Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feeling A Little Twisted

I’m back with MORE photos of our 4th of July celebration! As I said before, it was more of a 4th of July weekend.

I dressed the kids in red, white, and blue. Then I made them take a group photo. We recreated my favorite Easter photo that I took this Spring. Somehow I don’t think Brandon was very impressed. I like it though!

This photo is my favorite of the day! Brandon realized that Jordan was having a hard time driving the power wheel car so he offered to drive her around. He drove her in circles for about 30 minutes while she grinned and held on to his tummy for dear life.

We made S’mores and I think the kids liked them. Actually, Ronnie and I made and assembled S’mores and the children disposed of them promptly. Their skin was red because it was so hot out. I think S’mores are better as a Winter activity!


After they ate, Ronnie lit the few remaining fireworks while the kids watched. They were all little tiny ones that were better seen during the day. (Boats, Tanks, and Race Cars) We did the last few sparklers too. Please note that I did NOT make Ronnie wear red, white, and blue. He did it without being asked! That’s how I know he loves me. LOL


We all had a good day and enjoyed spending time as a family!

In other news, Alexis had a psychiatrist’s appointment on Tuesday. I asked my sister-in-law and mother-in-law to come over to watch the younger two kids so I could have an in depth discussion with the psychiatrist. When we got back home everyone played Twister! (Even my mother-in-law.) I’ll admit, my legs are still sore. I said it then and I’ll say it again here, thirty-one year olds are just not meant to bend that way!


The psychiatrist decided to start Alexis on some sleeping pills since she’s not sleeping well at all. Some nights I’m up until one in the morning or later waiting for her to fall asleep. He is hoping that if she’s sleeping better she won’t be tempted to pull some of the more risky behavioral issues we’ve been dealing with lately.

We are going back to his office to follow up in about a month to see if anything has changed. (Unless we have an emergency and have to go in before then.) I’m really hoping that things have gotten better because he said if they aren’t that he will probably be recommending short term inpatient psychiatric care. We have been fighting having her hospitalized but I don’t know how much longer we can hold it off due to how difficult her behavior is becoming. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to keep her and the other kids safe here at home.

One positive thing has happened due to my lack of sleep, I got to scrapbook late the other night! I created this layout…

I used my July Scraptastic Club kit called "Sweet Summertime" and the add on to create this page. It was inspired by a sketch I created last month! I just didn't have time to do a paper version. It's already here in on my blog  and you can see it if you scroll down a bit.

Journaling: The kids were thrilled when I put the tent up in the house! June 2009

I have to go help Ronnie give the kids their baths, but I’ll be back later this week to post more.

Plentiful Thank You


Just Jaime said...

How sweet of Brandon to give Jordan a ride! I love s'mores too.

Good luck with the new med.

Mitralee said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos of kids having wonderful times. I know it must sometimes be a struggle to post and be postitive, but you really pull it off. Your post the other day really made me appreciate my two kids. So thank you for your beautiful scrap pages and words that are so real.

Cindy deRosier said...

Love the photos! I do think s'mores are better in the winter, though coincidentally I baked s'more cookie bars for the 4th of July. Yum!

Awesome LO! Good job looking on the bright side re. having to stay up so late. I hope the medication helps Alexis and allows you to avoid hospitalization.

Paisley Petals said...

What a great husband! And such a sweet brother to drive his sister around ;) I hope these new meds are just what your DD needs.

Moondust47 said...

I agree with Mitralee. I really enjoy your posts and getting to see your creative side, both are very inspiring. You seem a very genuine person. Good luck with the sleeping meds. I'll continue to send postive and healing energy your way. By the way the pics from the 4th were great! I forgot to take out my camera. Bad scrappy mom. It's ok, moments like those just make me think I'll have to hold on to those memories closer in my mind and heart. Have a great day!

Linda Jordan said...

You have such gorgeous layouts!! I found your blog from & I am now following you :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Brandon is such a sweetie. love the layouts...if I can play twister, so can you! hope things are better with alexis soon. and smores are good anytime of year.

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful photos! Your latest layouts are terrific. The colors are so bold and vibrant. Love the green background against the blue in the photos really makes the photos pop. The trees at the bottom are adorable.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Twister OMG! LOL

Sharon said...

Good luck with the new med!!!! I will keep you in my prayers, Heather, along with your family!

I love, LOVE that photo, even though your ds doesn't look that impressed!

Your 4th of July weekend looks like so much fun! Now I feel the need to get out our Twister game!

Take care!!!

Amanda Sevall said...

You're such a good mom Heather! Hang in there - Alexis is a lucky girl to have you and Ronnie to watch out for her in this world. Super cute layout - love the smores pic :) You should scrap it with CC Mr. Campy - I'm sure you have that digi goodie somewhere!! ;)