Thursday, June 9, 2011


It’s really frustrating that most of the information I’m reading on Reactive Attachment Disorder is so discouraging. I took home a bunch of books from the library and there’s a lot of descriptions of the negative things that could happen. I’m looking for the bright side here and I’m having a really hard time finding it. I’m reading about residential facilities and worse. What I really need is information on how to alter Alexis’ behavior NOW so we don’t get to that point.

I have to say that I completely agree with her therapist’s diagnosis. Nearly everything I have read so far applies. The one thing that doesn’t is the cruelty to animals bit. Alexis has always been really fascinated by Lady but her behavior has been very appropriate. In fact, she seems to sympathize with our dog more than her siblings. She even takes naps with her.


I have been trying to keep her occupied this Summer so that some of the more difficult behaviors are less prevalent. She absolutely loves puzzles and word searches so we keep a lot of those around. She can put together a 100 piece puzzle quicker than I can.


We found out a few days ago that Alexis failed the practice LEAP test. She’s really concerned because she’ll  have to pass the LEAP test next year to move up to 5th grade. Today I worked with her on the LEAP practice materials that her teacher sent home for the Summer. She was able to talk me out of it before because we didn’t know whether or not she passed. Now that I know she didn’t… I also know what areas to focus on based on her scores. It’s not fair to have her do all of that work and not have the other two have something to do as well. I’m having Jordan practice handwriting and punctuation and Brandon is working on recognizing and forming letters.

Thank goodness for scrapbooking! Sometimes that’s the only way I can get my mind off of the problems our family faces on a day to day basis. I made some cards the other night after a particularly bad day and I ended up feeling better when they were done!


I used the scraps from my Surf's Up kit and add on from Scraptastic Club to make Father's Day cards. The top one is for my husband, and the bottom one is for my grandpa who loves boats.

I used a sketch from the Ally Scraps blog for inspiration and completed these as part of a challenge over there.

I’m suspending the Wednesday questions for a while due to the wildness that is Summer vacation. I may start them again in a month or two but for now I’m having a hard time coming up with questions with everything that’s on my mind.

Plentiful Thank You


Just Jaime said...

Keep up the good work. Glad you have a diagnosis to go off of. Sounds like you've been working hard =)

Cindy deRosier said...

So sorry to hear about all this. It's good that she's gotten a diagnosis and that you're learning all you can. Hang in there- I can't imagine how difficult this must be!

Vija said...

Hi Heather,
I have never even heard of this disorder so I won't pretend to know what you are going through. But I would like to say that you are such a devoted loving mum and you are to be admired how you face each challenge that is thrown upon you. I have know doubts what so ever that you will deal with this one in the most positive way possible.
big hugs, Vija

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

continuing hugs and prayers. love your cards.

Sara Zenger said...

I love your cards! You are soooo creative with so many styles!!! I am think of you and hope better days are coming!

Katgurl72-Kylie said...

awesome cards and good luck with your daughters LEAP testing, you sound like your a great mum and you will guide and help her through it! xx

Ann Edwards said...

One of the most important things while you are working to help Alexis is for you to take time for yourself. Your scrapbooking hobby is definitely a good way to take that time. Look for ways to get a "date night" with hubby, too, so you can dedicate some special time to each other. All of those training classes for foster/adoptive parenting could never prepare you for these trials but I know that your love and consistent care for Alexis will give her the best hope for overcoming the deprivation she experienced in her early life before you became her parent. I bet you are thinking that this child welfare worker is writing a book! LOL Love you, and admire and appreciate you more than you can ever know! ~Ann~