Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Really? Again? Awesome. (Not!)

Life is beginning to blur around the edges a bit. I’ve been ridiculously busy between running to appointments for sick kids and cleaning up nasty stuff related to sick children. I’ve also been disinfecting everything I can think of. I can’t understand why my children have stayed so sick this Winter!

I did figure out how SOME of the germs are spreading in my house. Brandon walked into my bedroom yesterday morning and proceeded to wipe his nose on his pajamas. When I fussed at him he said, “What?” “Jammies are just like tissues.” Uh. NO! They are not!

We made it to the pediatrician’s office yesterday and after waiting for an hour we saw the doctor. Brandon was diagnosed with a stomach virus and a double ear infection. Jordan was diagnosed with tonsillitis, a sinus infection, and pink eye! Pink eye?! Again. Oh that’s just awesome! (Not!) I spent the rest of the day cleaning and trying to keep the children from touching each other.

Fast forward to this morning when Brandon starts hollering… “Momma!!! My eyes are crooked!” I peeked at his little face and you guessed it. Pink eye! I am just about ready to go on strike. I really am. I wonder what my children would do if I sat in the middle of the living room floor and crossed my arms while declaring “I quit!”?

I promise you the only thing keeping me sane is scrapbooking! I sneak off and do a little bit here and a little there. I ended up creating this page with the Scraptastic Club “Alphabet Soup For Girls” kit.

I used my Cindy Loo cartridge and my George cartridge on this page. I’ve been trying to use my Cricut a little more. I’m trying to justify wanting a new cartridge. Shhhhh!

Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a journaling/blogging question. Feel free to answer in the comment section or to answer on your own blog. (Just remember to link me back so I can comment!)

Do you go out to the movies or to eat by yourself? Why or why not?

As a Mom of three I have very little alone time. When we go out to eat we normally bring all of our kids with us. If the kids are with a babysitter then it’s Ronnie and I. I don’t think I’ve eaten anywhere by myself since I met Ronnie and I don’t think I would want to.

The movies are a different story though! We don’t bring our kids to the movies with us. It’s something we do every now and then to sneak out on our own together. I don’t even care what’s on… I just go to get out of the house!

I did go by myself to watch New Moon. Ronnie wasn’t invited after all of the sarcastic comments he made while he watched Twilight with me. Example: “Vampires can’t go out in the day time!” “Vampires don’t sparkle!” “This movie is LAME!” You get the picture. Instead of having to listen to Ronnie, I got to listen to 47 preteen girls talk about how hot Jacob was throughout the entire movie. Next time, I’ll just wait until the DVD comes out. LOL

Plentiful Thank You


Laurie! said...

Cute layout!!

I frequently go out to eat by myself, usually just lunch and I'll bring a book. It's nice to get away from distractions, eat food that I like, and get some reading done.

I've been to only one movie by myself. I saw The Queen at 11:00 in the morning with a bunch of old people. I got myself a soda and hot dog and made it into a lunch date for myself. It wasn't planned, but I had wanted to go to the mall, however, it was a Sunday and I forgot that the mall didn't open until later, so I had some time to kill and thought, "Why not go see a movie?" So I did! lol

Darlene said...

Hi Heather! You posted on my Insetarium LO. I remember your pic from I think. I haven't been on there in ages! Prob since I started my blog. Where do ya'll live again? I'm in Mandeville.

courageous o'connors said...

no don't i go out much but i wish i did. i need to do more me stuff.

blah on those sick bugs!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh Geez! Everyone sick with different stuff! OMG you must be wanting to go park on the ceiling and stay there. Or perhaps keep each child in their own spot up there until they are better!

I am certainly good with being solitary. Movies, dinner, sewing I'm good. As a teen I liked to take a book, but I don't care anymore. You don't want me by myself then next time I will go some place else.

Though what is it with men hitting on women alone at the bookstore? It's creepy.

Fritchey said...

Heather! I am so sorry that you have had such a sick kid winter. I hope everyone is on the mend after your ds's pink eye.

Regarding the questions:
1. I never eat by myself either. The girls are usually here and eat with me if my hubby is away, and if the girls are away, I eat with him. When I eat lunch at work, it's usually with one of my co-workers!
2. I do watch movies by myself - here at home. (I laughed so hard when I read what Ronnie was saying about Twilight!!!) I don't have time to actually go to the theater by myself - but that might be very relaxing and fun!