Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Poor Kidnapped Husband

We have been running around like crazy over here! Jordan had therapy on Thursday as usual. While we were there I filled out all of the paperwork to get Brandon set up for speech therapy. He will start therapy next Thursday with the same therapist that saw Jordan for dysphasia when she was younger. He’s really excited to get started.

Brandon and I went to Jordan’s school on Friday morning for her author’s tea. She wrote and illustrated her own book. She had to read it in front of all of the parents and class. She did an amazing job! She even asked if everyone could see the photos when she turned the book around. It was too cute. She and Brandon ate cookies and crackers with juice boxes. I wanted to know where the actual tea was. Or even better, coffee?

After the tea, I took Brandon to the bigger library in our community. We usually go to a tiny one in Abita Springs because we love the personnel there. (Shout out to Lana!) We stopped in at the big one because we had to kill time between appointments in the area. I only planned to grab one or two books but that never happens. I ended up with a pile and so did Brandon. He also enjoyed playing with all of the wooden puzzles they had.

We headed over to Head Start for our appointment around one. The Child Search evaluator we spoke to a few weeks ago recommended that we get Brandon in to preschool to help him with his speech. I don’t know what I’m going to do at home alone next year but I’m sure I’ll figure something out! We are making the rounds filling out applications because he’s not guaranteed admission to any preschool. According to the state, we make too much money for free preschool. I don’t want him in private preschool because he won’t get the speech therapy he needs there so sending him would be pointless! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he gets in at Lyon where Jordan goes.

Yesterday was an awesome day! It started out with grocery shopping. That part wasn’t so awesome because the kids didn’t behave, but it had to be done! After we got home and put the groceries away Ronnie took a nap. I had been dreaming about going to the beach for days so I woke him up after an hour and demanded that he take us to the lakefront. I couldn’t help it. The weather was so perfect and I needed to escape! He one upped me and drove us out to the beach in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

He was a little cranky at first, but the sand and sun got to him and pretty soon he was smiling with the rest of us. Alexis took this photo for me. We don’t have many at all of Ronnie and I together!

This trip was second time the kids weren’t able to swim due to massive amounts of jellyfish. I don’t know what the deal is but it was a total bummer! (Since I’ve been stung by a jellyfish before and know how much it hurts there’s no way they were even dipping a toe in.)

Brandon is always too busy to have his photo taken. I called his name and said, “Smile!” This is what I got. He looks very cool  in his Lightning McQueen sunglasses.

This child was much more cooperative when I asked for a smile. I think the reflection in her sunglasses is so cool. You can see my feet as well as Alexis and Brandon in there! Jordan loves her new bathing suit and so do I. It’s reversible!

My prime poser! She is always ready and willing with a sassy pose and a smirk. I think she looks really awesome in her new bathing suit too. Why do these kids keep growing so fast? Also, why don’t they make purple polka dot sunglasses in my size?

I think it’s a record… There are TWO photos of me in one post. LOL I handed Ronnie the camera and requested that he get a photo of me and the heathens. Messy hair and all because that’s how I roll. (Stupid wind!)

I spent the day today cleaning and cooking to make up for all of the fun yesterday. I must’ve washed, dried, and folded ten loads of clothes at least! Ronnie’s sister came over to visit with the kids and we put a puzzle together and played dress up. Check out the purple eye shadow. They are gorgeous! 

I took a photo that will live on forever in the blackmail hall of fame. Brandon is in a cheerleader uniform and the facial expression Alexis is making… I giggle like mad every time I see it!

Jordan is looking at her like “What on Earth are you doing?!” Just another couple of days in the wild life of the Landry’s. I’ll be back early tomorrow morning with some new scrapbook projects to share. Until then…

Plentiful Thank You


Jasmine said...

Heather, when you find those purple polka-dot sunglasses in adult sizes...let me know, haha.
We're not quite at beach weather yet, but soon, very soon.

Just Jaime said...

Looks like a fun day at the beach. I have NEVER seen so many jelly fish!

Nati Tristan said...

I'm so happy you had a nice time with hubby. It's unfortunate that the jelly fish had to semi-ruin your outing. God bless your adorable family!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like a great weekend....crazy about the jelly fish. you know what we don't have at the beach? jelly fish. lol...of course, you wouldn't go in anyway. way too cold