Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Blustery Day

Therapy went well on Monday for Alexis. Although, I have to say that it seems like it always rains when we go. The wind pushes the van all over the interstate and it freaks me out. I found the perfect solution to keep my mind off of the not so great conditions though… I just turn up our newest Glee CD really loud and we all sing along. It’s impossible to be unhappy while  listening to fun music!

Brandon, Jordan, and I made a trip to the dentist on Tuesday. Jordan had her teeth cleaned and x-rays taken. I was pleasantly surprised that she sat still while they took the x-rays. The last time we went in she screamed bloody murder and they weren’t able to get any. She didn’t have any cavities, but there were some concerns about how her adult teeth are coming in since she lost her baby teeth. It definitely looks like she’s going to need braces. She has a grooved palate from being on a ventilator so long  as a preemie and her mouth is very narrow. I’m going to start saving  money now because Alexis’ dentist says she needs braces too. Yikes! At least they don’t have cavities. It could be worse. Right?

This morning Jordan woke up and told me she didn’t feel well at all. She ended up throwing up all over the rugs in the bathroom because she didn’t quite make it to the potty. She stayed home from school and took a two hour nap. We were supposed to go to her IEP meeting today at the school but obviously they didn’t want her to go if she was throwing up. So we had a quiet day here at home. I worked on creative team deadlines. I can’t share what I’ve created just yet though!

I can share the latest layout I’ve done for the Jessica Sprague Digi In Deeper class. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I had to change some of the embellishment placement to make the design work with the photos I wanted to use but it still looks kinda like Jessica’s!


Journaling: Our first trip to Disney World with the girls in 2005. Alexis was beyond excited and enjoyed every single minute. Jordan was obsessed with taking her socks and shoes off and throwing them out of the stroller. We had an absolutely magical time together.

*Since it’s Wednesday I have a journaling/blogging question for you all! Feel free to answer on your blogs and link back in the comment section or just leave a comment here with your answer.

What was your favorite book as a child? Why? If you have children have you read it to them? Do they like it too?

My favorite book as a child was “Green Eggs and Ham”. I’ll actually admit that I love every single book that Dr. Seuss has ever written. I really enjoy reading them to my children. I do silly voices and since I have most of the books memorized I don’t get nearly as tongue tied as I used to when I was little. The kids eat it up too. I hope that one day they end up reading the same books to their children. That would be totally awesome!

Plentiful Thank You


Michelle said...

I am knocking on wood. We have not been sick here really this winter. Ben's cold thing that he gets every year didn't last as long as past years and that has been the only incident, all of us combined. Actually, I am surprised!! I hope Jordan's tummy has settled down. As for the book I liked when I was a kid, I honestly don't remember. I can tell you my brother's, but I don't know mine. We just bought Ben not too long ago two new Dr. Seuss books from Walmart - $5/ea. One about maps and one about the solar system. He really likes them. 23 yrs ago, when I was buying Little Golden books for Laura, they were 79 cents. Now...they are about $4.00!!!! eeek!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Braces oh boy! Let's see favorite book is a no brainer, I loved "I can do it Myself" which was a Sesame Street Book. DD does not love it with the same love that I had. I would guess her favorite to be "Bears in the Night" but hey the child's favorite holiday is Halloween so no trouble why she loves anything along those lines.

Fritchey said...

Yes, Katie had braces - we saved up for them, too. And I hope that Jordan is feeling better. And not making it to the potty really stinks . . . for mom! I absolutely love your digi layout. So cool! I still have not gotten into digi scrapping.

Regarding the question, here is another thing we have in common . my absolutel FAV book was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I can almost recite it by heart, even to this day. And my second FAV is Green Eggs and Ham. I LOVE Dr. Seuss. His books are so easy to read and are so full of imagination. Yep, I read them to Katie and Anne. Anne LOVES to read them to me, now, too. Awesome!

Amanda Sevall said...

I love Glee - I didn't know you did too! :) Love listening to their recordings in the car. Sorry ya have sick kiddos again (just when you think they are better...) and I LOVE this gorgeous layout!!

As for favorite book as a kid... I loved Dr. Suess and fairy tales. I still do! ;) LOL