Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleep Deprived Blog Post

So… I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s no big surprise given all of the health concerns I’m dealing with. I worry that it’s going to be something big that can’t be fixed or something that will take a long time to fix. It’s not helping that my cardiologist’s office is taking their sweet time scheduling the follow up tests including the all important CT scan. I have been calling them every single day and one day the woman even had the audacity to tell me that she didn’t even try to schedule me. She was in meetings all day. I asked her today, “Isn’t the patient supposed to be first priority?” She didn’t have an answer to that but she did finally schedule the CT test for this Thursday at 12:30. (She forgot to call me back. I had to call her AGAIN to find out.) I’m still not feeling well either. I get short of breath and tired so easily. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up an updated prescription and by the time we got home I was wiped out. I had to take a nap to recuperate.

That’s the update on my health. I don’t want to dwell on it so let’s talk about good things. We celebrated Brandon’s 4th birthday on Saturday with lots of friends and family. It was a beautiful, cool, sunshiny day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Sure, the kids were wild and there were arguments but on the whole everything went off without a hitch. I think everyone had a wonderful time. I know I did. I puttered around and took photos on and off throughout the day. You know I have to share a few. (Okay, a TON!)

We rented a bouncer and the kids went insane over it. It was the same exact one we got for Brandon’s first birthday. We recreated that entire party because that’s what he wanted. He’s such a homebody. (He’s like his Momma that way.)

This was his cake. I phoned it in this year and got one baked at the grocery store. No way was I up to fondant and messes this year. It actually turned out really cute and he was thrilled with the toy that was on the top of it.

If you’re wondering why all of the photos have different edits… I batch edit according to what photos I want to use on a specific scrapbook page. This photo of Ronnie, Brandon, and I will be on a more vintage themed page.

Next up he opened presents! Piles and piles of things with wheels. A fire truck, a Hot Wheels car wash that he’d been begging for, books about trucks… I bet you’re seeing a theme here? I know I am. I think that kid sees wheels in his dreams!

The Hot Wheels car wash had to be put together immediately. My brother in law did it and Brandon breathed on him the entire time waiting for him to finish. Once it was done Brandon and his friend Julian played for hours with it. They didn’t go back in the bounce house except for a few minutes. All they wanted to do was wash cars. Maybe I could let them wash mine too? It’s an idea!

Ronnie continued our tradition of getting in the bouncer with the kids and acting insane with them. I wasn’t able to participate this year but I did request that the four of them pose for a photo. The lighting is funky but boy can you feel the love!

I also have a video of the kids running wild in the bouncer to share. It totally cracks me up how the girls did their interviews. Jordan’s going way back in the time machine too. She says she’ll be “7 years old on April 18, 2004”. Uh… no! I wish I could still have her that little. LOL (That’s her actual birth-day.)

We spent all of Sunday recovering from Saturday’s madness. The house had to be cleaned, and we had to find a solution for the piles of empty boxes and trash. We also assembled toys. A bane of my existence. I’ll never understand why a plastic car has to be tied down like it’s made out of gold. I can’t tell you how many paper cuts I’ve gotten liberating toys from their ridiculous packaging.

Today was a quiet day. The girls went back to school after being home for a week over Mardi Gras vacation. Ronnie went back to work after being home with me to help for a week. I just had Brandon. We watched “Cars” and “Mater’s Tall Tales”. I caught up on answering emails and he played with his train sets. I miss all the chaos of everyone being home, but it was good to have quiet time with my little man too. He won’t be little for much longer. I’m trying to enjoy him while he still thinks it’s cool to play trains with his Momma.

You would think that being on bed rest would give me oodles of time to scrapbook but that hasn’t been the case at all. I have the time but I’m just too tired to do it. I fall asleep over my computer during the daytime when I just can’t stay awake anymore. I did manage to finish a few layouts to share though. Here they are…


This layout was created in Jessica Sprague's class "Digi In Deeper". (It was lesson #6.) I absolutely adored learning how to create the cityscape and the burlap scallops were so cool to create too!

Journaling: We went to the arch in St. Louis. I enjoyed the museum but when we went to the top of the arch I discovered that I was afraid of heights. YIKES!

I am so far behind on the class. I started with the best intentions but then got sick. Thank goodness the materials and videos are available forever! I know I’ll catch up eventually.

Week10 (3-5-11 to 3-11-11)WEB

This is week 10 of my 2011 Project 365. Another busy week with some not so great news. Still trying really hard to stay positive and focusing on keeping up with my Project 365 and design team commitments so I can distract myself a bit.

Supplies: Creativity By Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "Lots Of Labels", Creativity By Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "The ABC's" paper pack, Creativity by Crystal and Carina Gardner's Oh Boy "Solids" Paper Pack, Creativity By Crystal's Playground Collection Element Pack, Carina Gardner's Design 365 Masks v1, Carina Gardner's Design 365 A Year Of Rub Ons, and Creativity By Crystal's Basic & Bright Buttons Pack.


Journaling: Alexis is so ready for Spring! She's excited to get to play outside in the sunshine. She is thrilled to wear her adorable Minnie Mouse outfit too! Feb. 2005

These are some of my favorite photos of Alexis! She was only 4 here. Gosh the time has passed quickly.

Supplies: Jessica Sprague's Template +1.04, Echo Park's Springtime Paper/Element Pack #1, Echo Park's Springtime Paper/Element Pack #2, and the font is "Vinegar".

That’s all for now because I’m getting sleepy but I will try to post the blogger/journaling question on Wednesday depending on how I’m feeling. I also have a few reviews and a blog hop post to share with all of you soon!

Plentiful Thank You


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Nati Tristan said...

Sometimes doctor offices are jerks! I'm sorry this is happening to you. I was recently diagnosed with ovarion cancer and i'm very happy that my dr and his staff where very very quick! Then when it came to that ONE assistant It was hell.. and she told me the same thing... she was supposed to send all the paperwork to the university that i was referred to in order to confirm appt and she hadn't. I called her two days in a row.. and she said, "Yeah i got your missed calls, but i haven't been at my desk to receive your messages." That angried me and I said.. I bet that if you were the one diagnosed with cancer... you would make sure all your appts were confimed. And she totally changed her tone of voice... 2 hours later i got the call from the universasity that everything had been confirmed! Ugh!... annoying! I hope you feel better and that everything works out! I love how you edited the pictures already in advance knowing how you want to scrap them! Great layouts as well! Happy Birthday to your little one.

Agnes said...

Oh Heather I know it must be nerve wrecking (the blood clot / waiting, etc). I've been thinking of you every day.

Please keep us posted.

Julie said...

luv ya girl!! xoxo

Julie said...

luv ya girl!! xoxo

kim said...

happy birthday. cute jumper.

Sand and Sunshine said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE B's Thomas Cake. The video was adorable, thanks for sharing. Rest easy.

Mindy said...

Your layouts are darling!! Glad to read a more in depth account of what you are going through. I want you to know that you, and your family, are in my prayers.
A best friend's husband was experiencing severe migraines and was always tired over this last summer. They went in and found some problems with his heart. Similar story to yours, as they kept putting him off, MONTHS. He finally got fed up, found another doctor that fixed the problem with a minimally invasive surgery within the week!
I hope that you can get all the help and answers you need!
Love ya!!

Pamk said...

Please complain to your Dr re her attitude. He may or may not know. Could be he needs a heads up. There is no excuse for her not doing her job and then for you to have to call back and get the time. Yep you need to gripe to your doctor loudly.

Amanda Sevall said...

I'm always amazed at how people can get so wrapped up in themselves that they have no idea how poorly they are treating others. I hope that you have some answers soon. I've been worried about you!! Big huge HUG!!