Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alexis Wants to Go Fast

It’s late at my house. I’m winding down and listening to an Elton John CD that my Mom gave me this past Saturday. Today was definitely blogging day because this is the third post I’ve written. The other two will go live on the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog in the next few days. I’ve got lots to share so let’s get right to it shall we?

Last Thursday I brought Jordan to her therapy appointment. While she was there, Brandon and I ran to get my medical records from the cardiologist’s office down the street. I found several things in the records that he didn’t tell me including the fact that I actually did rather well on my stress test. (I was sure I flunked!) I also found out that I have a tiny bit of regurgitation in my mitral valve. It wasn’t anything major but it was stuff that I should’ve been told in my opinion!

When I went back to pick Miss Jordan up both of her therapists informed me that she had a really hard time paying attention and being patient during her session. I’m attributing this to the increased pain she’s been in since her growth spurt. I’m really hoping that when she gets her new braces in things will get better.

I brought her to school and Brandon and I did the usual Thursday errands including running to the drug store, the post office, and the library. We also went to Kohl’s because I had a $10.00 discount card they sent in the mail. I picked out an Easter dress for me to wear down to my grandma’s house. I only paid $19.00 for a dress that was priced at over $50.00. You just can’t beat that! Actually, you can. Brandon told me that I “wooked wike a pwincess” in the dress. That was priceless!

Alexis and Jordan didn’t have vision therapy on Friday due to standardized testing in our schools this past week. They didn’t want anyone to come in late so I cancelled the appointment. Ronnie was off of work because he had to pack for his Talladega trip. He took a break from packing to take Brandon and I out to breakfast at I-Hop and he helped me do some grocery shopping as well. When we got home I cleaned house and puttered around until the girls got home and then it was homework time.

Ronnie and Alexis left early Saturday morning because they had a looooong drive ahead of them. Mom got here just before they left so Ronnie got to see Christian open his birthday present. She and I drank coffee while the kids played. After a while, I cooked lunch and fed the kiddos. We ate early because we had to head out to Folsom for Jordan’s hippotherapy horse show.

We got to the horse show on time only to find out that they were running REALLY far behind. At first, the kids did a really good job of waiting and playing quietly.

It wasn’t long before that was out the window. Brandon saw another little boy climbing on things and running around and decided that he wanted to do that too. The open backed bleachers made me really nervous so I tried to get him to stay near us. He was NOT happy about that at all.

Jordan did an amazing job riding her horse. I got a couple of cute photos of her in action.

Here she is accepting one of the two ribbons she won!

I also managed to get video of her actual ride when it was time to compete. Please ignore the frantic Southern lady begging her four year old to keep still and behave. I have NO idea who that is?! (Okay, so it’s me. Fine! I admit it.)

Jordan riding in the horse show for hippotherapy.

After this video was shot Brandon had a complete meltdown during the awards show. I actually had to pick him up and carry him back to the van. I was mortified!

I ended up taking Mom to the consignment store I keep raving about so she could check it out. She ended up buying a beautiful Easter dress for my niece. I bought my kiddos a few swim suits because Summer is pretty much here. I spent $22.00 and when I went online and checked prices my haul was worth over $90.00. Most of the stuff still had tags on it. I wanted to look around a little more but Brandon had another tantrum and we had to go. I honestly don’t know if he was tired or just missing his Daddy but he was super cranky.

We came home and let the kids swim in the new kiddie pool. I’m pleased as punch to admit that I was able to stop the leaking.


They all had a wonderful time and they definitely didn’t want to come inside. As evidenced by yet another tantrum from Brandon.

We got them all in and dried off and chatted while I cooked dinner. The kiddos ate and I noticed that Jordan didn’t eat much. She got really tired and I thought it was because of her riding, but I felt her head and she had fever. I gave her some Motrin and then the kids watched TV and played until it was time for bed.

Mom and Christian went to sleep first. I stayed up with Alexis Mikayla and Jordan until 10:30 watching Yo Gabba Gabba. We all went to sleep for a while until Christian woke up coughing and crying. Uh oh! He definitely wanted his Mommy. After a while, Mom managed to get him back to sleep. I decided to check on Jordan before heading back to bed and discovered she had a temperature of 101 and was burning up. I pulled her out of bed and tossed her into the tub to cool her off and gave her Tylenol to help the fever come down.

We eventually got everyone back to sleep around 2:30 AM. You would think that they would all be exhausted and sleep in…  Nope! They were up at the crack of dawn. I stumbled around the kitchen and made coffee and breakfast. Mom left after that because she had to bring the kids home.

Sunday was a blur of alternating baths and fever reducing medications for Jordan. We didn’t have much fun at all but Ronnie and Alexis did.


He took some really good photos of Alexis and the track. They have the same seats every year so this shot pretty much looks the same as last year’s. I do know that he was really grateful to see all of that blue sky! I’ll never forget how upset he was the year he missed the race because it got rained out.


By the time Ronnie got home late Sunday night Jordan’s temperature was up to 103.7. I called the emergency nurse line and they told me that she didn’t think Jordan needed to go to the ER. She said to just keep doing what I was doing. Thankfully, around midnight her temperature dropped a bit and she was able to sleep most of the night.

Today (18th) was Jordan’s 7th birthday. She had to miss school because I couldn’t keep her temperature down. Ronnie was off of work too. He needed a day to rest and unpack before heading back. He agreed to bring Jordan to the pediatrician so Brandon and I could go to my follow up appointment with my primary care doctor that I’ve had scheduled for months now. It took forever to get there because of a really bad wreck on the main road. I walked in a few minutes late but they took me right away. Everything checked out fine. All of my test results were good.

I got back home in time to drop Brandon off. I picked Jordan up and we headed to the pediatrician. I was really upset when the pediatrician couldn’t figure out what was going on with her. They tested her urine for a urinary tract infection and it was fine. She also tested her for strep and that came out negative as well. The only thing that showed up was a bacterial infection of some sort on her blood tests so the doctor wrote her a script for ten days worth of antibiotics. Jordan was a trouper through the entire thing. She’s such an amazing girl!

When we got home I made dinner and cupcakes. That made her feel a little bit better. She got one small birthday present from us and one from her bus driver as well. (Lexie brought it home for her.) Her party is in a few weeks. With Easter, Talladega, Spring break, and the horse show it’s a miracle we could schedule it in April at all!


You can totally tell that she’s not feeling well in the photo but she tried to smile. I think she was laughing at the fact that I nearly set the cupcake on fire with seven candles shoved in it!

I ended up getting a birthday present in the mail today! Nancy sent me this HUGE package of goodies including the twine I've been drooling over and a lovely card. She also sent alpha stickers and piles and piles of paper including my favorite Prima paper ever! (Rebellious) Nancy is totally amazing and I tell her that all the time. She completely made my day when I opened this box!

Having all of those new goodies is going to MAKE me have to scrapbook! I haven’t had much time lately and I only have one page to share this week.


I fell really far behind on my Digi In Deeper class when I got sick. I'm finally catching up when I have the time to spare. I did Lesson 10 yesterday. So much good info including working with acrylic brushes and making chipboard accents. Oh and the scribble letters = total awesomeness.

That’s all for now! I know this is the longest blog post ever. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a blogging/journaling question!

Plentiful Thank You


verabear said...

It was indeed a long post, but I read all through it. Happy birthday Jordan and glad everyone's okay now :)

Just Jaime said...

Sounds like a crazy fun weekend. I'm sorry Jordan got sick =( She did awesome in her Horse show though! Love your newest layout. Nancy is good to you, those goodies look like fun!

Lana Gramlich said...

Congrats to Jordan on her ribbons, to you on the stress test & the great score on the Easter dress! Sorry to hear Jordan came down sick (particularly around her birthday, poor thing!) I hope she's feeling better.
Looks like they all had fun in the pool. :)

*reyanna klein* said...

Holy Cow! You've had a crazy last few days!!! Sorry Jordan was sick, and I hope she's on the mend. That poor girl... honestly sounds like me when I was a kid! Okay, i still get sick all the time. LOL. ;-)

Love all the photos... so fun! :-) Hugs to you!

Nati Tristan said...

I have officially met SUPER MOM! Goodness woman! And you said your stress levels were fine? You are amazing! I'm hoping Jordan is feeling better! And I'm glad to read that you did a little of shopping therapy! I love "K"! Also, I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful nancy! She's amazing! I love that woman! I hope that your upcoming week is a lot better! :o)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Seriously, had about two paragraphs of comments. But they disappeared. Will leave more later. Lol

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I'm back!!!!!

So sorry you had so many blogs to post.

Medical records..love reading them. Why can't the Drs. just tell us everything.

Sorry about Jordan's ADHD...hopefully it won't stick. Cause the last thing you need is more stress.

Take a photo of the dress...I wanna see this amazing steal!

Brandon is so sweet about you being a princess.

Sorry about testing. I hate testing. testing is stupid, and inconvenient.

Hooray for yummy breaky! I want yummy breaky!!!!!!!! Ronnie can really rock when he wants to. And good for you doing housework and homework.

Daddy daughter weekend at NASCAR! What is he teaching her? *thinking southpark* lol

Hooray for Mom getting there early and Ronnie still being home! And even better!!! COFFEE!!!!!

Sucky that they didn't give you a "heads up" on the running late. Totally stinks...keeping little ones occupied for long periods of time are so hard.

Hooray for Jordan!!! She looks fabulous! love it!!!! She totally rocks (as do you, Super mom!)

Loves the video!!!! Sorry about the meltdown! Just too much I guess for the little guy. And he is getting too big for you to carry! you should just drag him along.

Woo hoo for the consignment store! You always find the best deals! Can you take my children shopping? The mall is expensive!

Poor baby Brandon, missing his daddy!

Kids look like they are having a great time in the pool! Glad you were able to fix the leak. That Lexi is tiny!

Poor baby Jordan, getting sick.

How you can watch Yo Gabba Gabba! ugggh, that show makes my head hurt. And poor Christian missing his mommy! And Jordan? uh.....another illness? That stinks.

Up at 2:30...thank goodness you drink coffee again! lol

Of course you didnt' get to sleep in! You have young children. Wait till they get a little older! Then you won't be able to get them up! roflmao

Sunday sounds like a long day.

Glad Alexis had a good time. The photos don't look the same. Alexis is so much bigger!

Can't believe how late they got home. Must have been a long drive.

Poor Jordan, being sick on your birthday stinks. Hope her teacher lets her have cupcakes. HOoray for more Dr. appts!!!!NOT At least you got good results.

Stupid pediatrician...fix her! She is sick! Well, she is amazing and since it is bacterial....but what the heck is it and where did she get it? I guess it is one of those things.... Ainsley spent a week in the hospital with a bacterial infection and they never were able to culture it to figure out what it was.

Jordan looks so sweet with her birthday cupcake! Can't wait for her party! A month of birthday rocks! Isn't that the way it always goes tho? so busy, busy, busy.

Your friend Nancy is the BEST!!!! She so rocks and she so knows you!!!!!!!

Love the new project. So totally cute.

Have fun with your digi class....

and reading the longest.......

Hugs and Kisses.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow what a couple of days you had. Hopefully J is feeling better.