Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Yesterday my house was invaded by termites. I spent the entire day trying to keep the swarm out of my house! They were coming in through every crack and crevice. It was almost like a creepy horror movie. Everywhere I went they were there! Ack. I got the vacuum cleaner and sucked them all up and whirled them to death. After I did that I covered every conceivable opening with towels and Lysol. (Don’t judge! Bugs are gross.)

We have a termite treated house so they would’ve eventually died anyway but I don’t love the idea of them walking around performing death scenes in my living room while I’m trying to read a book!

Besides, I was completely mortified that there were bugs in my house when Lexie’s biological brother Nathan was due to stop by for a visit that afternoon. Nathan has cerebral palsy just like Jordan does but he can’t sit up on his own yet. So if he and Alexis want to play together… Nathan has to be on the floor.

Those bugs did not know who they were messing with! Thankfully, by the time they arrived I had banished the bugs and the floor was clean!


They exchanged Easter presents and his Mom bought them chocolate which had them all bouncing off of the walls. Jordan was misbehaving terribly even before the chocolate was passed out. She had filled her shoes with rocks on the playground and she proceeded to dump her shoes out on the living room floor. I’m not kidding when I say she must’ve had 40 or so rocks in there. I can’t figure out how she was walking! Crazy kid.

I did manage to get a layout done yesterday. I’ve been getting up early and scrapbooking and then taking a nap to catch up on the missed sleep. I wake up full of ideas and then can’t go back to sleep!


Journaling: The 3 of you make me laugh out loud all day! 6/2010

I used my Scraptastic Club April kit called "Enjoy The Little Things". I also purchased and used the add on. The teal pearls and few flowers came from my stash.

I based this page on Susan Stringfellow's sketch #56. I am sorry the photo isn't the greatest. I had a hard time capturing the colors of this one accurately. This is as close as I got!

*Note: The Scraptastic Club kit is sold out! Be sure to go check out the site and sign up for emails though because I hear that the two kits next month are going to be AMAZING! In fact, I’ve preordered both and the add ons! Shhhh….

Today Brandon and I have both been absolute bums. As I sit here and type this it’s 3:30PM and we are both still in jammies! I have to have days like this every now and then to recharge. I did finish one layout today but I can’t share it yet because it’s for my guest design team spot at Flamingo Scraps in May!

I’m also planning to work on some Jessica Sprague  creative team work tonight. All of my design team commitments keep me busy, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE it.

Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a journaling/blogging question! Feel free to answer in the comments section or post your answer on your own blog and link me back. This is a great way to get ideas for blog posts OR scrapbook pages!

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have you always been this way or have things changed as you’ve gotten older?

I am an early bird now but not by choice! If I could I would sleep in. Jordan has an internal alarm clock that goes off the moment the sun peeps over the horizon. If there is any bit of light, she’s awake and ready to go. She’s the definition of a true early bird. Then there’s another issue… if she’s up. Everybody’s up. She’s not the best at playing quietly and I can’t count how many times she has come in and bounced me out of bed like Tigger!

I used to be a total night owl. It drove my Mom insane. My best friend and I would stay up all hours of the night drinking coffee and then we would sleep during the day. I even had a night job at one point waitressing the graveyard shift at a doughnut shop. (I can personally testify that cops DO like doughnuts. A whole lot! LOL) I had to quit when my car broke down because I didn’t have a way of getting there at 9:00 at night!

That’s all for now everyone! I’ll be back Monday with some more drama and weirdness from my life. Oh and of course… more layouts because that’s how I roll.

Plentiful Thank You


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I won't judge, bugs are gross. glad lexie got to spend some time with nathan. how did jordan walk? will...that girl is strong headed. love the layout.


Just Jaime said...

The termites sound terrible, but the visit sounds fun. Love your newest lo.

For your question, I'm an early bird. I love to get up early and get moving. I try to go to the gym before work. On the weekends I love to have some "me" time before my husband wakes up.

Michelle said...

Looks like Lexie really enjoyed spending time with her brother!!! I love your page!! I think that kit is perfect for those photos. As far as your journal prompt, I am both. I can stay up late, but then also I don't really sleep in either. Sleeping in for me is never any later than 8AM.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Termites Yuck! Thankfully you banished those pests before A's border came over!

Rocks and mulch in shoes - how do kids do it?

I am a night owl, I think. I do not like getting up, and I stay up even now long past when everyone else has gone to sleep. Oddly my pain tolerance is the other way around and I can often do things in the morning that I can't do in the evening time.

Jasmine said...

Love your layout. Your blog is one of my 'favourites' really know how to tell a story.I stay awake until about 4-5am (I am NOT kidding) and am awake again at about 7-8am...I'm exhausted...And sleeping pills don't work. ;)

Lana Gramlich said...

I went down to Northlake Nature Center around this time & JUST as I got settled in on a bench to wait to see what came by a massive swarm of termites seemed to come out of nowhere! I've never experienced it & I couldn't just wait it out. I think they chased EVERYONE out of the park that day--it was crazy!
Lovely scrapbook page, btw. I love the happy faces!
I don't know if I'm a morning or night person anymore. It seems to depend on other factors. I think working midnights for 14 years had a profound effect on my morning or night-ness.