Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Prank Phone Calls

We had a therapy appointment for Alexis on Monday morning. I won’t go into details because most of it is private but I will say that we have been having a really awful time here lately. Alexis has been miserable and as a result our whole family is out of sorts. Ronnie and I are desperately seeking help for her. We’re trying to find anything we can to help her and to help ourselves cope with her behavior. I’m not going to lie… it’s been really rough.

Her therapist said that she needs to see her psychiatrist as soon as possible. The earliest he was able to get her in is tomorrow. I am praying that he’s able to figure out what is going on. She’s never struggled this much for this long and I just want her to be happy.

On top of those issues, Jordan is still struggling in school. She’s doing really well as far as academics go but not so well with the other kids. She is getting picked on and bullied a lot. The other day she begged me to pluck her eyebrows. She’s always been very hairy even when she was a little bitty baby and she had a bit of a unibrow. I felt terrible when she told me that the the kids were teasing her for it.

We tried to pluck them out but it hurt her too much. Instead I settled for getting my tiny scissors and trimming them down as close to the skin as I could. She was very happy with the results. I’m still furious that I had to do it. She’s only 7. She shouldn’t have to deal with stuff like that. Seriously? How can you pick on someone as cute as this?


To make matters worse, she told me that when she fell on the playground yesterday and hurt herself several kids laughed at her and no one helped her up even though she was crying and bleeding. It just tore my heart out. I wish that I could intervene every day and protect her from mean people. I wish that my girls didn’t have to struggle so much. The hands that were dealt to them in life just suck sometimes! Needless to say, I’ll be back up at the school again. It’s almost a relief to have Summer vacation coming up!

Brandon has totally been up to no good lately! His new thing is pressing buttons. Buttons on my washing machine, coffee pot, and computer! The other day I sat down at my computer and found all of the stuff on my desktop completely gone! My finished design team assignments, my digital scrapbooking supplies, and some photos had disappeared! Thankfully, I found them in my recycle bin! I asked Brandon about it and he said, “I fixed it!” Yikes! So now I password protect my computer the minute I get up instead of letting the screen saver do it.

The other day I caught him on my cell phone. He’s always loved pressing buttons and chatting on my cell phone so I make sure I lock it. What I didn’t realize is that the only call he can make when the phone is locked is to emergency services! He pressed enough buttons to call 911. When I walked in and saw him on the phone I took it from him and pressed off without seeing what number was on the display. About a minute later I got a call back from the sheriff's office. “Ma’am, we just received a phone call from this number and have dispatched an officer.” “Is everything okay?” I said, “Oh my gosh I’m SO sorry!” “My four year old had my cell phone!” I’m sure she thought I was crazy.

I got some time to scrapbook yesterday! I made this layout with the Scraptastic Club “Classic Girl” kit and add on.

Journaling: Being a Mom is not always easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love all three of my kids very much! Date: 1/29/2011

My design was inspired by a sketch from!

I’m sure I’ll have more layouts to share with this kit before long. I pulled tons of photos that match it!

***Since it’s Wednesday I have another blogging/journaling question for everyone. Feel free to answer the question here in my comments section or to post the answer on your blog and link me to it in the comment section.

Have you donated any supplies or money to the tornado victims from the recent storms? What’s your favorite charity?

We are in the process of getting together a load of supplies to deliver to our local church. They have requested that we send clothes and toys for children. They need everything from school supplies to diapers. I plan to finish collecting it all today so I can drop it off at the church tomorrow.

My favorite charity is the Red Cross. They made such a difference down here after Katrina. Because of their help, I was able to get the things my kids needed after the storm when there was no electricity and they were only letting people into the stores a few at a time. It was such an awful time and we were so thankful for the help. So now when we have a bit of extra money that’s where I prefer to donate!

Plentiful Thank You


kim said...

oh my! sounds like u all are having a tough time there. I hope things get better. each of my kids take turns turning my hair They seriously drive me crazy sometimes with their behavior. We are trying to get help for our son Patrick in K but we keep running into brick walls and uncooperative ppl. This weekend was especially hard for us but he is better the last 2 days. Anyway--my 3 sons all called 911 at some point too. I think its a boy and button thing. Just keep him away from fire we had that problem after the 911 calls. My one son saw buttons on the walls in stores and thought they were for pressing. Embarrassing!

As for charities, we usually donate to our church or the salvation army since they have helped our family personally in the past. I feel so bad for all those ppl that lost every thing in alamba. how sad.

kim said...

oh and i forgot--what horrible kids to make fun of your little girl. She is just beautiful! You should show her a picture of brooke sheilds and tell her that she had eyebrows that are bigger and she was the most beautiful woman in america at one point!

Mindy said...

i feel the momma bear totally get riled-up when i hear stuff like this. no child deserves that!! i help once a week in my kindergartner's class and i am shocked at what i hear little girls saying to each other that young. just goes to show, what we do at home is that much more important to build them up. i think you are doing such a fantastic job!! i also believe that wasn't the first time that dispatcher heard that after a hang-up. ;)

Nati Tristan said...

kids can be so horrible! And their actions and words towards other kids are absolutely devastating. But I really do pray that your daughter gets better in school and that the kids stop picking on her. That's horrible!

Miss Sarah said...

I am FURIOUS that your daughter has to go through the bullying at school! What the eff is wrong with kids these days? I was bullied all through school, even up till I graduated from high school, so I can TOTALLY relate with the pain, humiliation and frustration that comes with bullying. All of your children are gorgeous, precious beings who are truly gifts to the world.

We have had to deal with the schools here as well because my 14 year old sister is/was being bullied. Fortunately (or, unfortunately, however you want to look at it) bullying is very much prevalent in schools these days so the schools are cracking down on the bullies. I would keep complaining if I were in your shoes. Things got so bad for Kaitlyn that my dad had to threaten to get the police involved if the school didn't put a stop to it. I totally wish you guys luck with this, as well as the problems that Alexis is going through and the orneriness that seems to be plaguing Brandon these days!

Cindy deRosier said...

So sorry to hear about all the struggles with the kids. Best wishes with tomorrow's psychiatry appt. Do you have a relaxing NSD and Mother's Day planned?

Michelle said...

Laura called my parents once when she was about 2. Their phone number was on speed dial. Let me just say for whatever reason, my father was not happy.
No I have not donated to the tornado victims. Usually when we donate, it is to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.
Good luck with Lexie's appt tomorrow. I hope he has some suggestions for you.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Oh Heather, my heart goes out to you and your sweet family. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I send you a big hug. And I ask God to put a shield of protection around your sweet chilren.......

Martica Designs said...

I feel so sad that your beautiful little girl has to deal with bullying. Kids can be so mean. Does she have a best friend in school if not maybe finding someone that would be a bestfriend would give her a support in school. I have an idea how about having an awesome party where you would give out goodie bags and all and invite a bunch of the kids even the bullies so that maybe they can see your daughter in a different environment. That way they will start spreading the word of what an awesome party Jordan did and how cool is Jordan and her mom... Just a thought

Tracy said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog (via and I'm loving it! Your layouts are really beautiful. Thank you for speaking so openly (even without sharing details) of your daughter's mental health problems - as you know, it goes a long way towards reducing stigma that makes it so hard for some ppl to get treatment. It sounds like you're having a difficult time now but I hope things improve soon.

As for charities, I usually give scraps and extra supplies to my daughter's preschool.