Saturday, April 9, 2011

Was It Worth it?

Brandon and I had an adventure on Thursday. I decided earlier this year that instead of buying an inflatable pool we would get a hard plastic one so I could scrub and bleach it when it got gross. I had the theory that it would last longer.

So I pulled up to Wal-mart and folded all of the seats down into the stow and go compartments so the entire interior was flat. I went in the store and bought the birthday presents we needed and paid for the pool.

Then I drove the van to load the pool. I opened the back hatch and went to the stack of pools. Yep. It’ll totally fit. First, I just have to get it out of the display. I pulled and tugged to no avail. That thing just was NOT coming out of the plastic display. At this point there were a few Wal-mart employees walking around so I waved one over.

The guy showed me how the top lifted off of the display. He picked the pool up and looked at the van and said, “Ma’am, I don’t think it’s going to fit.” I told him it totally would if we turned it on a diagonal and pushed. He looked really doubtful but he tried. And I tried. It would not go in.

I had spent $30.00 on this pool so by now I’m really frustrated. I don’t know how we’ll get it home. He went into the garden center to look for rope to tie it to the roof. (What?! It would’ve worked if I drove really slow on the back roads.) He couldn’t find any rope. He looked at me and said, “Why don’t we try the side door?” I’m like whatever! Let’s do that. So I opened the side door and he says… “I don’t think it’ll fit.” I said, “I’m going to MAKE it fit!”

I’m sure that by this point the poor guy thought I had lost my mind. I told him we would fold it in half as best as we could and angle it diagonally toward the back of the van. Then I could just pull and unfold it so I could get it out when I got home.

We got it in. As soon as we did though it opened it’s full 6 foot round shape! I didn’t care. It was in. The door shut, and we headed home.

I had to take a photo before I took it out of the van because I got the giggles about the whole situation. I’m sure when that poor guy went home he told his wife about his strange experience with a crazy person at work.


I did get it out. There may or may not have been some very unladylike language while I pushed and pulled. Brandon asked me about seven times… “What you doing Momma?” I managed not to lose my mind completely and finally got it to the back yard and filled it up.

The kids jumped right in it as soon as the girls got on the bus. If you ask me, watching them slide and jump around happily made the hassle totally worth it.

Well, it was worth it until I woke up this morning and discovered an empty pool. Apparently, it has a leak. Ronnie suggested I bring it back to the store. I told him he was crazy! I’m not doing all of that again. Now if I could just remember where I put that duct tape I’d be in business…

Other than our adventure things have been relatively quiet. Jordan went back to therapy on Thursday. I was glad to see her stretching and working again. She was really tired after she finished though.

The girls had vision therapy on Friday. They are both really happy to be back into their regular routine and so am I. When I dropped them off at school Brandon begged to go eat lunch with Jordan so I let him do that. Then we ran to the library and to get Lady’s seizure medicine. Once we got home from running errands we spent the rest of the afternoon playing the Glee karaoke game we love so much. I didn’t even clean house until 30 minutes before Ronnie came home so it would look like I did something all day long.

We wrapped up the evening by baking white chocolate chip cookies. The kids were all thrilled!

This weekend (and every other weekend in April) is packed with activities so stay tuned for more photos. I’ll be back Monday with more layouts to share.

Plentiful Thank You


Michelle said...

Tie it down to the roof rack if your van has one. Now... if we lived closer, I would of helped you get it as we have a trailer. ;) (and a hitch on my van) I bought that same pool last year for Ben last July (also from Walmart), except mine is blue. I found it and had Greg go back and get it with the trailer. Does Chuck have a truck?? Ronnie can borrow it?

Cindy deRosier said...

This totally cracked me up! I do think you should return it- you're going to be pretty annoyed with a hole in a pool pretty much daily for the next 6 months. Borrow a truck from someone!

This reminded me of the time I bought some long PVC pipes for a prop in the play my 5th grade students were putting on. I bought my 6 8-ft. pipes and went out to my little Acura Integra before I realized there was NO WAY to fit them in my car. I was single, knew no one else in town, and had to have them the next day, so the solution I came up with was to go back in the store and buy a pipe cutting tool and cut them to the sizes we needed right there in the parking lot. It took forever, but it worked. Ah, memories!

Heather Landry said...

Michelle, I emailed you!

Cindy, I fixed it. The pool didn't have a hole, the plug was too loose. I just taped it in from the underside so the kids couldn't continuously knock it loose. I wouldn't bring it back because if it has a hole it's my fault! LOL I had a little giggle over the PVC pipe incident. That totally sounds like something I would do! TFS!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Too funny, I am glad you got it home, but sorry it has a leak in it. But the kids look like they are having a blast.....~Cherrie~