Monday, February 14, 2011

So Sick Of GERMS!

Jordan is home from school today. She is sick again! She missed her planned play date and her hippotherapy session on Saturday. Today she is missing her Valentine’s party at school. Let’s just say she is not a happy camper. I’ve managed to keep her somewhat placated with a steady stream of Disney movies and peanut butter crackers. I can’t figure out why she wants to eat peanut butter crackers when her main complaint is a sore throat but whatever works!

She’s also shared her germs with Brandon who is equally miserable. He declared that his “froat” hurts and he doesn’t want to eat “anyfing”. He settled for eating a few dry Cheerios and drinking a ton of water. I’m over here sanitizing obsessively and praying that they don’t share their germs with anyone else. I made an appointment with the pediatrician’s office and the earliest they had was ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

We don’t have any huge Valentine’s plans since two out of the three heathens are sick. Alexis is a tank and as usual has managed to evade the germs. She’s got the immune system of a champion! I wish she would share her tips because I catch whatever the little kids have every single time.

We did manage to write Valentine’s cards last night and I gave the kids the HUGE lollipops Ronnie and I bought for them. It made for some really fun photos for me to scrapbook later.

Jordan writing Valentines for her classmates. She’ll deliver them when she’s well enough to go back to school.


Alexis enjoying her lollipop. You can really see how many of her eyebrows she’s pulled out due to her anxiety. It just breaks my heart. I was on the phone with her therapist a good bit of the morning asking for advice. The medicine they put her on just isn’t helping as well as we thought it would.


This photo needs no explanation. Let’s just say Brandon REALLY liked his lollipop. The lighting in my kitchen is cruddy and the photo ended up a bit pixelated so I just converted it to black and white and pretended I wanted it that way.

For Valentine’s Day Ronnie got me a beautiful red vase filled with gorgeous tulips. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower. Aren’t they pretty?

The kids and I gave him cards and I’m planning to cook a nice dinner for him later since we can’t go out.

Since it’s Monday I have a few layouts to share from my design team work at! (Have I ever mentioned that it’s my dream CT gig?! No? Well, it is!)


I came across this older photo of Alexis and thought I'd scrap it. She is such a camera ham! LOL

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Paper Pack, Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Candy Candy, Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl Element Pack, Creativity By Crystal's Merry & Bright Paper Pack, Splendid Fiins Messy Stitches Vol. 1, and the font is called Typewriter.

I’m also continuing to work on my Project 365 for 2011. I haven’t been posting them all on my blog because I don’t want to swamp you all with layouts but I loved how this one turned out and wanted to share.

Week 6 (2-5-11to2-11-11)WEB

You can click on the image if you would like a larger image to read the journaling.

Supplies: Creativity By Crystal's "The Room" Collection Paper Pack, Creativity By Crystal's "The Room" Embellishment Pack, Carina Gardner's Design 365 "A Year Of Rub Ons", and Carina Gardner's Design 365 "Masks V3".

I’m off to go take care of my sick kiddos. Wish me luck on getting them to eat soup for lunch!

Plentiful Thank You


courageous o'connors said...

oh i love that last idea for scrapbooking with the various days. I am going to steal that idea.

get better little sick ones :)

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh Geez hope everyone is better quick. Now I have a hankering for peanut butter crackers!

Did you consider coloring just the frog of B's lollipop green? That's what rang out in my head when I saw the two sets of big eyes!

Heather Landry said...

Hmmm! That'a great idea Liz. I could totally do that. LOL At Jordan sharing her PB cracker craving with you.

Kristin said...

Hi Heather!

Beautiful LO's I love the Sew Sweet one! I hope the germs leave soon, what a drag! Adorable pictures with the suckers :) Oh! and you won one of the giveaways at The Scrappy Tree, shoot us your address to thx Krsitinxx

Amanda Sevall said...

Your 365 is looking fabulous! Are you posting all your layouts on I'd love to see them all!! Super cute layouts and I love the lollipop photos. Sorry Jordan is sick and I feel for Alexis - I hope they are able to figure out what will help her the best. You are doing a great job with all three of them!! :)