Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I quit!

I’m so done with this resting thing. I really, really am! I’m not going to whine about it though. Instead, here’s an update on what we’ve been doing since my last post.

The girls got their report cards on Friday. Jordan got straight A’s. She is such a smart cookie and she doesn’t struggle at all with her school work. Alexis got all C’s and one D. I felt really bad for her because she’s the opposite of Jordan. She struggles terribly. Her ADHD makes it really hard for her to pay attention and then her dyslexia manages to make reading super hard for her. She was really disappointed with her grades. I’m to the point where as long as she’s passing… I’m okay with it. That means we’ve got to work on that D!

On Saturday, Alexis had her first sleepover at a friend’s house. She’d only slept out at her Aunt’s house before so I was worried about how she would do. My friend (her friend’s Mom) said that she was one of the better behaved kiddos. She actually went to bed at midnight. Some of the other girls were up until almost two in the morning!!

We picked Alexis up on Sunday and brought her home. Right after we got there Ronnie’s sister came to pick up all three kids so they could spend the day at her house. They had a wonderful time planting flowers and exploring the chicken coop their Uncle Brian has been building. While they were over there Ronnie brought me out to lunch at Subway. It was a blessing to get out of the house for a little while.

All three kids woke up with nasty sinus infections on Monday. I had to bring them to the pediatrician’s office by myself even though I’m not supposed to be doing much. Jordan and Brandon misbehaved terribly and I had to pick Brandon up and put him on the bench for the doctor to examine when he wouldn’t sit down. I had chest pain after doing that so I came home as soon as I could and rested for the remainder of the day.

While we were at the pediatrician’s office she noticed that Brandon’s speech still hasn’t improved much. At four years old, he’s supposed to be intelligible to everyone and he’s not. She is finally recommending that he have a speech evaluation. I was really frustrated when she told me that because I have been asking for him to be evaluated since he was a year old. We’ve set the process in motion and he has an appointment on April 21st.

The girls were still sick yesterday so they stayed home from school. The kids spent the entire day fighting and I spent the day scrapbooking off and on. For the first time in weeks I felt pretty good so I thought I should take advantage of it! I have a few layouts to share that I’ve been doing over the past few days.

Journaling: Jordan loves to help me cook! 6/2009

I used my March Scraptastic Club Kit called "Princess For A Day". The only things I added are the little orange flower eyelets (Thanks Michelle!) and the kraft paper. The pink alphas were from a past alphabet kit that was available at Scraptastic Club.


This is my take on Jessica Sprague's Lesson 7 layout from the Digi In Deeper class. I am way behind because I got so sick but I'll slowly catch up. Even though the class is over, I'll still have access to the materials and everything. It's a good thing... I'm such a slacker!!


Journaling: A windy Summer day. We had the beach to ourselves. High pitched shrieks and sandy feet. Today was one perfect day.

This was Lesson 8 in Jessica Sprague's Digi In Deeper class. I LOVED how much we learned about extraction. It's been so fun exploring shabby-style layouts too.


Journaling: Poor Uncle Brian. He always gets roped into giving Lexie pony rides.

This was Lesson 9 from Jessica Sprague's Digi In Deeper class. I am slowly catching up! Only three more to go.


This is last week's Project 365 update.

Supplies: Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Alpha, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Element Pack, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Paper Pack 1, Echo Park's A Walk In The Park Paper Pack 2, The Queen Of Quirk's Knotty Girl Paper Pack, and Traci Reed's Bad Sewing Machine Kinda Clean XVIII.

The font is typewriter. I also colored in part of the title and I learned that technique from Jessica Sprague's Digi in Deeper class.

I spent most of the day today catching up online on my favorite message boards and reading blogs. The girls were back in school so I just had Brandon to keep me company. I’m hoping that this entire week stays quiet and that everyone stays healthy.

It’s Wednesday so I have a blogging/journaling question for all of you as well! Feel free to reply in the comment section or you can reply on your blog and link me so I can go check out your answers.

What is your least favorite household chore?

I absolutely HATE putting clothes away. I don’t like hanging them up and I detest putting them away in drawers. Somehow it all seems rather pointless given that my kids are just going to yank them out and wear them the next day. Fortunately for my husband, I don’t like the décor statement they make sitting piled up on my couch so I do it anyway. It’s a totally weird quirk because I don’t mind washing, drying, or folding clothes at all. Just putting them away! It bugs me.

My next set of tests to see what’s going on with me health-wise is on Monday so my blog post may be a day or two late. I won’t have the results of the tests until later next week. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you don’t mind. I am much too busy to be sick! I already feel terrible that Jordan and Alexis are missing therapy appointments because I don’t feel well.

Plentiful Thank You


Alison said...

My least favorite household chore?? All of them!!

The one I detest the most, though, is cleaning the toilet--and cleaning up the cats litter. Anything to do with poo kinda grosses me out (though dealing with my children doesn't. Go figure!)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love the new layouts. thanks for the update. sorry the heathens were all sick. take care of yourself.

Nati Tristan said...

I'm so happy you got out of the house one way or another. I know exactly what that feels like. When I'm home and I don't get out... it gives me an excuse for my mind to start thinking things that I shouldn't be thinking. Negative things and questions about my illness! So hoots to your hubby for taking you out to subway! ;o) Also, thank you so much for the wonderful support you have been giving me! I enjoy reading all the people that have me in their thoughts and prayers and please remember you are in mine as well! :o) Wonderful layouts and I'm happy you got some scrapping done! Can't wait until the next post!

Charisma3103 said...

Hey sweetheart I am so glad you posted something I have been so worried about you. I'm glad your relaxing where you can and as for badly behaving children darlin I hear that remember mom of 5 boys here lol.. Tell lexie she's not alone when it comes to her grades her little buddy Brian is the same way his report card was appalling.

As for the laundry aspect I agree 100% I hear ya on that... BTW stop by my blog sometime and take a look I am now part of QKD team as well

kim said...

i hate puttng clothes away too. in our house there is just so many many clothes and it never ends.

i am the same way about grades for certian kids in our family. I focus more on just gettng them to school and completing a grade and being good. grades are secondary.

Laurie! said...

Super cute layouts!

I hate cleaning the bathroom floors. I have to get down on my hands and knees with a sponge and the sponge ends up getting super gross b/c for some reason the Swiffer duster doesn't pick up everything. I think I need to invest in a Swiffer wet mop to protect my knees and sanity.

Fritchey said...

I hate folding wash!!!! I hate it because you fold it, then it goes into a drawer to get unfolded and messed up again!!! LOL!!!

I am sorry to hear about Brandon. We had the same problem with Anne and had early intervention speech therapy for her for a year after we adopted her. Doctors should just go with a mom's instincts!!!

I love all of your wonderful pages. I am glad that you feel well enough to scrap!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Sorry you're feeling so stir crazy. Maybe you need a PC or Video game - brand new your choice to keep you off your feet. Hey it works for teenagers.

The housekeeping I hate doing... Oh this one is easy. I hate dusting the picture frames. I have all these lovely pictures on picture shelves and I hate cleaning it, no matter how careful I am I always bump one down and then I feel bad like I betrayed the person whose image fell down - especially if I broke the frame. Perhaps I'd do better if pictures were like in the Harry Potter Series and the I could just apologize to them!

Mindy said...

As usual, the layouts are amazing!! Love the kraft paper as the background on the top one. Love it!
As for me, folding laundry is my bleh chore. I find a strange satisfaction in folding and hanging it, I just need to get to the point where I even want to get it out of the basket!
Hoping you get lots of rest and test results are awesome!!!