Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All By Myself

All three of my children are in school today! It’s the first time that I’ve had the house entirely to myself for a whole day in 7 years. I managed not to cry when I put Brandon on the bus for his second day. (The first day he went, Alexis was home with me so I wasn’t alone.) I think that it hit me harder today than on Monday. The only reason why I didn’t cry was because Ronnie would’ve picked on me unmercifully if he found out. It’s also really difficult because Brandon is my last baby! I have been feeling pretty melancholy today so I decided to try to look on the bright side. I am going to make a list the things that I can do now that I get a little peace and quiet during the week between therapy appointments.

1. I can go to the bathroom by myself and take a shower without anyone crying to get in the tub with me or flushing the toilet to make me yelp.

2. I get to go to the library alone and pick out the books that I want to read. No, I don’t want to read the “I’m Bad” book again! We read it last week and the week before that too.

3. I can finish things without interruption. Blog posts, scrapbook pages, folding laundry… All of those things get done a little quicker without someone hollering, “Mom, I pooped!” “Come wipe my butt!”

4. I am able to talk on the phone and actually be coherent. It’s really hard for other people to carry a conversation with me when I’m constantly trying to referee fights.

5. I can now go to the grocery store alone! No more begging for “just one more toy” asking to go to the bathroom just because the automatic sinks are “fun”.

6. I don’t have to watch Bubble Guppies or Yo Gabba Gabba all day long. I can actually watch grown up TV and movies. (Not that I really do because I like quiet more than TV!)

7. Speaking of quiet, I can read a book without someone interrupting me to “bix” whatever video game, toy, or  craft activity they’re having trouble figuring out.

8. I don’t have to cook lunch for four people. This could be a good thing or a bad thing because now I can just grab a yogurt and call it lunch.

9. I can listen to the music I want to listen to. Sorry Laurie Berkner but if I hear “We Are The Dinosaurs” one more time… I’m going to lose my ever lovin’ mind!

10. I can cry because I miss my babies! After all, no one is here to rat me out to Ronnie. If he doesn’t know, he can’t pick on me. So there!

Before I go, I have a few pages to share. I got another page submission from a blog reader. If you want to have your page featured on my blog, please email it to me and I’ll post it when I get time.

This time the page is by Marlene Murphy! She is a long time friend of mine that I met on I love how she made her own Bocce balls to embellish her page. The length of ruler ribbon is a perfect addition to her design.


This is the page I made after not scrapbooking for a week. I was nearly having withdrawals! It’s called “We Are Family”.

My Mom is going to kill me when she sees that I scrapped this photo. This is me, my Mom, and my two brothers WAY back in 1995. I was 15! Less than half of my age now. Okay, now I feel old.

I used my August Scraptastic Club "Summer Star" kit and add on to create this page. I added the tiny bit of red bling, and some clear glass glitter. (Thanks Nancy!) I also used the mist from my August Scraptastic Club kit called "Out Of Print".

The journaling says, "We may not always get along but we always love each other." Mom, Heather, Trey + Jordan 1995

Wood Grain Thank you


Linda Jordan said...

Awww, your list made me laugh. I hope you're enjoying your time to yourself!!


Michelle said...

Seriously, Heather?? Old?? Less that half your age?? What are you gonna do when you are MY age?? LOL You are still just a young punk!! hee!hee! I am gonna tell you mom you put this on there!!! Na Na Na Na Na! Just kidding. Glad you are scrapping!! You know, I think I want a bocce ball set for our house. Something fun to do. The dot pp behind the photo in the second LO is perfect with that photo!! Makes the photo pop!

After dinner tonight, I am going to drag out our ladder ball and make Greg play because we don't have a bocce set. :D

Izzyb said...

I loved your list and I feel ya on all of them! I can't wait to go to the bathroom alone again, lol. I love my little kiddo to pieces, but sometimes it's really nice to have some quiet.

LOVE your layout. Beautiful work, as always. You rocked that kit!

Mitralee said...

Hey you aren't alone! Bloggy land is right here!!! Great post! Mine go back shortly too!

Cindy deRosier said...

We all love our kids, but we love them that much more when we have a little time to ourselves to appreciate them! It's not like they're in boarding school and you won't see them all year. Enjoy your time guilt-free and make the most of it.

Paisley Petals said...

I love your list - it's what I'm looking forward to in a couple of weeks! :)

And your layout is great, I love your white misting...the perfect touch!

Jasmine said...

Way to look on the positive side, Heather! ...I'll admit, I couldn't help but chuckle. You'll come to appreciate these 'quiet days' more and more...and you'll probably amaze yourself at how much you can get done! It always amazes me at how the 'little distractions' can take up SO MUCH of my time. Although, I also miss those 'little distractions' when their not around...sometimes. Best of luck to you.

Marlene Murphy said...

You're so sweet! It was a fabulous sketch to work with.

Enjoy your peace and quiet while you can, something always comes along to fill the void.

Just Jaime said...

Good for your for looking on the bright side!

Love your "We are family" layout! Great colors and design!

Sand and Sunshine said...

We're not old we're Vintage! hehe

ms.schwiet said...

Brilliant and funny

Agnes said...

LOL Sand and Sunshine :-)))

Seriously Heather, you're so not old!!!!

Kids, can't live with them, can't live without them...

Amanda Sevall said...

hee hee - your list is too cute! I hope you are enjoying your new schedule and things are going smoothly!! :)