Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No One Fell Overboard!

Continuing on… We slept at my grandma’s house and some of us didn’t sleep so well. I couldn’t get comfortable, and when I finally got to sleep Brandon woke me up. I heard him wandering around upstairs and went to go get him. He was coming down the stairs and I didn’t get to him in time and he missed a step and fell. Thankfully, he was near the bottom and only fell about two feet. He didn’t even wake up completely!

My grandpa came to wake us up for the fishing trip around 6:30. He had slept on the boat to avoid all of the chaos the night before. (Chicken!) I tried to get him to take me too but they wouldn’t let me go!  We got the kids dressed and headed out to my grandparents’ boat. It’s called “Miss Love” after my grandma’s childhood nickname.

A scenery shot of a few of the boats that were docked near my grandfather’s boat.

The kids all love driving the boat. They are obsessed with turning the wheel even though they were supposed to be going straight.

Brandon with Uncle Buddy. I don’t even think that he could see over the wheel in this photo. He was driving blind!

Alexis driving in her floaties. She didn’t like the life jacket much at all. Since she knows how to swim with floaties on and they were only outside of the boat when it wasn’t moving I figured it was okay. We did have the life jackets available at all times.

Some pretty scenery! I love being out on the water. I’ve missed it! We used to go fishing and trawling when I was younger and I loved being out on the boat.

Seagulls on pilings… They were not thrilled with the fact that we pulled up to the pilings and used them to tie up.

The girls fishing off of the front of the boat. It was really funny how the life jackets ended up matching the kids’ hats. We didn’t plan it that way but I thought it was really cool for future scrapbook pages!

This is my niece fishing. She wasn’t thrilled with having to wear the floaties and was unhappy. We’re so mean!

My grandma was the only one who caught anything! She caught two teeny tiny catfish. It was funny because she was only just learning how to cast and fish. My grandpa bought her a pretty pink fishing pole.

We didn’t let Brandon use real hooks and bait. We were worried that he would hook someone. We should’ve been worried about him throwing the entire pole into the bayou. LOL Luckily, my Mom was able to fish it out really quickly by hooking it with HER fishing pole. Yay Mom! I will tell  you that when I heard the splash I thought a kid had fallen in. I was really relieved to find that it was only a fishing pole!

I even consented to have my photo taken. Brandon was fussing over wearing his life jacket in this one. He was using Jordan’s pink Barbie fishing pole.

This is my favorite photo from the whole trip. Paw Paw was teaching Maw Maw how to cast and in between casts he bent down to kiss her. I was in the boat with the girls and I caught the shot through the window. I love it!

We ended up eating lunch on the boat and we didn’t get home until almost three in the afternoon. We were all exhausted but it was well worth it. Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time! I was so grateful that my grandfather offered to take us all out.

We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday with Ronnie. We chilled around the house and let the kids swim. I heated up some lasagna that my Mom made for Ronnie. He loves her lasagna very much and she knows it. She spoiled him rotten and sent him a pan! I think he thought that was the best Father’s day gift ever.

Since the van is still broken, I’m getting a break from running the kids to therapy. I finally got to complete a paper scrapbook page for myself. I’ve been going through withdrawal. Here’s the page I created…

Journaling: I love it when my girls cooperate on our photo shoots. These are the Spring portraits that I took on Easter morning. 4/2010

This page is straight IRL. I just suck at taking photos of two pagers. I used a June 2011 PageMaps sketch for inspiration. I also used a kit from the Sweet Peach Crop Shop that I won on the Scrap Fit blog a while back.

I am entering this page in the "Scrap It With A Song" challenge this week. I used part of the lyrics from the Lady Gaga "Poker Face" song that they highlighted as my title.

Stay tuned this week because I have a free template and sketch coming. I will also be posting my part of the Jessica Sprague Birthday Blog hop!

Plentiful Thank You


Just Jaime said...

A successful boating trip is one where no one falls overboard. I love the picture of your grandparents--how sweet! Great layout. Love the colors!

Mitralee said...

I love the water too! Great photos! They will make future scrap pages and I will think, oh hey, I saw those right after she went and blogged about it! I have to say I really enjoy your page. I have always had trouble commenting, so wish me luck, hope this one sticks!

Cindy deRosier said...

Sounds like a great visit! I love the picture of your grandparents too!

ally said...

Wow looks like you all had a fun time!

I just discovered your blog on scrapbook.com :) It's really cute!

I hope u have a great day



lunetapatineta said...

Hi Heather!! Sounds like a GREAT weekend. Love all your photos, looking forward to seeing them in your SB.com gallery.
have a nice day, Monica

Sand and Sunshine said...

Awesome day. Flat out hands down AWESOME.

scrapsnstuf said...

Wow Heather, looks like a fun filled day was had! I've only fished a few times and never caught anything myself. How exciting to know your Grandma caught two fish her 1st time out and that photo of the two of them is precious! I'm sure we'll see a scrap page on it!! ;) hugs, Natalie

Pauline said...

Wonderful layout... love the paper - the colours are so delicate! Thanks for singing along at Scrap It With a Song!

Shelley said...

What a gorgeous page!! Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you joined us at Scrap it with a Song! Shelley

Mazlina said...

looks like you had lots of fun.. great layout, thanks for joining us!

mindy gallagher said...

Heather what a great layout! Thanks so much for playing with us at SIWAS!!

tiffany said...

wow such a great 2-page LO! So glad to have you join in the challenge at Scrap It With a Song! =) Tiffany

Amanda Sevall said...

LOVE this layout Heather!! I'm catching up on your blog today (in case you haven't already figured that out! lol). It looks like you are getting some great photos, having some fun with the kids and family, and enjoying your summer! I've missed seeing your layouts!! :)