Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digi Lovely Day

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have a template freebie up on Jessica Sprague’s Digi Lovely blog today. Click the link below to go check it out!


Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog feed because the creative team and designers give out frequent freebies there!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pages To Share

I have several pages to share this afternoon, but first I wanted to show the preview of this month’s GORGEOUS kit from Scraptastic Club. It’s called “Enjoy The Little Things” and it features beautiful new Fancy Pants papers!


There’s also an add on and I will admit that I’ve already bought mine! It should be here soon. I just couldn’t resist. The colors are so unique and beautiful. I can’t wait to create with it. Click on the image below to go to the site for more details!


I also have a layout on the front page of JessicaSprague.com today! I used a digital line from Echo Park that I absolutely adore. The little cassette tapes just make me smile. I’m so old school! Hehe


Journaling: All three of the kids were super happy that we rented a bouncer for Brandon's 4th birthday party. They jumped from eight in the morning until the company came to pick it up at six in the evening. It was definitely a hit. They bounced, yelled and laughed. I was able to get a few decent photos but it was hard because they were in constant motion. Ronnie and Brian even got in it too but I didn't get any good blackmail photos of them. They are lucky I didn't! March 12, 2011

Supplies: In the Making Design's "It's A Start" Template Set Five, Echo Park Digitals' Sidewalk Chalk Paper Pack 1, Echo Park Digitals' Sidewalk Chalk Paper Pack 2, Crystal Wilkerson's August '09 Basic & Bright Button Collection, and Echo Park Digitals' Sidewalk Chalk Alpha Borders and Word Art Pack.

I felt like making an inky mess a few days ago! This is the page that resulted. It started off as a PageMaps sketch and then went off on a tangent. (As usual!)

Journaling: My grandfather, Barton Longman asleep on the floor in front of the space heater to keep warm. His Mom used to pinch him with her toes to wake him up! 1948

Thanks go to Sharon for the super awesome star stamps that I had to use right away. Also, to Shannon for the fabric border. Thanks so much girls!

So apparently it's Paw Paw scrapping week at my house. LOL Here's my grandfather and my little man a few years ago!

Journaling: When Brandon saw Paw Paw fixing his trailer hitch he rushed right over to help! He's such a big helper! April 2009

This layout is based on a sketch that I found on the Crate paper blog. It features all Crate Paper Toy Box paper and embellishments.

Plentiful Thank You

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brown Eyed Boy

I’m all ready for my appointments tomorrow so I thought that I would check in and do a quick update before all of the chaos ensues.

It’s been a pretty quiet week. I haven’t been able to bring Jordan to hippotherapy or her physical and occupational therapy. So Brandon and I have been home pretty much all week long. I’ve been trying to take it easy and have been watching a lot of television (to rot my brain) and reading lots of books (to combat the brain rot). I’ve even been able to scrapbook a bit more since I’m feeling somewhat better.

Good enough that I’ve been playing with my camera a bit this week because boredom and cabin fever have definitely set in. I took a few photos of Jordan sitting in my flower garden in the front yard.

She’s still missing a lot of teeth and she lost yet another one yesterday. I keep teasing her and telling her that if she loses any more teeth she won’t have anything to chew with! Thankfully it’s looking like new ones will be coming in shortly.

Jordan was supposed to have an appointment on Friday here at home with her Easter Seals coordinator but the coordinator cancelled at the last minute because she was sitting at the hospital with another client who broke his ankle while she was at his house! It sounds like she’s a nice person. I hope so because we have had some not-so-nice coordinators before. I really miss her original coordinator who I’m still friends with. She was awesome!

Our weekend was insanely busy to make up for our relaxed week. Alexis went with her friend Susanna to their elementary school for their clean up day. She came home covered in paint! I ended up letting Susanna come over after they both took baths and got clean because her brother had a party to go to. The girls all played together nicely and Susanna even played with Bubba when he wandered in to he room.

Jordan went to ride her horse in Folsom. She’s practicing her routine for the next horse show in April. She’s super excited. Ronnie took her so I didn’t have to go out in the heat and wait for her to finish riding. She has real riding boots and pants and she looks so cute when she two points.

Today was a quiet day. The kids played outside while I cut Ronnie’s hair. I ended up spraying them with the water bottle and it all went downhill from there. Somehow we all ended up wet and covered in chalk from drawing on the carport. I didn’t think I was ever going to get the teal chalk off of my legs. I looked like a Smurf. Thanks Jordan!

I did take some photos of Brandon while I had a little chat with him. He was dirty and sweaty but I swear he’s got the most beautiful, sparkly brown eyes. (I’m only a tiny bit biased!)

Here’s a naughty boy photo… He’s so funny! I was trying to get him to smile “pretty” for me. This is what I got instead.

I’ll be back tomorrow to post my latest scrapbook pages and share a link to the new Scraptastic Club kit. You can’t miss it! It’s gorgeous.

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I quit!

I’m so done with this resting thing. I really, really am! I’m not going to whine about it though. Instead, here’s an update on what we’ve been doing since my last post.

The girls got their report cards on Friday. Jordan got straight A’s. She is such a smart cookie and she doesn’t struggle at all with her school work. Alexis got all C’s and one D. I felt really bad for her because she’s the opposite of Jordan. She struggles terribly. Her ADHD makes it really hard for her to pay attention and then her dyslexia manages to make reading super hard for her. She was really disappointed with her grades. I’m to the point where as long as she’s passing… I’m okay with it. That means we’ve got to work on that D!

On Saturday, Alexis had her first sleepover at a friend’s house. She’d only slept out at her Aunt’s house before so I was worried about how she would do. My friend (her friend’s Mom) said that she was one of the better behaved kiddos. She actually went to bed at midnight. Some of the other girls were up until almost two in the morning!!

We picked Alexis up on Sunday and brought her home. Right after we got there Ronnie’s sister came to pick up all three kids so they could spend the day at her house. They had a wonderful time planting flowers and exploring the chicken coop their Uncle Brian has been building. While they were over there Ronnie brought me out to lunch at Subway. It was a blessing to get out of the house for a little while.

All three kids woke up with nasty sinus infections on Monday. I had to bring them to the pediatrician’s office by myself even though I’m not supposed to be doing much. Jordan and Brandon misbehaved terribly and I had to pick Brandon up and put him on the bench for the doctor to examine when he wouldn’t sit down. I had chest pain after doing that so I came home as soon as I could and rested for the remainder of the day.

While we were at the pediatrician’s office she noticed that Brandon’s speech still hasn’t improved much. At four years old, he’s supposed to be intelligible to everyone and he’s not. She is finally recommending that he have a speech evaluation. I was really frustrated when she told me that because I have been asking for him to be evaluated since he was a year old. We’ve set the process in motion and he has an appointment on April 21st.

The girls were still sick yesterday so they stayed home from school. The kids spent the entire day fighting and I spent the day scrapbooking off and on. For the first time in weeks I felt pretty good so I thought I should take advantage of it! I have a few layouts to share that I’ve been doing over the past few days.

Journaling: Jordan loves to help me cook! 6/2009

I used my March Scraptastic Club Kit called "Princess For A Day". The only things I added are the little orange flower eyelets (Thanks Michelle!) and the kraft paper. The pink alphas were from a past alphabet kit that was available at Scraptastic Club.


This is my take on Jessica Sprague's Lesson 7 layout from the Digi In Deeper class. I am way behind because I got so sick but I'll slowly catch up. Even though the class is over, I'll still have access to the materials and everything. It's a good thing... I'm such a slacker!!


Journaling: A windy Summer day. We had the beach to ourselves. High pitched shrieks and sandy feet. Today was one perfect day.

This was Lesson 8 in Jessica Sprague's Digi In Deeper class. I LOVED how much we learned about extraction. It's been so fun exploring shabby-style layouts too.


Journaling: Poor Uncle Brian. He always gets roped into giving Lexie pony rides.

This was Lesson 9 from Jessica Sprague's Digi In Deeper class. I am slowly catching up! Only three more to go.


This is last week's Project 365 update.

Supplies: Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Alpha, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Element Pack, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Paper Pack 1, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Paper Pack 2, The Queen Of Quirk's Knotty Girl Paper Pack, and Traci Reed's Bad Sewing Machine Kinda Clean XVIII.

The font is typewriter. I also colored in part of the title and I learned that technique from Jessica Sprague's Digi in Deeper class.

I spent most of the day today catching up online on my favorite message boards and reading blogs. The girls were back in school so I just had Brandon to keep me company. I’m hoping that this entire week stays quiet and that everyone stays healthy.

It’s Wednesday so I have a blogging/journaling question for all of you as well! Feel free to reply in the comment section or you can reply on your blog and link me so I can go check out your answers.

What is your least favorite household chore?

I absolutely HATE putting clothes away. I don’t like hanging them up and I detest putting them away in drawers. Somehow it all seems rather pointless given that my kids are just going to yank them out and wear them the next day. Fortunately for my husband, I don’t like the d├ęcor statement they make sitting piled up on my couch so I do it anyway. It’s a totally weird quirk because I don’t mind washing, drying, or folding clothes at all. Just putting them away! It bugs me.

My next set of tests to see what’s going on with me health-wise is on Monday so my blog post may be a day or two late. I won’t have the results of the tests until later next week. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you don’t mind. I am much too busy to be sick! I already feel terrible that Jordan and Alexis are missing therapy appointments because I don’t feel well.

Plentiful Thank You

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I picked a winner for the Scraptastic Club “Lucky” blog hop this morning. I wrote all of the names down on tiny pieces of paper and had Jordan draw one! She chose…


Lindy, Please email me at miraclesmommadesigns(at)hotmail(dot)com with your address so I can mail out your prize!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Scraptastic Club “Lucky” blog hop! I decided to create a page about being lucky with the March Scraptastic Club kit “Princess For A Day”.

This is what the gorgeous kit looks like…


Complete cuteness overload right?! It’s even better in person. Trust me! I created this layout with the kit.

It’s all about how lucky Jordan was to be invited out to a farm to meet a real Clydesdale named Clyde who performs tricks. Clyde’s Mom (Bonny!) bought Jordan watermelon to snack on after the personal demonstration was done. She had a blast! Bonny and Clyde touched my heart by making her so happy. This layout was inspired by a beautiful sketch created by Debbie Gaydos. She is an amazing sketch artist.

I’m going to be giving a prize away as part of this blog hop. Since it hasn’t come in the mail yet it’s a surprise prize! LOL To enter to win become a follower and then leave a comment telling me what makes you feel lucky. Super simple right? I promise, it’ll be worth it! I’ll choose a random winner from the comment pool on March 21st..

You also have a chance to win a $10.00 gift certificate to Scraptastic Club if you keep hopping along our blog hop. Here is the order of the hop.

1. Scraptastic Club Blog
2. Juliann’s Blog
3. Heather’s Blog (YOU ARE HERE!)
4. Amy’s Blog
5. Janie’s Blog
6. What’s Scrapping Blog
7. Back to Scraptastic Club’s Blog

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I’m fresh out of things to post about so I’m going to go rogue and just write about whatever comes to mind in list form.

1. I haven’t done anything productive this week so far. No scrapbooking, or anything like that. Mostly I’ve bummed around with Brandon and we’ve taken lots of naps. We’ve also watched “Mater’s Tall Tales” at least 15 times. “If I’m lyin’ I’m cryin’!”

2. My CT scan is tomorrow at 12:30. I am hoping that they can figure out what’s going on. I’m so ready to be off of bed rest and back to my normal routine. I have stuff to do, places to go, and people to see.

3. I really miss drinking my morning cup of coffee but it was easier than I thought to give it up. I’m wondering if I’ll go back to drinking it once I’m cleared to have caffeine again.

4. Someone told me that if I end up on blood thinner medication that I’ll have to stop eating garlic. Giving up garlic just might be harder on me than giving up coffee.

5. Alexis has been behaving really well lately. She got an invitation to a sleep over this weekend and she’s super excited. She’s trying really hard to have a good week so she can go.

6. I’m obsessed with watching reruns of Kyle XY on Netflix. I never got to watch the whole series and since there’s not really too much else I can do… it keeps me distracted 45 minutes at a time.

7. I just realized if I give up drinking coffee I’ll have to redecorate my kitchen. Why? It has a coffee theme. It won’t make much sense if I give up drinking coffee now will it?

8. I am still working on my “Mommy Makeover”. I bought new clothes, earrings, a purse, and wallet the other day with some of our tax return money. I’ve also lost 40 lbs. since March of last year. I found that out yesterday at the doctor’s office.

9. My husband thinks my new purse is ugly. He actually told me that! (No, I didn’t hit him with the purse but I thought about it.) He’s lucky I love him.

10. Miss Jordan’s clonus is getting a bit better on the Baclofen. She’s not having nearly as many tremors as she was having in the mornings. We are still waiting to hear that her new braces are approved so we can bring her in to get cast for them.

***It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for a journaling/blogging question. Let’s go with…

Make a list of five (or more!) random things that are on your mind right this minute.

I’ve already done mine! Now I’d like to read yours… You can either answer the question in the comment section or use the topic to write on your blog and then link me in the comment section so I can go pay your blog a visit.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleep Deprived Blog Post

So… I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s no big surprise given all of the health concerns I’m dealing with. I worry that it’s going to be something big that can’t be fixed or something that will take a long time to fix. It’s not helping that my cardiologist’s office is taking their sweet time scheduling the follow up tests including the all important CT scan. I have been calling them every single day and one day the woman even had the audacity to tell me that she didn’t even try to schedule me. She was in meetings all day. I asked her today, “Isn’t the patient supposed to be first priority?” She didn’t have an answer to that but she did finally schedule the CT test for this Thursday at 12:30. (She forgot to call me back. I had to call her AGAIN to find out.) I’m still not feeling well either. I get short of breath and tired so easily. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up an updated prescription and by the time we got home I was wiped out. I had to take a nap to recuperate.

That’s the update on my health. I don’t want to dwell on it so let’s talk about good things. We celebrated Brandon’s 4th birthday on Saturday with lots of friends and family. It was a beautiful, cool, sunshiny day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Sure, the kids were wild and there were arguments but on the whole everything went off without a hitch. I think everyone had a wonderful time. I know I did. I puttered around and took photos on and off throughout the day. You know I have to share a few. (Okay, a TON!)

We rented a bouncer and the kids went insane over it. It was the same exact one we got for Brandon’s first birthday. We recreated that entire party because that’s what he wanted. He’s such a homebody. (He’s like his Momma that way.)

This was his cake. I phoned it in this year and got one baked at the grocery store. No way was I up to fondant and messes this year. It actually turned out really cute and he was thrilled with the toy that was on the top of it.

If you’re wondering why all of the photos have different edits… I batch edit according to what photos I want to use on a specific scrapbook page. This photo of Ronnie, Brandon, and I will be on a more vintage themed page.

Next up he opened presents! Piles and piles of things with wheels. A fire truck, a Hot Wheels car wash that he’d been begging for, books about trucks… I bet you’re seeing a theme here? I know I am. I think that kid sees wheels in his dreams!

The Hot Wheels car wash had to be put together immediately. My brother in law did it and Brandon breathed on him the entire time waiting for him to finish. Once it was done Brandon and his friend Julian played for hours with it. They didn’t go back in the bounce house except for a few minutes. All they wanted to do was wash cars. Maybe I could let them wash mine too? It’s an idea!

Ronnie continued our tradition of getting in the bouncer with the kids and acting insane with them. I wasn’t able to participate this year but I did request that the four of them pose for a photo. The lighting is funky but boy can you feel the love!

I also have a video of the kids running wild in the bouncer to share. It totally cracks me up how the girls did their interviews. Jordan’s going way back in the time machine too. She says she’ll be “7 years old on April 18, 2004”. Uh… no! I wish I could still have her that little. LOL (That’s her actual birth-day.)

We spent all of Sunday recovering from Saturday’s madness. The house had to be cleaned, and we had to find a solution for the piles of empty boxes and trash. We also assembled toys. A bane of my existence. I’ll never understand why a plastic car has to be tied down like it’s made out of gold. I can’t tell you how many paper cuts I’ve gotten liberating toys from their ridiculous packaging.

Today was a quiet day. The girls went back to school after being home for a week over Mardi Gras vacation. Ronnie went back to work after being home with me to help for a week. I just had Brandon. We watched “Cars” and “Mater’s Tall Tales”. I caught up on answering emails and he played with his train sets. I miss all the chaos of everyone being home, but it was good to have quiet time with my little man too. He won’t be little for much longer. I’m trying to enjoy him while he still thinks it’s cool to play trains with his Momma.

You would think that being on bed rest would give me oodles of time to scrapbook but that hasn’t been the case at all. I have the time but I’m just too tired to do it. I fall asleep over my computer during the daytime when I just can’t stay awake anymore. I did manage to finish a few layouts to share though. Here they are…


This layout was created in Jessica Sprague's class "Digi In Deeper". (It was lesson #6.) I absolutely adored learning how to create the cityscape and the burlap scallops were so cool to create too!

Journaling: We went to the arch in St. Louis. I enjoyed the museum but when we went to the top of the arch I discovered that I was afraid of heights. YIKES!

I am so far behind on the class. I started with the best intentions but then got sick. Thank goodness the materials and videos are available forever! I know I’ll catch up eventually.

Week10 (3-5-11 to 3-11-11)WEB

This is week 10 of my 2011 Project 365. Another busy week with some not so great news. Still trying really hard to stay positive and focusing on keeping up with my Project 365 and design team commitments so I can distract myself a bit.

Supplies: Creativity By Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "Lots Of Labels", Creativity By Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "The ABC's" paper pack, Creativity by Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "Solids" Paper Pack, Creativity By Crystal's Playground Collection Element Pack, Carina Gardner's Design 365 Masks v1, Carina Gardner's Design 365 A Year Of Rub Ons, and Creativity By Crystal's Basic & Bright Buttons Pack.


Journaling: Alexis is so ready for Spring! She's excited to get to play outside in the sunshine. She is thrilled to wear her adorable Minnie Mouse outfit too! Feb. 2005

These are some of my favorite photos of Alexis! She was only 4 here. Gosh the time has passed quickly.

Supplies: Jessica Sprague's Template +1.04, Echo Park's Springtime Paper/Element Pack #1, Echo Park's Springtime Paper/Element Pack #2, and the font is "Vinegar".

That’s all for now because I’m getting sleepy but I will try to post the blogger/journaling question on Wednesday depending on how I’m feeling. I also have a few reviews and a blog hop post to share with all of you soon!

Plentiful Thank You

Friday, March 11, 2011

Missing In Action

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around much. I completely skipped my Wednesday post because my health hasn’t been at all great lately and I’ve been trying to get as much rest as possible. It hasn’t been easy because the kids have been off this entire week for Mardi Gras. Thankfully Ronnie has been off too. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would’ve done this week without his help!

I saw my cardiologist for the first time on Tuesday. He said I could have a blood clot in my lungs as a side effect of my birth control pills. They did a blood test to find out if I had blood clots and I found out on Wednesday that it was positive. That means I have blood clots somewhere. Now we are trying to figure out where.

Today I went in for an ultrasound on both of my legs. I went in expecting it not to be painful at all. I’ve never had a painful ultrasound before. They had to squeeze my legs to force blood to flow back past the ultrasound wand and let me tell you… it hurt! I’ll probably have bruises tomorrow because I bruise super easily.

They did not find any clots in my legs. That is not good news because it means that the clot may be in my heart, brain, or lungs. They are leaning towards it being in my lungs because I have been so short of breath and easily tired lately. The next step in the diagnostic process is a ct scan. Unfortunately, the girl who handles the insurance in their office is taking her sweet time getting in touch with my insurance for preapproval. I have decided to call her every single day until she does what she’s supposed to do. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease right?

In the meantime, I’m pretty much on lock down. I think if my Mom could she’d tie me to the bed to make me behave. Not that I haven’t been. I haven’t drank any coffee since last Friday and that’s a big thing for me. I’ve been resting and taking good care of myself with Ronnie’s help. That’s one of the hardest things for me. I don’t do well with watching other people clean the house because they don’t do it the way I do it.

I also have a really hard time accepting help. I am such an independent person that when people say… is there anything I can do? My first response is “No, I’ll be fine!” Regardless of whether I will be or not.

One of my really good friends found something she could do though. I came home from today’s rotten doctor’s appointment and found these on my front porch.

Aren’t they beautiful? You would be amazed at the wonderfully sweet, kind, amazing people I’ve met through scrapbooking. Marlene is definitely a fabulous friend. She brightened my day more than she’ll ever know and I appreciate her to bits!

Tomorrow is Brandon’s 4th birthday party. I can hear you all yelling now… “How are you throwing a birthday party on bed rest?” I’m not. I’m letting Ronnie do it. I’m going to sit and watch and take a few photos. I won’t cook. I won’t clean. It might kill me to sit and rest and let other people help me but I will definitely do it. I can’t afford not to follow instructions. 

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and update everyone. I meant for this to be a short post but then that rarely ever happens. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! I am certainly going to do my best to have one too.

Plentiful Thank You

Monday, March 7, 2011

Very Scary

Jordan’s therapy was cancelled on Thursday because of her pink eye. They won’t see her while she’s contagious! (I don’t blame them.) We all played at the house and had a quiet day. Well the kids played… I cleaned. I didn’t want to but I have to get rid of all of these yucky pink eye germs around here!

Friday’s therapy was a wash too. I didn’t want to take the chance that the Jordan was still contagious. Especially since it was vision therapy and they all have to wear the same special glasses. Instead I ended up babysitting for a friend who had a last minute emergency and needed a sitter. The kids had a wonderful time with their company and everyone behaved really well.

That night I ended up not feeling well at all! My heart started racing really quickly and then beating super slowly. I got my stethoscope and listened for a minute. Then I got scared and went into the ER as quickly as I could. I felt so weak, exhausted, and short of breath.

When I got to the ER they ran an EKG right away and as soon as the EKG was finished the nurse went back to show the doctor. Then they took me back for an x-ray to see if my heart was enlarged. They also drew a ton of blood to check my sugar and cholesterol. They brought me back to a room and attached to to all kinds of machines. 

I was there about three hours and my Mom drove up from Belle Chasse to sit with me. The doctor said that all of my test results were normal. My cholesterol was good and so was my blood sugar. They don’t know why my heart is acting so strangely. I was diagnosed with tachycardia and palpitations. I have to go see a cardiologist on Wednesday. I would’ve liked to go before then but unfortunately everything is closed due Mardi Gras until then.

The ER doctors put me on Metropropolol to slow my heart rate down as well. I’ve been taking it twice a day and truthfully I am not feeling any different so I’m not sure how much it’s helping. My heart beat is definitely still irregular on it.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday resting. I’m not supposed to do anything that raises my heart rate. This includes smoking and drinking (which I never do). I can’t drink coffee or eat chocolate as the caffeine could make my heart rate go up. I’m really bummed about the coffee thing because I am totally addicted to it.

I’ve been trying to stay distracted by doing lots of reading as well as catching up on some of my favorite movies and TV series. I finally managed to stay awake long enough to do a digital layout last night. I can’t share that one yet because it’s made with product that isn’t out yet but I can share these…


Journaling: Alexis after the Pastries for Parents even at her school. She was so excited that Brandon and I were there. The art work she made was great! 1-2011

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Get Happy Paper Pack, Cosmo Cricket's Get Happy Candy Candy, and a Recycled Alpha by Michelle Filo.


Journaling: Alexis got to see her brother Nathan for the first time in six months. They cuddled up and smiled for some really adorable photos. February 26, 2011

Supplies: Echo Park's For The Record Alpha Pack 1, Echo Park's For The Record Alpha Pack 2, Echo Park's For The Record Paper/Element Pack 1, Echo Park's For The Record Paper/Element Pack 2, and Creativity By Crystal's Templates 1 & 2. The font I used is called VT Portable Remington.

7HLWeek9 (2-26-11 to 3-3-11)WEB

This is week nine out of my Project 365 for 2011. A lot of stuff happened this week… We’ve been super busy! You can click on the image for a better view of the journaling and photos.

Supplies: Creativity By Crystal's Color Me Happy Paper Pack 1, Creativity By Crystal's Color Me Happy Paper Pack 2, Creativity By Crystal's Color Me Happy Paper Pack 3, Creativity by Crystal's Color Me Happy Flowers, Creativity By Crystal's Artisan Label Templates No. 4, Carina Gardner's Design 365 A Year Of Rub Ons, and Carina Gardner's Design 365 Masks v3.

Before I forget, don’t forget to sign up for the new classes over at Jessica Sprague’s site!  Here’s the info…


Looking for a great photo book to give as gifts to friends, family members, or teachers? Register for Carina Gardner's ABC Inspiration album class beginning on March 14th. Class begins on April 4th. Click on the image above for more information.


Registration for The Art of Digital Design is also open now! This is a revolutionary class for new digital designers to learn the secrets of creating, packaging, uploading, marketing, and selling digital product. Click on the image above for more information!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back on Wednesday to post an update and the journaling question.

Plentiful Thank You

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessed Quiet

Yesterday Brandon and I were able to stay home for the first time in two weeks! Our schedule has been jam packed and all of my scrapbooking has been on the fly between activities and therapy. It was really nice to get to sit and scrap for a while when Brandon was in the living room playing Legos. There was no rush and no where I had to go. It was totally awesome. We really needed the break!

During my down time, I managed to complete some more design team work with the “Princess For A Day” kit from Scraptastic Club.


I just loved this sticker from Echo Park's Little Girl collection so I designed the card around the sticker. The bling is from my iRock. A good friend of mine told me you can color the bling with Bic Markers and it worked! I have 30+ colors of Bic Markers so I'll only have to buy the clear ones and customize them to match my projects.

Journaling: I asked Alexis to pose for me while I practiced with my new camera. She posed for over an hour and we ended up with some very pretty photos of her. 3/2009

I also used the add on alphabet available from Scraptastic Club on this page. I LOVE Thickers like crazy so they made me super happy!

The only thing I added from my stash was the pink bling and diamond Stickles.

Today was NOT a quiet day. Jordan woke up this morning complaining that her eyes felt funny. I knew the moment I looked at her that she had pink eye again. It also explained why my eyes were burning early this morning. I thought I was tired until I looked in the mirror. Awesome! We are now on our third round of pink eye in less than two months. Jordan and Alexis keep bringing it home from school. I have been cleaning and disinfecting like a madwoman so I know it’s not coming from MY house. Ugh!

So Jordan wasn’t allowed to attend school, but we had to go anyway. Today was her IEP meeting due to her special needs status. It’s where we meet with the therapists and teachers and discuss what needs to be changed and what her goals should be for the next few months. The meeting went well and they agreed with all of the accommodations that I requested.

After the  meeting we went to get a new brake tag and then we drove to the grocery store to pick out Brandon’s birthday cake. Of course, he chose a Thomas The Train cake even though I went through the entire book with him so he could see all of the options. His birthday party is going to be on the twelfth but his actual birthday is today. I can’t believe that my teeny tiny baby is four today. I look at him and think oh.my.goodness where did the time go?

For his party we have put a deposit on an inflatable bouncer to put out in the yard. He doesn’t know that yet but I’m hoping he’ll love it. We are having a nacho bar with lots of fun toppings and I’m still making all kinds of plans. I just love birthday parties even though it means my babies are growing up!

It’s Wednesday!!! So that means it’s time for a journaling/blogging question…

Tell me about your first pet! What was his/her name? What kind of animal was it?

The first pet I can remember having was a dog. His name was Scrappy and he was a mutt. I don’t know where my parents got him. He was super cute. He was black with brown patches on him. We kept him outside and my brother and I would go outside and play with Scrappy all the time. It was when we still lived in lower Plaquemines Parish so I must’ve been under twelve years old because we moved when I was twelve. I sure wish that I had a photo of him because it would be fun to scrapbook about!

Plentiful Thank You