Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview With a Preschooler

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. I blame this little stinker! My Mom brought my niece and nephews over for a sleepover this weekend. My nephews didn’t get the “sleep” part of sleepover. It’s a good thing they’re cute! Zachary loved Brandon’s old baby swing. I told Ronnie it was a good idea to keep it around!

Our little kiddie pool was put through the wringer again. At one point there were five kids in this tiny pool. The sixth one kept trying to get in but he couldn’t quite manage it.

A photo of all of the chaos. Well… part of it anyway. My Lexie and Christian were driving the Power Wheel car in circles.

It was busy but it’s always fun to get to hang out with my Mom. Plus, like I said… those kids are cute. They also keep my kids entertained. Bonus!

My last baby went to preschool today. I took him outside in  his uniform and got a few shots before the morning sun totally blinded us. Here’s Brandon showing how excited he was about going to school. (AKA Riding the bus. I’m not too sure how much excitement is actually about school.)

He kissed me goodbye and bounded up the steps to the bus. They directed him to his seat while Jordan was being loaded. He looks really worried in this photo but he wasn’t. He was watching Jordan being loaded onto the bus.

Jordan gets to ride on the wheelchair lift. She thinks it’s a blast! The other day she told me it was like Disney World. I told her I’m pretty sure that renting a bus is cheaper than going to Disney. So next time we’ll rent a bus and ride her up and down the wheelchair lift a bunch of times. I was kidding but she said YEAH! Kids are funny sometimes.

When Brandon got home from school I interviewed him about his first day. It took him a while to get into playing along and answering the questions but here’s what he said.

1: How was your first bus ride? I don’t know where the bus goes. I had fun on the bus. Mine (Jordan) rode next to me.

2. Tell me about what you ate for breakfast. I ate graham crackers and red beans. (I knew about the red beans for lunch because he came home wearing half of them!)

3. What did you do today? I sleeped, I used the bathroom, I ate, and then I came home.

4. Did you make any new friends? NO! One boy, he hit my backpack and my belly. It hurt me and my teacher got mad at that boy. Only a little mad.

5. Did you like your teacher? She showed me where the cars and truck toys are. She told me rules. I like rules! Her name is Ms. Lalblank. (LeBlanc)

6. How did recess go? I ride a bike on the playground and I play on the slide. I played with one boy and we raced on bikes. I won!

7. What was your favorite part of school? I like my new backpack. I have a blue bird hooked on it. It’s from my Mom. It’s blue and happy. (Angry Birds) I had fun taking a nap. I was tired. I laid on my mat.

8. What was your least favorite part? They don’t have any video games!

9. Did you miss your Mommy? How much? I missed you this much. (Spreads hands way apart.)

Awww… I missed you too little man. I’m so very proud of you!!! I just wish you would stop growing up so fast.

I was grateful that Alexis was home today so I wouldn’t be by myself. She had therapy and a dentist appointment.  Next Wednesday is a different story because all three of them will be in school. I don’t know what I’ll do with all of that peace and quiet. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.

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Jane said...

wow...preschool already!! They just grow up to darn fast those kids! What a cute interview!

Cindy deRosier said...

Love the photos and glad school went well. To make everyone happy, maybe you should rent a bus to take you to Disney World. ;)

Paisley Petals said...

What a great idea to interview him! Looks like a fun weekend :)

mel said...

awesome story,just 2 funny
school open here on the 22 and dd
cannot wait she be a freshman in high school

Izzyb said...

This is 100 percent fabulous! I love the way you documented his first day with the photos and interview. LOVED his answers. He is precious! I hope you are doing a layout about this. I'm sure you are! What a great memory. I wish my Mom had done something like this for me. What a keeper this blog post is.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow he goes all day! No wonder you're feeling a little out of sorts! R is just covering up the teddy bear he stashed inside.

Madeline said...

Awww...the interview with your little guy is the best! And you need to scrap it! You will both enjoy reading it years from now. :)

Amanda Sevall said...

What a great interview with Brandon - I hope that makes it on a layout soon! He's such a cutie! Great photos of the kids too :) I think I'm caught back up on your blog now. Sorry to bombard ya with a zillion comments to approve! LOL ;)