Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sketch/Template 2

Hi everyone! I have another sketch and template to share with you today. (Note: I’ve stopped using titles for my templates. Now I’m just going to use numbers!) I kept the design really simple because I wanted to fit a lot of photos on one page. The photo size on the sketch is 3x6 inches. It's a bit different, but it worked well with the photos I wanted to use.

Feel free to right click on the image and save the sketch to your computer. I made two example layouts to share. The first one is a paper page that I did with my August Scraptastic Club kit called "Summer Star".

I also did a digital layout with the template that I created. I used the Cosmo Cricket Odds & Ends collection from as well as a neutral paper pack from Audrey Neal. I edited the photos to match the vintage feel of the papers and embellishments.

Juliann used even more photos than I did! I love how she used the arrow to direct attention from her title to the photos. The photos of her son make me so sad that he was sick! Poor little guy.

I adore the blue and green color combination on Nancy's page. She enlarged the photos on her layout so she wouldn't have crop them. The buttons near the title really draw the eye to that corner and her kiddos are so very cute!

Michelle rotated the entire sketch onto its side because she had vertical photos that she wanted to scrapbook. I think the finished product is absolutely fabulous! In fact, I'm thinking of lifting her take on my sketch.

Thank you ladies for sharing your time and talent with us! I really appreciate it.

Digital scrapbookers, don't forget to pick up the free layered digital template! You can download it by clicking the link below.

Wood Grain Thank you

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Things She says

I’ve been doing a bit of remodeling on my blog lately. I’m getting rid of older things, organizing stuff, and moving bits of it around. I think I like the arrangement for now so I’m going to leave it alone!

Yesterday, I discovered that I have a large audience of readers from Belgium. Who knew?! I had more visitors from Belgium last week than from the United States. I think it’s really neat how the internet makes everything so accessible. It really IS a small world!

Big In Belgium

If I could just get Google Analytics to work I would be in business! I keep following the troubleshooting tips but so far no luck.

In other news, I get absolutely no respect around here. If it wasn’t so hysterically funny I’d be really insulted. It’s hard to get mad when you’re trying not to laugh. The culprit this week was Miss Smarty Pants Jordan.

Here’s an example…

Ronnie: “Jordan your legs are getting really hairy!”

Jordan: “Yay!!!” “Now I’m just like Mommy!”

Me: “Wait.” “What?” “I guess it’s time to shave again!”

Would you like another example? I’m so glad you asked.

Jordan: “Mom, Can I do whatever I want when I grow up?”

Me: “Yes.” “Anything!” “I believe in you.”

Jordan: “Good!” “I want my own TV show then.”

Me: “Anything is possible Chicken!” “What do you want to talk about on your show"?”

Jordan: (Rolls eyes.) “Duh Mom!” “I wanna talk about me!”

Me: “Oh.” “Well of course you do!”


I pulled the winner for the Scraptastic Club blog hop today and the winner is Kimberly! Please email your full address to me at miraclesmommadesigns(at) I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the blog hop. I wish I had something to give everyone!

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, August 22, 2011

Under Construction

It’s Monday and that means all three of the kids are in school again. I am slowly getting used to the quiet around here. I’m getting a lot done. I love scratching things off of my to do list! We had a busy weekend again. Here’s the wrap up…

I’m still itching from helping Ronnie pull the carpet up in Alexis’ room. We are replacing the flooring in her room with linoleum floor tiles so that I can keep it cleaner. Ronnie and I don’t mind doing renovations but this was definitely unplanned. For a little bitty room, I was surprised how much carpet we pulled up! We have a huge pile to bring to the dump. We are planning on installing the tile next weekend. It actually doesn’t look half bad! I’m sure I’ll post a photo or two of the process.

Sat. 20th

The intense heat this weekend made me feel like I was breathing in pea soup! After we finished pulling up the carpet and took a quick bath, we headed out to Ronnie’s cousin’s house again. I’m surprised that they aren’t tired of us yet! When we got in the van, I saw this on the temperature gauge. Yikes. I knew it was hot but jeez!

We had a great time watching the kids play Saturday evening. We didn’t leave until 9 at night! By the time we got home my kids were exhausted, but I still shoved them in the tub because they were covered in dirt. You know it was a good day based on how grungy the kids get! It’s a scientific system. (The dirtier the better!)

If getting dirty is a measure of success, then Sunday was pretty awesome too. Ronnie spent time out in the yard cutting the grass and weed eating like crazy! I was inside scrubbing, mopping, and cleaning. Our house definitely needed it. I cooked dinner outside on the grill because I was already sweaty and yucky. I also made enough to reheat for dinner tonight. You gotta love that!

While I was cutting Ronnie’s hair, Brandon got ahold of the water hose. Ronnie tried to teach him to drink out of it but he couldn’t quite figure out how to do it without spraying water up his nose. It was really cute! I had to run in and grab my camera so I could snap a few photos.

After I took a bath, I got down to some serious scrapbooking! I haven’t been able to sit and scrap for more than 30 minutes lately. When everything was clean, I pulled my supplies out and got to work.

1: Together


I used one of Jessica's amazing templates to create this page. I altered it a bit by deleting the large brown frame. I also changed out the journaling card, removed the brads, and I decided to use the grungy swirl brush as a clipping mask for one of Nisa's halftone papers.

Jessica Sprague Template+ 1.07
Super halftone-paper pack
Splash Paper Pack
Splash Alpha
Splash Element Pack 1
Splash Element Pack 2
Crystal's {Merry & Bright} Papers
Font: Pea Bandit

2: Week 33

Week 33  (August 13, 2011 to August 19, 2011) WEB

This past week's Project 365. I recycled one of my older 365 layouts because I'm running out of design ideas! There's only so many ways you can place 7 photos on a page. I changed up all of the papers and embellishments. I am not a huge fan of pink but I loved the new Cosmo Cricket Hey Sugar papers!

DESIGN 365 - Masks 3
DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons
Hey Sugar Paper Pack
Fabric Covered Buttons Kit

Other Supplies:
Font: Typewriter, Traci Reed's Bad Sewing Machine XVIII Kinda Clean, Audrey Neal's Organic and The Write Stuff Kits, White Flower by Fanette, Pink Butterfly from Dydge, and Flourish by Sande Krieger.

3: Oh The Places You Will Go!

I know. It's supposed to be "Oh The Places You'll Go" but my alpha didn't have an apostrophe. Phooey! We'll just go with it. I'm sure by now you can tell that this page was inspired by a Dr. Seuss book. I even attempted to rhyme my journaling. Not too sure how that went but I'm calling it done!

Journaling: Over hills and up levees, in golf carts not Chevys! Driving Paw crazy, instead of Miss Daisy. Oh the places you'll go! Just PLEASE drive oh so slow! Port Sulphur 6/2011

I so totally love these photos of my grandpa on the golf cart with my kiddies. It reminds me how he used to let me do stuff when I was little!

I used my August Scraptastic Club kit and add on called Summer Star to create this page. I added a tiny bit of bling and used my punches to add interest.

4: Musical Captain’s Chair

Journaling: June 2011-We went out on Paw Paw's boat "Miss Love". The girl grandchildren each took a turn driving. We played musical captain's chair all day long. They all wanted to be the boat boss!

I used my August Scraptastic Club kit and add on called Summer Star. I added a tiny bit of bling and the orange Thickers. I don't know why the journaling appears a bit wonky on the right. It's straight IRL. I just have a hard time taking photos of two pagers. Ugh!

Wood Grain Thank you

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Scraptastic Year (Rewind!)

We are celebrating Scraptastic Club’s 1st birthday with a blog hop today! I thought it would be really neat to post my favorite layout that I created with each kit from the past year. Designing for Jessica has been an honor and I’m so thrilled to be staying on the team this year. Thanks for all you do Jessica!

What’s a blog hop without a prize?! If you visit each of the design team member blogs and leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a Simple Stories “Happy Day” collection pack from Scraptastic Club. If you leave a comment here on my blog and become a follower, I’ve also got a little surprise to mail to a lucky winner. (Winner will be drawn on the 22nd!)

These are my favorite pages from the past year. I hope you like them! I usually used the kit and the add on. If a kit is still available for purchase, I’ve noted that next to the month with a link.










We didn’t have a kit in January because Jessica had to move and she took a much deserved break!





June (You can still purchase the Surf’s Up kit here.)


August (The Summer Star kit and add on are also still available!)

That brings me through to this month. I can’t wait to see what another year brings! Don’t forget to keep hopping your way through the blogs. I know Jessica, Michelle, and Juliann have lots of gorgeous layouts to share with you too.

Here is the order of the hop:

Scraptastic Club

Heather (Miracle’s Momma Designs) <---- You are here!

Juliann (Scrappy Life)

Michelle (Happenings On This Side Of The River)

Scraptastic Club

Wood Grain Thank you

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fantastic Friends Sketch/Template

Hi everyone! I'm back to share a new sketch and template download. I had a bunch of volunteers to create examples for this particular sketch. I'm sure you'll love all of the inspiration they provided. This is the sketch...

Please feel free to right click on the image and then click on "Save Image As" to download the sketch to your computer for future use.

The next four pages were created with kits that are available at Scraptastic Club. You can visit the blog here to find out about the kits that were used. Here is my interpretation of the sketch. I really loved the big butterfly and you can probably tell that I designed the sketch around it.

Michelle created this lovely layout with family photos taken at a wedding. The pinks in the paper go so well with her photos and I'm a big fan of the bling accents she added.

Juliann converted the sketch to work with an 8.5 x11 in. page. I really love her stitching and the way she painted parts of her Thickers. The little monster she added is very cute too!

Jessica made this adorable page. I really think the sunny, yellow background was a great design choice. It makes her whole page pop! The stitched butterfly trail is a neat addition to the page as well.

Nancy's page is next! I really like the color combination on her page. The bright lime green and peaceful blue are perfect for scrapping about her kids' swim team activities.

Last but not least, Cathy used my layered digital template to create this fun layout! Be sure to zoom in so you can read her journaling. The story behind the photo is too funny! I think it's really neat that she changed things up by adding the photo strip along the bottom.

Thank you all so much for helping with the example pages! I really appreciate each and every one of you.

Don't forget to download the layered digital template if you are a digital scrapbooker. Click on the link below to go to 4shared!

Wood Grain Thank you

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All By Myself

All three of my children are in school today! It’s the first time that I’ve had the house entirely to myself for a whole day in 7 years. I managed not to cry when I put Brandon on the bus for his second day. (The first day he went, Alexis was home with me so I wasn’t alone.) I think that it hit me harder today than on Monday. The only reason why I didn’t cry was because Ronnie would’ve picked on me unmercifully if he found out. It’s also really difficult because Brandon is my last baby! I have been feeling pretty melancholy today so I decided to try to look on the bright side. I am going to make a list the things that I can do now that I get a little peace and quiet during the week between therapy appointments.

1. I can go to the bathroom by myself and take a shower without anyone crying to get in the tub with me or flushing the toilet to make me yelp.

2. I get to go to the library alone and pick out the books that I want to read. No, I don’t want to read the “I’m Bad” book again! We read it last week and the week before that too.

3. I can finish things without interruption. Blog posts, scrapbook pages, folding laundry… All of those things get done a little quicker without someone hollering, “Mom, I pooped!” “Come wipe my butt!”

4. I am able to talk on the phone and actually be coherent. It’s really hard for other people to carry a conversation with me when I’m constantly trying to referee fights.

5. I can now go to the grocery store alone! No more begging for “just one more toy” asking to go to the bathroom just because the automatic sinks are “fun”.

6. I don’t have to watch Bubble Guppies or Yo Gabba Gabba all day long. I can actually watch grown up TV and movies. (Not that I really do because I like quiet more than TV!)

7. Speaking of quiet, I can read a book without someone interrupting me to “bix” whatever video game, toy, or  craft activity they’re having trouble figuring out.

8. I don’t have to cook lunch for four people. This could be a good thing or a bad thing because now I can just grab a yogurt and call it lunch.

9. I can listen to the music I want to listen to. Sorry Laurie Berkner but if I hear “We Are The Dinosaurs” one more time… I’m going to lose my ever lovin’ mind!

10. I can cry because I miss my babies! After all, no one is here to rat me out to Ronnie. If he doesn’t know, he can’t pick on me. So there!

Before I go, I have a few pages to share. I got another page submission from a blog reader. If you want to have your page featured on my blog, please email it to me and I’ll post it when I get time.

This time the page is by Marlene Murphy! She is a long time friend of mine that I met on I love how she made her own Bocce balls to embellish her page. The length of ruler ribbon is a perfect addition to her design.


This is the page I made after not scrapbooking for a week. I was nearly having withdrawals! It’s called “We Are Family”.

My Mom is going to kill me when she sees that I scrapped this photo. This is me, my Mom, and my two brothers WAY back in 1995. I was 15! Less than half of my age now. Okay, now I feel old.

I used my August Scraptastic Club "Summer Star" kit and add on to create this page. I added the tiny bit of red bling, and some clear glass glitter. (Thanks Nancy!) I also used the mist from my August Scraptastic Club kit called "Out Of Print".

The journaling says, "We may not always get along but we always love each other." Mom, Heather, Trey + Jordan 1995

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview With a Preschooler

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. I blame this little stinker! My Mom brought my niece and nephews over for a sleepover this weekend. My nephews didn’t get the “sleep” part of sleepover. It’s a good thing they’re cute! Zachary loved Brandon’s old baby swing. I told Ronnie it was a good idea to keep it around!

Our little kiddie pool was put through the wringer again. At one point there were five kids in this tiny pool. The sixth one kept trying to get in but he couldn’t quite manage it.

A photo of all of the chaos. Well… part of it anyway. My Lexie and Christian were driving the Power Wheel car in circles.

It was busy but it’s always fun to get to hang out with my Mom. Plus, like I said… those kids are cute. They also keep my kids entertained. Bonus!

My last baby went to preschool today. I took him outside in  his uniform and got a few shots before the morning sun totally blinded us. Here’s Brandon showing how excited he was about going to school. (AKA Riding the bus. I’m not too sure how much excitement is actually about school.)

He kissed me goodbye and bounded up the steps to the bus. They directed him to his seat while Jordan was being loaded. He looks really worried in this photo but he wasn’t. He was watching Jordan being loaded onto the bus.

Jordan gets to ride on the wheelchair lift. She thinks it’s a blast! The other day she told me it was like Disney World. I told her I’m pretty sure that renting a bus is cheaper than going to Disney. So next time we’ll rent a bus and ride her up and down the wheelchair lift a bunch of times. I was kidding but she said YEAH! Kids are funny sometimes.

When Brandon got home from school I interviewed him about his first day. It took him a while to get into playing along and answering the questions but here’s what he said.

1: How was your first bus ride? I don’t know where the bus goes. I had fun on the bus. Mine (Jordan) rode next to me.

2. Tell me about what you ate for breakfast. I ate graham crackers and red beans. (I knew about the red beans for lunch because he came home wearing half of them!)

3. What did you do today? I sleeped, I used the bathroom, I ate, and then I came home.

4. Did you make any new friends? NO! One boy, he hit my backpack and my belly. It hurt me and my teacher got mad at that boy. Only a little mad.

5. Did you like your teacher? She showed me where the cars and truck toys are. She told me rules. I like rules! Her name is Ms. Lalblank. (LeBlanc)

6. How did recess go? I ride a bike on the playground and I play on the slide. I played with one boy and we raced on bikes. I won!

7. What was your favorite part of school? I like my new backpack. I have a blue bird hooked on it. It’s from my Mom. It’s blue and happy. (Angry Birds) I had fun taking a nap. I was tired. I laid on my mat.

8. What was your least favorite part? They don’t have any video games!

9. Did you miss your Mommy? How much? I missed you this much. (Spreads hands way apart.)

Awww… I missed you too little man. I’m so very proud of you!!! I just wish you would stop growing up so fast.

I was grateful that Alexis was home today so I wouldn’t be by myself. She had therapy and a dentist appointment.  Next Wednesday is a different story because all three of them will be in school. I don’t know what I’ll do with all of that peace and quiet. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.

Wood Grain Thank you

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Quick Note

I’m going to be spending part of the weekend with my Mom so I’m going to be super busy. I wanted to drop by and let you all know a few things!

I am the host of the second August challenge at Scraptastic Club. The challenge is to scrap about friendship and of course there’s a sketch to inspire you as well. Click here to go check put the post!

Also, my friend Jessica (also the owner of Scraptastic Club!) has started a new blog. It’s going to be a one stop blog where you can find out details about challenges, kit clubs, calls, and giveaways. She is giving a kit away when she hits 100 followers on the new Scrapbookers Central blog so hurry over there to become a follower as quick as you can!

Wood Grain Thank you