Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This morning Alexis had an appointment for her initial evaluation for testing through her psychiatrist’s office. They will be evaluating her IQ, her personality, and her mental status. The actual appointment was a nightmare. While I was trying to have a discussion with the therapist about what was going on Brandon had an accident and I had to leave the room to change him. Jordan fell twice and skinned her knee bad enough to bleed. Have I mentioned how very much I am LOVING Easter break? If I don’t get some peace and quiet soon my ears may very well be permanently damaged!

Alexis’ actual testing isn’t scheduled until June because their testing schedule is so full. It’s okay with me though because the testing takes a total of six hours so she would be missing a ton of school. I’m planning on doing a lot of tutoring with her over the Summer to keep her up to speed and maybe even get her ahead a bit. I hate that she struggles so much with her school work.

She will have a lot of time to practice over the Summer because she quit gymnastics. After six years of year ‘round gymnastics Alexis decided she doesn’t want to do it anymore because she has a slight physical deformity that prevents her arms and knees from going straight. It’s nothing serious, but in gymnastics where form is so important, she’ll always be criticized. She kept telling me that the teachers are picking on her telling her to “get those arms straight” when she can’t. So we let her quit after making her participate in the last session that we paid for. We’re looking into getting her to play softball.

I’m still working on getting Brandon set up for speech therapy. They keep giving me the run around on what paperwork I need. Then insurance needs a referral… it never ends. At least we are on the way to getting him some help. He would be going to the same therapy office that Jordan goes to on Thursdays. The office coordinator took pity on me and said that she would try to set him up at the same time that Jordan goes so I only have to make one trip a week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it actually happens that way.

Jordan was in such a bad mood today! She picked fights with Brandon and Alexis all day long. Before she went to bed she even tried picking a fight with me. I think she’s so cranky and tired because her leg muscles still haven’t caught up with the growth spurt she had. I got a phone call from the orthopedic place today saying that her new leg braces are in. Getting her back into wearing them is going to be an adventure to say the very least. Wish me luck on that. Not that I blame her, I’m sure they are uncomfortable. I don’t even like wearing shoes on my feet if I don’t have to.

After we got home from the doctor’s office I puttered around and cleaned house. It seems like there’s always something to do! I finished cleaning the carpet in my bedroom. It was the last room I had to do so I am officially finished with that project! Next, I need to work on more Spring cleaning. Does anyone want to come help me wash woodwork and walls? I’m super glad that my Mom loaned me her carpet cleaner because the floors look a lot cleaner now. It makes my little OCD heart happy!

I also finished a scrapbook page but you won’t get to see that until tomorrow! It’s scheduled to post automatically first thing in the morning.

***Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a journaling/blogging question. You can post your reply on your blog and link back or just answer the question in my comments. Whatever makes you happy!

What are your favorite TV shows right now?

The first one is Glee of course! No self respecting Gleek could ever say otherwise. Plus, as a former actual choir geek… I’m in love with this show! I think we had slightly less drama in our high school though.

True Blood. Sigh. I have read every single one of the Sookie Stackhouse books and the series almost lives up to the books. That’s saying something since I never think that! I can’t wait until the new season comes on this Summer. Waiting sucks!

Last but not least there’s Bones. I just can’t help it. Even though the romantic story line between Booth and Bones drives me insane, I’m still drawn to it. Plus, I’ve been a David Boreanaz fan since Buffy! (I totally shouldn’t be admitting that!)

Plentiful Thank You


Nati Tristan said...

OH Heather.. I hope you get some rest soon. I bet the kids want some "rest" from home as well.

My fav. shows right now are as follow:

1. Modern Family: Love it! Absolutely love it!

2. Storage Wars: I don't know why I like this show so much but I do.

3. Anything Kardashian: Yes yes! I know what you are thinking, but that Scott guy is hecka funny!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

hmmm, long blog. hmmmm.

Sorry that your spring break is begining to bite. and that the children weren't cooperating during the apt. and that Jordan's knee bled, and that testing is 6 hours. seriously? six hours? is it a test in patience? lol

good luck with the tutoring. sorry about the quiting gymnastics. that stinks.

brandon ans speech therapy. speech therapy is fun. i remember when brighton took it. hope they are able to get brandon and jordan in together. crossing my fingers.

sweet little jordan in a bad mood? it contagious perhaps? good luck with the braces, bribes? there most be something the child must have.

clean house? why? i hate cleaning....why is my house never clean? sigh

washing woodwork and walls? you wash your walls? wow! well, I guess i kinda do. hee hee.

You know what is better than carpet cleaning...getting rid of carpet! lol

woohoo for the page being finished.

favorite shows? hmmm, i like glee and true blood. don't really watch much else. sigh

stop posting such long blogs. roflmao

Cindy deRosier said...

Are you familiar with "If" by Rudyard Kipling? It's about how to be a true man, but I think it applies just as well for females. Every time I read one of your posts about an especially challenging day, I think of the poem. It begins, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..." I don't know how you manage to "keep your head" through all that life brings you, but I am very impressed.

Heather Landry said...

Cindy, I was not but I just went and read it and oh my goodness! I really loved this part...

"If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on";"

Thank you so much for sharing that poem with me! It's definitely one I'll remember.

Sand and Sunshine said...

I'm with you on working with DD over the summer on school work, are you going with a program or ???

Take the kiddos to the park and have a day off while their on break, a picnic lunch of Mickey Dees works wonders to relax the nerves (I know because that's what we did last week!)

As for TV, I'm a Grey's Anatomy, Deadliest Catch, Mike and Molly, mixed up mess. ;-)

Just Jaime said...

Your Wednesday doesn't sound like fun, but I'm glad your little OCD heart is happier =)

I don't have a lot of time for TV right, but when I turn it on I usually watch something on the Food Network--I like the challenge shows