Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Totally Random

I have a bunch of totally random photos from the past week to share. Here’s what we’ve been doing lately…

Jordan went to a friend’s birthday party last Saturday. She had a blast for the first fifteen minutes. Then she fell off of a trampoline and hit the floor with a ton of force. She couldn’t breathe or move at first and I panicked. I dragged her to little butt to the hospital faster than you can say “broken” and I’ll admit I cried the entire way.

I berated myself all the way there for allowing her to attend the party to begin with. Mommy guilt is a powerful thing! She’s such a confident child in spite of her disability and I just hate to tell her she CAN’T do something. The truth is, the same accident could’ve happened to any of the kids at the party. Special needs or not! You can bet she won’t be getting on another trampoline ever again.

She had to get x-rays of her spine and right foot. Both of the x-rays came back clear. She sprained her back and had a contusion on her foot. She was supposed to rest when we got home. The only problem with that is that Jordan NEVER sits still. She even watches TV standing up! We joke and say that once she learned to stand up she lost interest in sitting down.

The photo below is a perfect example of why little girls shouldn’t watch NASCAR. It’s also the reason Talladega Nights shouldn’t be the first movie they see in a movie theater. (Hey she was only 6 mos. old! Who knew she’d absorb that much?)

I’m kidding. She was showing Brandon that her back hurt on Saturday night. He took the photo. I just thought it was funny that it ended up this way. Especially since she has an oh-so-awesome temporary tattoo on her arm. You might be a redneck if…

Monday was the first day of school for both of the girls. They aren’t going to be riding the same bus anymore because Alexis is going to a different school. Neither of them was very happy about it but I managed to convince them that it was necessary. Still, they had to give each other a big hug before going their separate ways. Brandon starts school next Monday and he is sooo ready!

I always try to get a photo like this one every year. It’s amazing how much my kids grow each year. Alexis still looks so little compared to the other kids in school. The first few days of school have been pretty good. She’s learning her way around and her teacher seems really sweet. That’s always a plus! The only issue is that she’s already experienced bullying two days in a row. I’ve already emailed her teacher about it. I don’t understand why kids feel the need to be so mean to one another!

At home, Alexis’ behaviors have been a little bit better. We are grateful for that to be sure! I found out today that due to her behavioral needs, she’s going to be assigned a Family Services Worker through the Office Of Community services here in Louisiana. From what I understand, the worker can help us find resources and work with Lexie’s behavior. I am looking forward to any help I can get! I am also working on getting her an IEP in place to make sure she’s getting all of her needs met at school.

The only problem with that is the fact that getting in touch with the special needs coordinator at her school is like pulling teeth. I kid you not, I left messages FOUR days in a row before she called me back. Here’s a photo of Lexie’s bus driving away… She’s got a super long bus ride because she’s the first kid on the bus and the last one off. She doesn’t mind though because she is quite fond of just driving around in our car. She likes going for rides so it’s right up her alley.

Miss Jordan had to use her wheelchair at school for the last few days due to her back injury. She can usually get around well but when she had her last growth spurt her bones grew and her muscles are having a hard time stretching to catch up. This has led to her experiencing leg cramps and she gets so tired of walking. I’ve started sending her wheelchair to school so she can use it if she needs to. Her favorite part of that is getting to ride the wheelchair lift up and down on to the bus.

We are in the process of having a new wheelchair made for her. It will be a chair that she can roll on her own. She is super excited about it! She picked fuchsia for the color. I’m not surprised. That child loves pink and bold patterns. Don’t believe me? Check out her backpack!

Today I had to bring Brandon for his pre-k testing. Since the pre-k program is a federally funded program, they test them at the beginning and end of the year to gauge their progress. I took this photo while he was walking to his classroom. He looks so tiny! I don’t think he is going to cry when he goes to school for the first time next Monday. I KNOW I will.

It’s okay though. I’ll still have Jordan. She would rather be at home with me. In fact, today she called me on the phone from school complaining that she had a tummy ache and felt like throwing up. I went to get her and brought her home because I thought she really was ill. After being home for an hour, she admitted that her stomach didn’t hurt too much. She just “missed her Momma”. I told her that she couldn’t just come home from school because she wanted me, but inside my heart completely melted.

A post just wouldn’t be a post without sharing a few layouts that I created in the midst of all of this chaos!

1: Totally Prep School

It's that time of year again! As I said, my girls went back to school on Monday. Seeing them off on the bus got me itching to scrapbook back to school photos from the past. I'm so far behind on everything! I used an older Scraptastic Club kit called "Old School" to create this page. I also added a flower, some kraft paper, and tiny Lily Bee alphabet letters.

Journaling: Jordan definitely has her own style! She doesn't like jackets, only super cute sweaters. Jumpers and sophisticated braids are often requested. She could probably give me some fashion tips! 11/2009

2: Back 2 School

I also used the "Old School" kit from Scraptastic Club to create this page. I added a few flowers and a tiny bit of bling from my stash.

Journaling: Ready and dressed up! Alexis and Jordan 8/2010

This page was inspired by one of Julie Bonner's sketches! I made a lot of changes so it ended up not resembling it much at all. I started with the sketch, cut a photo too small, and then went off and did my own thing.

Wood Grain Thank you


Mitralee said...

Love that layout and the green glittery stuff!! It's so pretty! Love your updates, they always sound so full of Mommy love!

Just Jaime said...

I love this "random" post--such a glimpse into your life. Sorry about Jordan falling off the trampoline and the growth spurt. Jordan looks like such a joy to be around =)

I really hope that you can get more resources for Alexis with your new worker.

Yay Brandon! He looks so cute in his backpack.

Great pages!

Cindy deRosier said...

That trampoline accident sounds so scary! I've heard of so many people getting injured on them. Glad she wasn't hurt worse than she was!!

Amanda Sevall said...

It's really already school time?! The kids look so cute in those pics. So sorry to hear about Jordan's trampoline injury. They are dangerous! My mom destroyed both her knees in her early 20s on a trampoline. She never let us use one! ;) Great layouts too - of course!

Paisley Petals said...

I've always been leary of trampolines - even more so now!

The back to school pictures are so cute! The layouts too - I feel a lift of that last one, it's a great design!!

Cindy Gay said...

Back 2 School is very nice too!

Sand and Sunshine said...

OMG Trampolines are awful. A friend from school planned to go the military route to becoming a doctor and all those plans shattered when she feel off a trampoline as a Senior in HS and the military wouldn't take her. Hopefully J is feeling better now. She's gunna love that new wheelchair.

Oh B is headed for school! You are going to love the quiet at home time - PS you'll still miss him past that first day.

Linda Jordan said...

I've been posting totally random photos lately too, being busy does that to you!! LOL about the nascar picture, that is too funny. Good luck with back to school! I go back myself in a week & a half... so many mixed emotions!! Half wishing summer wasn't over yet & half excited for what is to come!!