Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sassy And Fabulous

Brandon had his four year old check up yesterday at the pediatrician’s office. He was such a big boy. He was patient and sat through his blood test without any fussing. He also was very still during the first three immunizations even though I could tell that it hurt. The last shot ended up making him cry because it stung when the nurse injected the medication. He got a balloon and a toy from the treasure box for being so brave when we left.

I discussed his development with his doctor and he’s not progressing as he should be. She thinks he has a developmental delay of some sort on top of his speech issues. Partially because he can’t peddle a bike even though we’ve been trying to teach him forever, and also due to the fact that he’s not following directions or answering questions. Thankfully, all of this can be addressed by the same evaluation that he has to have later this month. I will keep you all posted on what we find out.

After his traumatic visit to the doctor, I took him to visit the ducks and turtles in the hospital ponds next door. We brought day old hamburger and hotdog buns. Brandon was even feeding one small black duck out of his hands. I thought he was going to ask me to bring it home with us because he is completely obsessed with ducks right now.

We also saw some super cute turtles. They popped up to beg for bread too. The problem was that the ducks and geese were WAY quicker.

I’ve been scrapbooking off and on for a few days. I’m getting back into the swing of things! I have four completed layouts I created with the April kit from Scraptastic Club to share. It’s called “Enjoy The Little Things” and it’s both sassy and fabulous! I also purchased the add on so make sure that you check that out too if you head over there to see the kit!

1: Vintage

Journaling: Photos from the Otis House Museum. Sept. '10. This layout is based on the April Sketch from the Ally Scraps Blog because it was a perfect match with the chipboard banners that Jessica included in the kit. I just couldn't resist stitching a string to "hang" the banner from.

The photo on the left is a lovely old Singer sewing machine and a pile of mending that they had in the museum. The home was set up as if a family were still living in it. It looked like they just left for the day many years ago and we snuck in to look around. LOL The photo on the right is a bathtub that folds down from the wall. The top part is the kettle. They would fill it full of water and heat it and then dump it into the tub. It was located in the master bedroom.

2: Live, Laugh, Love

Journaling: Jordan riding Stella at New Heights. 9/2010
Based on Pencil Lines sketch 231. It was too cute to pass up.  (I added the three turquoise pearls from my stash to complete this layout.)

I also made my own flower here by layering lace, chipboard, and a stick pin. I wanted something that would match the vintage feel of this page. It also makes my layout qualify for the challenge at ScrapFIT blog. Gotta love when you can do more than one challenge with one layout!

3: When We’re Home

Journaling: Seeing you so down and depressed breaks my heart. When we're out in public you put on a different face. You smile and pretend to be happy, but when we're home you feel safe enough to let it all out. Sometimes your mood swings disrupt the whole house. We try to understand that it's your bipolar disorder that makes you act this way.

The teal pearls and brown cardstock were added from my stash.
I based this layout on Sketch Inspiration's sketch #214. I was a bit tired of doing banners so I left those off.

4: Waiting For Spring

Journaling: Lady loves being outside now that it's getting warmer. 2/2009

To create the mottled effect on the chipboard butterfly I painted it with light blue paint and then sprayed it with a darker blue Maya Mist. Then I added black stickles around the edges to make it pop off of the page.

Again, I added a few teal pearls from my stash. This layout is based on Pencil Lines sketch # 232.

Today has been a really quiet day! I’ve spent it creating projects and arguing with the pharmacy over one of Jordan’s medicines that needs to be refilled. I am looking forward to bringing Jordan back to therapy for the first time in weeks tomorrow. She should be really excited!

*Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a journaling/blogging question! Feel free to respond in the comments section of my post or you can post the answer on your own blog and link me to it in the comments section. Thanks for playing along!

Tell me about your Mom’s jobs when you were younger. What did she do? Did you ever go to work with her? Have you grown up to do something similar?

My Mom has been an EMT Paramedic for as long as I can remember. She worked seven days and then was off seven days. There were times when she would leave in the middle of the night and not get back for hours due to a bad wreck. I remember being very proud of her when I got old enough to understand where she went. I thought it was amazing that she could deliver babies and save lives. It was really cool!

I also used to ride in the back of the empty ambulance to go help her wash it and I thought that was awesome. Once, she locked her keys in the front of the ambulance and I had to crawl through the hole between the back and front to get her keys. I bet she doesn’t even remember that! LOL

I am not in the medical field at all unless you count kissing scrapes and boo boos when my kids get them. I can’t stand the sight of blood. It makes me feel faint! I deal with it when I have to but the thought of seeing blood on the job. I just couldn’t do it. My Mom is definitely braver than I am.

Plentiful Thank You


Nati Tristan said...

Hey Heather! Well, what can I say SHOTS HURT! I'm so sorry your little guy had to go through that. But you were able to have some fun pictures with the ducks and turtles! Also, I hope that his next evaluation goes well. As well I hope that this delay that he has will soon be surpassed. God is amazing and I'll be prayin for you. Those layouts are wonderful! I love the colors and just the fun that they look.

Now in regards to your question, my mom has always been a stay at home home during the months of sept-june. After that she works (still) seasonal at a canning company. (like Del Monte SORT OF) So our summer vacations (specifically mine) was to take care of my brother (until my parents decided to have a surprise baby) and I took care of the baby as well. I loved my mom staying at home.. We were used to having dinner all ready, our clothes clean, our rooms clean and no worries other than homework. We definitely helped out though. I love my mom with all my heart. During this process that I'm going through my parents have not left my side for more than a day! Let your mom know that I said "Thank You" because if it weren't for EMTs a lot of people would die.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Poor guy know fun getting shots. Your layouts are all so wonderful.....~Cherrie~

Brenda said...

Absolutely love your vintage layout.

Brenda said...

I love all of your layouts, especially the banners.