Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessed Quiet

Yesterday Brandon and I were able to stay home for the first time in two weeks! Our schedule has been jam packed and all of my scrapbooking has been on the fly between activities and therapy. It was really nice to get to sit and scrap for a while when Brandon was in the living room playing Legos. There was no rush and no where I had to go. It was totally awesome. We really needed the break!

During my down time, I managed to complete some more design team work with the “Princess For A Day” kit from Scraptastic Club.


I just loved this sticker from Echo Park's Little Girl collection so I designed the card around the sticker. The bling is from my iRock. A good friend of mine told me you can color the bling with Bic Markers and it worked! I have 30+ colors of Bic Markers so I'll only have to buy the clear ones and customize them to match my projects.

Journaling: I asked Alexis to pose for me while I practiced with my new camera. She posed for over an hour and we ended up with some very pretty photos of her. 3/2009

I also used the add on alphabet available from Scraptastic Club on this page. I LOVE Thickers like crazy so they made me super happy!

The only thing I added from my stash was the pink bling and diamond Stickles.

Today was NOT a quiet day. Jordan woke up this morning complaining that her eyes felt funny. I knew the moment I looked at her that she had pink eye again. It also explained why my eyes were burning early this morning. I thought I was tired until I looked in the mirror. Awesome! We are now on our third round of pink eye in less than two months. Jordan and Alexis keep bringing it home from school. I have been cleaning and disinfecting like a madwoman so I know it’s not coming from MY house. Ugh!

So Jordan wasn’t allowed to attend school, but we had to go anyway. Today was her IEP meeting due to her special needs status. It’s where we meet with the therapists and teachers and discuss what needs to be changed and what her goals should be for the next few months. The meeting went well and they agreed with all of the accommodations that I requested.

After the  meeting we went to get a new brake tag and then we drove to the grocery store to pick out Brandon’s birthday cake. Of course, he chose a Thomas The Train cake even though I went through the entire book with him so he could see all of the options. His birthday party is going to be on the twelfth but his actual birthday is today. I can’t believe that my teeny tiny baby is four today. I look at him and think where did the time go?

For his party we have put a deposit on an inflatable bouncer to put out in the yard. He doesn’t know that yet but I’m hoping he’ll love it. We are having a nacho bar with lots of fun toppings and I’m still making all kinds of plans. I just love birthday parties even though it means my babies are growing up!

It’s Wednesday!!! So that means it’s time for a journaling/blogging question…

Tell me about your first pet! What was his/her name? What kind of animal was it?

The first pet I can remember having was a dog. His name was Scrappy and he was a mutt. I don’t know where my parents got him. He was super cute. He was black with brown patches on him. We kept him outside and my brother and I would go outside and play with Scrappy all the time. It was when we still lived in lower Plaquemines Parish so I must’ve been under twelve years old because we moved when I was twelve. I sure wish that I had a photo of him because it would be fun to scrapbook about!

Plentiful Thank You


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

boo to the pink eye...stinks.

hooray for a lazy day and playtime!!!

boo to children growing up!!!

hooray for birthday parties!!! especially ones with bouncies!!!!!!


Fritchey said...

Pink eye can be a real stinker to get rid of. It is so contagious! I hope you are all feeling better soon. I love your latest card and layout! so cute and pretty!!!! Glad you had some time to scrap!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Pink Eye again, bleck. Where is that magic wand when you need it?

My first pet was a cat called TeeTee, but hard T's are hard when your a toddler so I called him KeeKee. Or maybe it was other way around?

The first pet I actually remember was Kasey my pet rabbit.

Amanda Sevall said...

Geez - how quickly time passes and how fast I fall behind! Rather than say the same thing on three other posts, I figured I'd spare your e-mail by saying it once - well one more time if you are being technical. I'm worried about you!! You are definitely in my thoughts and I hope that you get some answers this week. You can never be too demanding when it comes to your health. And I always remind myself - dang it, I'm paying a lot of money here and I should be getting fantastic customer service for it! :) So don't feel bad about being a squeaky wheel when it comes to it. You deserve to be treated like you are the only patient they have!

Anyway, cute layouts as always. My first pet? Well, pets is the correct term - we had two dogs. My parents had adopted them as puppies before I was around. Ginger and Spice. The cutest doggies! I should write a blog post about them soon - I just need to dig around and find some pictures of them. So many good memories - so thanks for reminding me about them!! :)