Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow Down

It’s nice that today is Monday. I love low key, quiet days almost as much as I love busy days. This weekend was definitely busy. Jordan practiced for her horse show on Saturday. She is so excited to be riding in front of everyone in a few weeks. She went through her routine perfectly and I just know she’s going to do an amazing job!

After she finished her riding session, we headed out to Ronnie’s cousin’s house. I had never met his cousin Pat before even though we’ve been married ten years. Since his grandpa passed away Ronnie has reconnected with a lot of his family. I think that’s a really good thing.

The kids walked in their house like they were home and proceeded to wreak havoc with their two new cousins. Justin is the same age as Alexis and Jordan and Matthew are very close in age. Brandon was super thrilled to get to play with boys for a change. (There was no sissy dressing up!) They had Nerf guns, trampolines, and four wheelers! He was in little boy heaven. It was so cute to watch.

Let’s not forget about the horses too! Ronnie’s cousin Pat competes on his beautiful horses in a sport called cutting. It’s where you separate a cow from the herd and keep it away for a short period of time. They also house and feed other horses. They even had a few baby horses which meant Jordan was in heaven.

It was the funniest thing… Jordan took to Pat right away even though she had never met him. She rode the four wheeler with him to go get the baby horses and then Pat even helped her get close enough to hug a foal. It was awesome! She also convinced him that he needed to give her several rides on their 21 year old horse named Star.

After Jordan had her first turn, Alexis rode with him too. She was all red from jumping on the trampoline in the sun. She was only out 20 minutes but she looked sunburnt. (She wasn’t. She was wearing a TON of sunblock.)

I was totally surprised when Brandon agreed to get on the horse. I figured he would completely refuse but once he saw Jordan do it he was determined to be brave. Pat said that the entire time they were riding he kept saying… “I’m being brave!!”


I also got this photo of Jordan and her cousin Matthew while they were digging around in the barn while waiting for another turn to ride. You would’ve thought they have been around each other their entire lives the way they were hanging out.

The best part of the experience for me was how well I got along with Pat’s wife, Laurie. We chatted for hours about everything from kids to vacations. I loved how down to Earth and real she was. You don’t find that too often! She cooked dinner and dessert for us and spoiled the kids rotten. We really had a wonderful time. I was so impressed by how patient Pat was with the kids and how he didn’t seem to mind riding them everywhere on horses and four wheelers. He really reminds me of Ronnie. It’s actually quite funny. I’ve got a feeling it won’t be long before we see them again! This time I’ll have to invite them over. Maybe for Jordan’s birthday?

Yesterday, we were supposed to drive to my brother’s house for my niece's birthday party. We were really bummed that we had to cancel our plans when my nephew came down with croup. I just couldn’t bring Jordan and expose her to the croup because she catches everything. With the scarring in her lungs any kind of serious respiratory infection lands her in the hospital. I couldn’t take the chance. We’ll be seeing them soon for Easter and Mom is coming up with Christian and Alexis to watch Jordan ride in the horse show. Ronnie will miss it because  he’s going out of town to Talladega.

Instead of the birthday party, we took the kids out to breakfast and then to the grocery store. We bought all of the stuff we needed to bar-b-que and then Brandon saw a pineapple in the produce section and wanted to “eat SpongeBob’s house”. I had never cut up a fresh pineapple so it was definitely an experience but it was worth it. He actually ate it and really liked it. Alexis and I did too. It’s so different than canned pineapple. Yum!

After lunch, I took Brandon and Jordan with me to Michaels to grab some cardstock and a few things for an activity they wanted to do. Alexis was in a bad mood and had been yelling at everyone so she didn’t get to go. Ronnie said she was upset after we left but the psychiatrist keeps talking about consequences for her being mean so I had to do it. I hate leaving her out of things but I couldn’t risk her having a tantrum in Michaels while I tried to wrangle all three kids.

When we got home we did a super quick craft project and then I finally got a free minute to scrapbook with my Scraptastic Club April kit called “Enjoy The Little Things”. I also used the add on that I purchased because it was just too cute to pass up! (I added the three turquoise pearls from my stash.)

Journaling: Jordan riding Stella at New Heights. 9/2010
Based on Pencil Lines sketch 231. I made my own flower by layering lace, chipboard, and a stick pin. I wanted something that would match the vintage feel of this page. It also makes my layout qualify for the challenge at ScrapFIT blog. Gotta love when you can enter more than one challenge with the same layout!

I also have another layout that I created earlier this week to share. It’s a digital page that I did for!


Journaling: The only thing Brandon asked for on his birthday was a Hot Wheels car wash. We got it and he played with it for HOURS. 3-12-2011

Supplies: Echo Park's Playground Elements Pack 1,Echo Park's Playground Elements Pack 2, Echo Park's Playground Paper Pack 1, Echo Park's Playground Paper Pack 2, Liv.E Designs' Needs+Wants: Stitchies Vol.1 {The Crayon Box Collection}, and In the Making Design's "It's A Start" Template Set Five.

After I finished my scrapbook page, we all went outside and played in the sunshine. I cut Ronnie’s hair and the kids ran through the sprinkler. Before I cooked dinner, I caught this photo of my boy and his dog. I’m going to use it as my photo of the day for Project 365. It’s just too cute not to share!


That’s all for now! I’ll be back Wednesday with more Scraptastic Club pages and a journaling question!

Plentiful Thank You


Nati Tristan said...

Heather, it's always so nice to meet new members of the family.. well, new to you since you had never met them. I was able to do that in 09! And I had a blast with all of them! I'm happy your kids were able to have a wonderful time (and you too knowing you are healthy). I love the pages you made! They are wonderful! I can't wait to see how you scrap the ones you took today! See you on Wednesday, Lovely!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like you had a great day with the family, nice to have extended family around to hang with. sorry alexis was a pain on sunday. hopefully things are better today. great new projects.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow, don't you wish you could take all the bad family interactions and trade them in for days like those? Sounds like a good time. Love the layouts.

Michelle said...

Sounds like an amazing time at Ronnie's cousins!! You need family like that in your life!! They are very important. Love the pics!! Brandon looks like he is really gentle with his pup! Hoping you had a better day today!! Hugs!