Friday, April 1, 2011

Momma’s Not Made Of Money

Whew! I’m back with an update and some good news about the health issues I’ve been dealing with. Let’s go back a few days and I’ll catch you all up!

After my last post on Monday, I went to the doctor’s office to undergo more tests to figure out what was going on with my heart. I had an echocardiogram. It was actually really neat to see my heart beating on the monitor. I did a stress test where I had to walk and run on a treadmill on a HUGE incline towards the end. I had to make her stop the treadmill when I got lightheaded and saw black spots. Stress tests are HARD! Ronnie said I should’ve brought the kids with me and let them run around too. I would’ve been stressed enough without having to run. Hehe When I was getting ready to leave, they put the holter monitor on me.

The holter monitor was okay at first but by the time Tuesday came around I was ready to take it off. I didn’t sleep much at all Monday night because I was afraid of rolling over and wrapping myself up like a burrito. Ugh. I brought the monitor back late Tuesday afternoon so they would have time to read it before I had to go back for my appointment on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I brought Brandon to the dentist’s office to get his teeth cleaned and get his check up. He did REALLY well. SO well that I wanted to cry. He climbed up on the x-ray table like a big boy and laid still. He said he was being good because he wanted to be brave like Jordan. (She went in for her cleaning and x-rays a few weeks ago and he watched.) I was so impressed with how well behaved he was and so was the dental assistant. She said he was the best four year old patient EVER! (Yes, I snuck out off of bed rest to take him to the appointment. I was worried about his bottom front teeth that are stuck together. Don’t worry. My Mom already yelled at me for it!)

My Mom came up on Thursday morning to come to the cardiologist’s appointment with me. She’s a paramedic so she knows what type of questions to ask and I knew if I froze up and got nervous that she would help.  She also helped me with Brandon… See?

The doctor said my echocardiogram (ultrasound) was normal, my stress test was normal too. The holter monitor showed that I had 22 instances of premature ventricular contractions (PVC's). Basically it's an extra beat that shouldn't be there. The doctor said it's not a big deal. It may feel weird and scary but it's not something that will harm me or shorten life expectancy. He said that the condition is aggravated by stress and anxiety. So I should try to reduce it as much as possible but I can return to my normal activities.

When I called Ronnie on the way home and told him he said he was so thankful that I’m fine. Then he asked me if I wanted to take Mom out for coffee to celebrate. Of course I said yes! I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed my morning cup of coffee. It’s not as much about the caffeine as it is about routine. One I’ve been doing since I was nearly 12 years old! We stopped at PJ’s Coffee and I happily sipped my way home.

After she dropped us off at home, Mom went back to work and Brandon and I picked Alexis and Jordan up from school. Lexie had a late appointment with her psychiatrist and I was worried that I would miss Jordan’s bus so I took all three kids with me. It went relatively okay except for Jordan deciding to disassemble the doctor’s scale. We discussed the level of aggression Alexis has been exhibiting lately and how uncomfortable I am with it. We also talked about the fact that she is NOT sleeping.  The other night I thought she was talking in her sleep at one o’clock in the morning. She wasn’t sleeping. She was just awake talking to herself.

She’s also still picking out her eyebrows off and on. Although… for the past few days she hasn’t and they look like they are growing back in again. (Knock on wood!) He put her on a different anxiety medicine called Luvox. It’s supposed to make her sleepier at night and for the past few nights after she’s taken it she’s gone right to sleep. Thank God for small miracles!

He also referred her for educational IQ testing at the suggestion of her therapist but that won’t occur until next month.

Today the girls had vision therapy for the first time in a month today. I forgot how good it feels to be able to get out and go somewhere when I feel like it! We have had beautiful weather lately so we rolled down all of the windows and sang our hearts out on the way to drop them off at school when it was over. Jordan begged for Brandon to eat lunch with her in the cafeteria so we had grilled cheese with her first grade class for lunch.

After we were done, Jordan went to recess and Brandon and I went to Once Upon A Child in Mandeville, Louisiana to see if they had any cute Summer clothes for him. It’s definitely warming up here. We hit 80 degrees today! Luckily, I was able to find him four different outfits for a really great price. I even made him pose so I could brag about my deals here on the blog.


Can you guess which outfit he picked out on his own? Let’s play “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other”. LOL

I only spent $41.00 on clothes today. They are all name brands. Half of the clothes still had tags on them and the rest were all in brand new shape! My haul included Arizona Jeans, Gap, Gymboree… I even bought him a pair of Arizona boots. I also bought the girls some dresses. (They really didn’t need them but they were too cute to pass up!) When I added up how much I would’ve paid if I paid full price for the clothes I came up with a whopping $241.00. That is why I LOVE consignment and thrift stores. Plus, I’m helping the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle. (And save a pile of money too!)

Oh! Before I forget… I took photos of the girls too. I originally bought the green dress for Lexie and the pink one for Jordan but the green dress was a little snug on Lexie and the pink one was too big for Jordan. It’s funny because they are both size 7/8. They ended up switching the dresses between the two of them.

You can tell that I edited the goodness out of these. Here’s Miss Alexis. She looooooves to pose! Check out the wind in her hair. LOL It’s Louisiana’s Next Top Model over here.

Miss Sassafras (AKA Jordan) did not want to have her photo taken. I had to sneak this one in while she was checking out a wildflower she picked.

If you’re still reading this lengthy blog post… Thank you! I really appreciate all of the friends who have prayed for me and thought positive thoughts for me during this health scare. I am so glad that I’m back to normal! (Well if I ever was REALLY normal anyway?! LOL)

P.S. I know I missed the journaling/blogging question this week. I’m sorry! As you can tell, it’s been a tiny bit wild around here lately. I hope to be back on my regular schedule soon!

P.P.S. I got my Scraptastic Club “Enjoy The Little Things” kit in today and it’s GORGEOUS! You’ll be seeing layouts with it soon. The post office decided to take it’s sweet time bringing it to me.

Oh gosh, one more thing and I don’t know how to abbreviate another post script. LOL My photo of Jordan riding her horse was selected for one of the groups on “The Pioneer Woman’s” blog in the equestrian contest. I’m in really good company but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win! LOL You can see the photo here.

Okay. I think that’s it! Later gators…

Plentiful Thank You


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

so glad things will be back to normal soon. love the deals. you need to come do my shopping. I spend wayyyy toooo much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Hope Alexis is sleeping and not picking soon.

Ms. J...Let your Momma take your picture. It makes her happy!


Sand and Sunshine said...

What a relief. Now how to keep your stress down? #1 Drink Coffee, #2 Laugh Often, #3 Drink Coffee, #4 Dance in the Rain, #5 Drink Coffee, #5 Take Any and All Offered Hugs.

Of course I read the whole post! Who wouldn't?

Michelle said...

I kind of figured Brandon picked out the t shirt. LOL Ben would choose something that would have a dinosaur on it. The Once Upon A Child by me... I don't find too many nice boys things. That is where I drop off Ben's things that don't fit. They are super picky about the stuff I drop off, but I find boys clothes with holes and that are super faded! don't know what that is all about. Glad all is well with you and you can have your coffee again!! :)

Nancy said...

This is the best news Heather! TFS! You have been in my thoughts and prayers...and I am so happy to hear this great news!

Awesome job on the clothes haul too...I love consignment sales, thrift stores, and garage fast as kids grow in and out of clothes and shoes...I love to find a good bargain! makes it really hard to pay full price for anything though! LOL! Hugs! Nancy aka Nancola :)

Nati Tristan said...

GOD BLESS!! Everything came out normal!! That's wonderful news my friend! I was hoping for you to say something wonderful like that! WOO HOOO! I'm happy you got to celebrate with some coffee and your momma! Aren't mommas amazing!?!? Love it! You have such a beautiful family! Your kids are precious! God Bless you with so much more!