Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Bash!

I got a phone call on Friday that Jordan’s leg braces were ready. We went in to pick them up and they had ordered the wrong type of braces again. I was super upset! They did the same thing last time and I didn’t force them to re-order them on their dollar. This time… I am. I’ve also decided that if it happens again we’re finding a new orthopedics place. I really like the guy who runs the place and he’s super sweet to Jordan so I hope we don’t have to go that route.

We left their office and rushed to vision therapy for the girls. I found out that there was no reason to hurry after we got there early! I made the kids wait in the van with me until it was almost time for their actual appointment. Why? They also sell glasses there and they are all out on display. It’s like releasing three extremely hyper bulls in a china shop. Or one bull and two cows, but I don’t think my girls would like being called cows. Oh well. Whatever!

After vision therapy we went to Party City to get stuff for favor bags for Miss J’s party on Saturday. I ended up spending $67.00 on favors, a balloon, some icing tint, and a cake pan. Yikes! When the woman told me the total, I pulled out my debit card to pay. As I did, Jordan told the woman in a very snobby voice… “My Mommy gets me whatever I want.” The cashier said, “You must be a very good girl then.” I told the lady that she is a VERY good girl, but she’s fibbing when she says that I get her whatever she wants. LOL The truth is that she’s only kinda fibbing because all three of these kiddos are rotten!

The next stop was Wal-mart. I needed to buy the rest of the cake making stuff because apparently none of the bakeries around my house make “Hello Kitty” cakes. That was the party theme Jordan wanted and I searched everywhere. We had already themed the invites and some of the party stuff as Hello Kitty so it was too late to back out and change it. So I had to bake the cake.  Here’s a secret… I’m not the best cake decorator ever. I tried really hard though. I was up unto the wee hours of the morning. This is what I came up with.


When she woke up this morning and saw it she was absolutely thrilled. That was all that mattered to me. I got a little frustrated with the brown of the cake showing through the white of the icing. It had been a really long night. Having her be so happy with it totally made up for it.

She had her party this morning at the Bounce House in Mandeville, Louisiana. We had it there because it’s so convenient. I don’t have a messy house after the party and I get to go home and relax! (More on that later.)

Miss Jojo was thrilled when she got a prize out of the grabber machine. They have a bunch of games that you can play for tokens kind of like Chuck E Cheese. My Mom was nice enough to buy a pile of tokens for all of the kiddos at the party. They really appreciated it and so did I!

I don’t have any photos of them jumping in the bouncers because again, my camera was acting insane. I keep resetting it and I’m just having a really hard time getting it to work right. Ugh. I do have this photo of Jordan getting ready to blow out her candle.

And this photo of all of the party guests! Nearly everyone we invited showed up. Even some who didn’t RSVP. Thank goodness I brought extra favor bags. Two people who are really important to Jordan didn’t show up and her feelings were really hurt. It’s too much to go into here but she even ended up teary eyed about it later in the day after we got home.

The grown  ups were all hiding in the back of this photo. Off camera! I promise I didn’t watch all of these kiddos on my own. I’m good, but not THAT good.

Last but not least, my girl got to open her presents. She got lots of good stuff including money. On the way home in the van she announced to Ronnie and I that she is rich. She’s probably got more money than I do now after throwing this party! Hehe

Jordan was so cute while she was opening her presents. She’d announce who it was from and then loudly thank them while explaining why she loved the gift so much. After we got home, she announced that she had to send emails to thank people for the presents from her own email that we set up for her a week or so ago. Because “She has lots of friends and needs to communicate!”

She got to send her emails later in the evening, but first she and I sacked out together in my bed. We took a two hour nap! There may or may not have been drool involved. (Eww!)  Before we fell asleep I told her the story about how I met her for the first time, and how very excited I was to become her Mommy. Then we talked about her adoption. She also asked me if being older meant she’d have to move out one day. I told her no. With her special needs it’s something that Ronnie and I have discussed. If she needs to live here forever, we’re fine with it. (In fact, I’d rather it but she may not once she gets bigger and more independent.) I thought about all of these things and more as I cuddled her to me and listened to her breathing while she fell asleep. She’s getting older and won’t want to be cuddled much longer, but for now she’s still my baby.

While we were sleeping Ronnie crept into the room and took this photo. I found it on my camera later. I’m going to keep this photo forever too.

Plentiful Thank You


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

comment......sounds like a great day, love the cake.

Julie said...

awe happy birthday sweet girl!!! and mama!! it looked perfect!!!!


Cindy deRosier said...

The cake is totally cute! The brown would have bothered me too, but thank goodness our kids aren't as picky as their mommies!

Nati Tristan said...

I'm happy it was fun!! And that cake looks delish! Everyone looks like they had a great time!

Paisley Petals said...

Your cake looks fabulous! I was wanting to do the same exact cake/design for my DDs party in April but I was too afraid to tackle the task! Yours turned out great ;)