Monday, August 22, 2011

Under Construction

It’s Monday and that means all three of the kids are in school again. I am slowly getting used to the quiet around here. I’m getting a lot done. I love scratching things off of my to do list! We had a busy weekend again. Here’s the wrap up…

I’m still itching from helping Ronnie pull the carpet up in Alexis’ room. We are replacing the flooring in her room with linoleum floor tiles so that I can keep it cleaner. Ronnie and I don’t mind doing renovations but this was definitely unplanned. For a little bitty room, I was surprised how much carpet we pulled up! We have a huge pile to bring to the dump. We are planning on installing the tile next weekend. It actually doesn’t look half bad! I’m sure I’ll post a photo or two of the process.

Sat. 20th

The intense heat this weekend made me feel like I was breathing in pea soup! After we finished pulling up the carpet and took a quick bath, we headed out to Ronnie’s cousin’s house again. I’m surprised that they aren’t tired of us yet! When we got in the van, I saw this on the temperature gauge. Yikes. I knew it was hot but jeez!

We had a great time watching the kids play Saturday evening. We didn’t leave until 9 at night! By the time we got home my kids were exhausted, but I still shoved them in the tub because they were covered in dirt. You know it was a good day based on how grungy the kids get! It’s a scientific system. (The dirtier the better!)

If getting dirty is a measure of success, then Sunday was pretty awesome too. Ronnie spent time out in the yard cutting the grass and weed eating like crazy! I was inside scrubbing, mopping, and cleaning. Our house definitely needed it. I cooked dinner outside on the grill because I was already sweaty and yucky. I also made enough to reheat for dinner tonight. You gotta love that!

While I was cutting Ronnie’s hair, Brandon got ahold of the water hose. Ronnie tried to teach him to drink out of it but he couldn’t quite figure out how to do it without spraying water up his nose. It was really cute! I had to run in and grab my camera so I could snap a few photos.

After I took a bath, I got down to some serious scrapbooking! I haven’t been able to sit and scrap for more than 30 minutes lately. When everything was clean, I pulled my supplies out and got to work.

1: Together


I used one of Jessica's amazing templates to create this page. I altered it a bit by deleting the large brown frame. I also changed out the journaling card, removed the brads, and I decided to use the grungy swirl brush as a clipping mask for one of Nisa's halftone papers.

Jessica Sprague Template+ 1.07
Super halftone-paper pack
Splash Paper Pack
Splash Alpha
Splash Element Pack 1
Splash Element Pack 2
Crystal's {Merry & Bright} Papers
Font: Pea Bandit

2: Week 33

Week 33  (August 13, 2011 to August 19, 2011) WEB

This past week's Project 365. I recycled one of my older 365 layouts because I'm running out of design ideas! There's only so many ways you can place 7 photos on a page. I changed up all of the papers and embellishments. I am not a huge fan of pink but I loved the new Cosmo Cricket Hey Sugar papers!

DESIGN 365 - Masks 3
DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons
Hey Sugar Paper Pack
Fabric Covered Buttons Kit

Other Supplies:
Font: Typewriter, Traci Reed's Bad Sewing Machine XVIII Kinda Clean, Audrey Neal's Organic and The Write Stuff Kits, White Flower by Fanette, Pink Butterfly from Dydge, and Flourish by Sande Krieger.

3: Oh The Places You Will Go!

I know. It's supposed to be "Oh The Places You'll Go" but my alpha didn't have an apostrophe. Phooey! We'll just go with it. I'm sure by now you can tell that this page was inspired by a Dr. Seuss book. I even attempted to rhyme my journaling. Not too sure how that went but I'm calling it done!

Journaling: Over hills and up levees, in golf carts not Chevys! Driving Paw crazy, instead of Miss Daisy. Oh the places you'll go! Just PLEASE drive oh so slow! Port Sulphur 6/2011

I so totally love these photos of my grandpa on the golf cart with my kiddies. It reminds me how he used to let me do stuff when I was little!

I used my August Scraptastic Club kit and add on called Summer Star to create this page. I added a tiny bit of bling and used my punches to add interest.

4: Musical Captain’s Chair

Journaling: June 2011-We went out on Paw Paw's boat "Miss Love". The girl grandchildren each took a turn driving. We played musical captain's chair all day long. They all wanted to be the boat boss!

I used my August Scraptastic Club kit and add on called Summer Star. I added a tiny bit of bling and the orange Thickers. I don't know why the journaling appears a bit wonky on the right. It's straight IRL. I just have a hard time taking photos of two pagers. Ugh!

Wood Grain Thank you


Paisley Petals said...

Awesome layouts! I wasn't really liking the new CC lines as much as some from the past, but your layout definitely makes me like that line ;)

Wendy Rasbach said...

You've been a very busy lady! I love the "Splash" layout. I've just purchased that paper pack, but haven't done anything with it yet. I'm so glad you've all had a very fun summer, and now you get to check things off the to-do list without child interference! :)

Just Jaime said...

Cute! That star layout looks like American crafts pp, which I love!

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow you busy woman you! Take care.

Linda Jordan said...

Gorgeous layouts! I especially love the star layout, so pretty :) And I don't think I could ever feel competent enough to attempt to install tiles myself. Congrats on your progress so far!


Cindy deRosier said...

Love the layouts, especially Oh the places You Will Go. So cute!

Sheryl said...

I just LOVE the musical captain's chair layout. Makes me miss Port Sulphur. Lived there when I was little.

Amanda Sevall said...

Love, love, love your layouts Heather! I feel like a broken record saying that every time, but I really do!!! :)