and peanut butter crackers. I can’t figure out why she wants to eat peanut butter crackers when her main complaint is a sore throat but whatever works!

She’s also shared her germs with Brandon who is equally miserable. He declared that his “froat” hurts and he doesn’t want to eat “anyfing”. He settled for eating a few dry Cheerios and drinking a ton of water. I’m over here sanitizing obsessively and praying that they don’t share their germs with anyone else. I made an appointment with the pediatrician’s office and the earliest they had was ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

We don’t have any huge Valentine’s plans since two out of the three heathens are sick. Alexis is a tank and as usual has managed to evade the germs. She’s got the immune system of a champion! I wish she would share her tips because I catch whatever the little kids have every single time.

We did manage to write Valentine’s cards last night and I gave the kids the HUGE lollipops Ronnie and I bought for them. It made for some really fun photos for me to scrapbook later.

Jordan writing Valentines for her classmates. She’ll deliver them when she’s well enough to go back to school.


Alexis enjoying her lollipop. You can really see how many of her eyebrows she’s pulled out due to her anxiety. It just breaks my heart. I was on the phone with her therapist a good bit of the morning asking for advice. The medicine they put her on just isn’t helping as well as we thought it would.


This photo needs no explanation. Let’s just say Brandon REALLY liked his lollipop. The lighting in my kitchen is cruddy and the photo ended up a bit pixelated so I just converted it to black and white and pretended I wanted it that way.

For Valentine’s Day Ronnie got me a beautiful red vase filled with gorgeous tulips. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower. Aren’t they pretty?

The kids and I gave him cards and I’m planning to cook a nice dinner for him later since we can’t go out.

Since it’s Monday I have a few layouts to share from my design team work at! (Have I ever mentioned that it’s my dream CT gig?! No? Well, it is!)


I came across this older photo of Alexis and thought I'd scrap it. She is such a camera ham! LOL

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Paper Pack, Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Candy Candy, Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Element Pack, Creativity By Crystal's Merry & Bright Paper Pack, Splendid Fiins Messy Stitches Vol. 1, and the font is called Typewriter.

I’m also continuing to work on my Project 365 for 2011. I haven’t been posting them all on my blog because I don’t want to swamp you all with layouts but I loved how this one turned out and wanted to share.

Week 6 (2-5-11to2-11-11)WEB

You can click on the image if you would like a larger image to read the journaling.

Supplies: Creativity By Crystal's "The Room" Collection Paper Pack, Creativity By Crystal's "The Room" Embellishment Pack, Carina Gardner's Design 365 "A Year Of Rub Ons", and Carina Gardner's Design 365 "Masks V3".

I’m off to go take care of my sick kiddos. Wish me luck on getting them to eat soup for lunch!

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Proud Parent

I’d like to take a minute to brag about my amazing kids. All three of them have gotten compliments lately and I just had to share the good things they’ve been up to.

Alexis: I took her to the grocery store with me on Monday after her therapy appointment. She held Brandon’s hand very nicely and followed me around the store. At one point a lady even stopped me and complimented her on how well she was behaving. She told me that my kids were the best behaved children she had ever seen in the grocery store. She also said I must be doing something right. I’m not going to lie… it totally made my day. It made Lexie’s day too. She said, “Mommy!” “Did you hear?!” “That lady said I was the best kid ever!” She was so proud! We both were.

Brandon: I have to admit that we are not often around other young children so I take some of the things he does for granted. On Monday when we went to Alexis’ therapy appointment the therapist watched him dump four puzzles on the floor and mix them together. He then reassembled all of them in about ten minutes. He does it all the time at home so I thought nothing of it but the therapist was totally impressed! She said that she knows 8 year olds who can’t do that. Hmmm… who knew my cutie pie was so advanced? Again, I was definitely proud! He was unimpressed though. He always does it so he didn’t see what the big deal was.

Jordan: Miss Priss got her progress report card in and she got 6 A’s and 1 B. The B was in handwriting which I’m totally excited about because her fine motor skills are a little delayed and it’s a big deal that she’s doing so well. Her teacher left a comment on the bottom of the report that said… “Jordan is a fantastic student.” “I enjoy having her in my class so much.” “She is a GREAT reader!”  I know she’s a smart cookie, but it’s really nice to hear other people say the same thing. We were all SO proud of her.

Yesterday was the Pastries for Parents celebration at school for the girls. Ronnie went to Jordan’s party and Brandon and I went to Alexis’ party. It was really cute. They played a slide show with photos of the kids throughout the year. The music during the slide show totally made me tear up. I can’t believe Alexis will be going to middle school next year! I got photos of both of the girls’ artwork because Ronnie didn’t have a camera. Here’s Jordan’s…

It says, “My parents are nice.” “My parents can play Wii.” “My parents have a house.” I particularly like the fact that Ronnie is wearing a top hat in her drawing. It adds a lot of flair!

Alexis colored a cupcake for us. Her class theme was “my parents are sweet”.

It says, “My parents are as beautiful as a rainbow.” “They help me feel better when I’m sick.” “They give me money for stuff.” The last sentence made me laugh out loud when I saw it. The child obviously has priorities. Hehe

I took this photo of Brandon and Alexis after the celebration was over. You can definitely tell that Brandon wasn’t feeling that well. I didn’t even get a cheesy smile.

I already scrapped using the photo I took because I’m taking Jessica Sprague’s Digi In Deeper class. I used the photo to create my Lesson One layout.


My brain is on absolute overload from all of the things I learned. Thank goodness she included printable .pdf files to refer back to! I LOVE how this layout turned out. With the feathers and the wings it's like she planned it to work with MY photo. Awesome!

I also did one last layout with the Scraptastic Club “Boys Will Be Boys” kit. I loved it so much that I used almost every last scrap!!


Journaling: Brandon is so crazy about cars that he has been caught sleeping with them. I'm sure he was dreaming about driving!

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for a blogging/journaling question! Today’s question is…

Did you have a favorite subject in school? Did you have a least favorite subject?

Okay, so technically that’s two questions but since they go hand in hand I am going to post them at the same time. My absolute favorite subject in school was Biology. I loved learning about what things are made of and how they work. The only part I didn’t like was the dissection part of the class. I was totally fine with diagrams but when it came to cutting up dead things… Eww! I ended up going to the literary rally for our state in Biology and I placed first in our district. Right ahead of this annoying guy from our school who thought he was SO much smarter than everyone else. Take that! LOL

My least favorite subject was Algebra. I honestly just couldn’t see a purpose for it. I loved Geometry because there were reasons and practical applications. Algebra was pointless. I really struggled with it for that reason. In my school we had to take Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. I barely passed Algebra 2 with enough credit to graduate. I had a 69.5 and the teacher had to round it up to a D which gave me a passing grade. It didn’t help that the teacher did NOT want to explain things when we didn’t understand. I wasn’t the only student who had a really awful time in that class.

Ooops! Look at the time. I have to go rush to bring Alexis to her dentist’s appointment. She needs a cleaning and the dentist has to look at her teeth that are growing in because she keeps saying that they hurt.

Plentiful Thank You

Monday, February 7, 2011

Never Grow Up

Lately this song by Taylor Swift has been tugging at my heartstrings. I think it’s because my youngest son will be going to preschool soon if we can manage to get him in. I wish that I could turn back time and shrink him back to a little bitty boy and keep him that way forever and ever. I realize that it’ll never happen but I don’t like how quickly he and his sisters are growing up. In no time they’ll be graduating high school. I know that because it seems like yesterday that we brought Jordan home from the hospital and that was almost seven years ago. Forgive me while I sniffle and whine about my babies growing up.

In the meantime, I’ve contented myself with scrapbooking older photos of the stinky soon to be preschooler. He has always been a relatively well behaved child that’s why I found it so funny when I walked in his room and found him doing this…

The best part of the whole thing was how proud and happy he was to be standing up on the TV stand. I had a hard time fussing at him not to do it anymore because he was just so thrilled with himself. LOL I created this layout with the fabulous February “Boys Will Be Boys” kit from Scraptastic Club. I LOVED the puffy robot embellies and gears. So cute!

I also scrapped this photo of Brandon from last Summer. He loves swimming. It makes sense if you believe in the whole astrology thing since he’s a Pisces.

Summer TimeWEB

Journaling: Ronnie's friend Chuck invited us over to swim in his salt water pool for the Fourth of July. Of course, we all jumped at the chance. It rained off and on all day long so we weren't sure until the last minute that we would be able to go. We were all worried when we got there that Brandon wouldn't like swimming in the deep water. We were wrong! He took to it like a fish. In no time he was jumping in the pool with his floaties on and making huge splashes. This is my favorite photo I got of him. He looked just like a little bitty frog with his feet all spread out. July 4, 2010.

Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Papers (Coming Soon!)
Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Candy Candy

Then I made this layout with photos I took last week. You can definitely tell he’s growing up, and I can tell you… I’ve had enough of this growing up stuff!!!


This is a two page layout I did with a simple set of templates from Nisa (Splendid Fiins) at Jessica Sprague's site. There are 40 predesigned pages and it only takes a little while to make an entire album!

Supplies: Splendid Fiins Classic Album Templates

I guess that’s enough whining for now! I have to go get the kids dressed so I can bring them to Lexie’s therapy appointment out in Hammond. Then we get to go grocery shopping. Yay me! (Not.) I’ll be back on Wednesday with the journaling/blogging question and I promise to be less melancholy then!

Plentiful Thank You

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I got this month’s Scraptastic Club kit “Boys Will Be Boys” in and it is absolutely adorable. The embellies are so cute and the color combination is dynamite! They are flying off of the shelves too! There are only a few left. If you want one… Hurry! You’ll be seeing my projects with the kit SOON.


I haven’t been able to scrap with it yet because the kids have had company and the little girl who came to sleepover ended up getting sick. I’m hoping to be able to scrap in a bit when her Mom comes to get her.

Jordan’s hippotherapy was cancelled today due to super cold temperatures. The farm where she rides is 30 minutes North of here and it’s up on a hill. The wind just races through so I know if it’s cold here… it’s freezing up there.

Oh! Before I forget… I got a blog award from Liz. She said the sweetest things about me on her blog. I am glad she’s put up with me for this long!


Thank you so much for the award Liz! I love visiting your blog to see your beautiful quilts. You amaze me with your creativity and resiliency. I think you are a tough cookie and I’m proud to be your friend!

I’m supposed to pick 3-5 people to pass the award on to. The only catch is that they have to have less than 300 followers so we can all explore blogs that we might not have seen before.

1. Nancy: I’ve been friends with her through for a long time! We chat on the phone all the time and kid that our two girls are secretly related somehow because they act so much alike. She has a beautiful shabby chic scrappy style that I wish I could lift!

2. Michelle: Another scrappy buddy who I’m proud to be friends with. She recently made the  Imaginisce design team and her projects are fabulous. You should definitely go check her out. She’s another friend that I am constantly on the phone with. We chat ALL the time. I love it!

3. Sharon: Another scrappy friend. Hmmm. I’m sensing a theme here! We bonded on due to the fact that we’ve both adopted children. She’s recently started her blog and you should go say Hi! She’s the sweetest girl!

4. Amanda: Another scrappy friend. I just just give up and say they are all scrappy friends. LOL Amanda and I also met on She’s got the cutest dog ever and she does digital and paper scrapbooking just like I do! I don’t know too many people who do that.

5. Leah: Yes, another scrappy friend! She’s my sister from another mother! She was on my creative team when I was designing digital products. Her digital pages rock and her photography is beyond stunning. Plus, she always makes me smile and that’s priceless!

That’s all for now! I will be back on Monday to share layouts that I’ve done for Jessica Sprague and Scraptastic Club!!!

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It’s Groundhog Day and the good news is that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning so there will (supposedly) be an early Spring. The bad news is that dear Phil is only right 39% of the time. Here’s hoping he’s right this year because I have had enough of the freezing temperatures.

Speaking of freezing temperatures, my kids are currently watching for snow out of the window. I don’t have the heart to tell them that if it happens it’ll probably be while they are sleeping. Now they refuse to do their homework and instead they have their noses pressed to the window like puppies. The bus driver also informed me that they might get the day off of school tomorrow if there is any ice or snow. Yikes.

Enough whining out of me! (For now.) It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for a  journaling/blogging question. Going along with today’s theme…

Did it snow much when you were a child? Tell me something about it. What did you do?

I only remember it snowing once when I was growing up. I was ten years old and my five year old brother and I went out in the yard to try to scrape up enough snow for a snowball. I scraped snow off of the cars and he scraped some off of an old wheelbarrow and we threw it at each other. I remember my Mom looking out of the window watching us with my baby brother because he was too little to come outside. It didn’t last long but my stepdad did manage to get a few photos. My Mom loaned me the photos a few years ago and I scanned them in and made this layout with them.


That’s all for today! Now I’m off to press my nose against the window with the kids…

Plentiful Thank You