Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feeling Connected

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I blogged about Straight Talk about a month ago, but I wanted to mention it again because I think they offer such a financially responsible product. We've all been there from time to time. Everything seems to come due at once, and then you realize you went over your cell phone minutes AGAIN. Ronnie and I recently got slammed with a 300 dollar cell phone bill after we spent so much time on the phone with friends and family while Alexis was in the hospital. It was NOT pretty!

Feel Richer with Android

I wish I would've known about Straight Talk before we ended up saddled with such a big bill! I love that you're not locked into a contract when you sign up with Straight Talk. They  provide the same name brand phones as other national plans such as Motorola, Kyocera, and Nokia. Think of it as a smart phone with a smart plan! You can even download apps and games just as you do on any other smart phone. They offer Android phones with unlimited use plans for only $45.00. You just can't beat that! 

The power of Android

The best part is that you don't pay any activation or termination fees. I always hate when you sign up with a new company to get the latest phone and you have to pay a bundle in activation fees just to get it turned on. They also offer amazing international long distance prepaid plans with low rates. I think it's so neat that you can use your cell or office phone to place calls.

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

Don't forget to check out the super videos and information I've linked to learn more about Straight Talk as well as the phones they offer. If you have children and they've been begging for their own phone, you can even get them a reconditioned phone for as little as $10.00. It's where I'll be buying Alexis' first cell phone when she's old enough! 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Bunch Of Random

There’s a lot of stuff running around in my head tonight as I sit down to write this blog. You know what that means? It’s time for another big bunch of random post!

1. So… I really love my new iPhone. Like really, completely, utterly adore it. You know that old joke where you say you love something, and then the other person says “Well why don’t you marry it”? If I could… I would. I love it so much that I feel guilty over the fact that my husband may be being neglected. Sorry honey!

2. I’m a really irresponsible Mom sometimes. I played hooky with two different children last week. They had doctor’s appointments, but I didn’t bring them to school when we were done. I brought Alexis to the Nature Institute, and I brought Brandon down to wade in the river at a local park. Does that make me a bad Momma? Maybe. Do I care? Nope! Especially when the trip results in photos like these…

I spy dirty, sandy toes in freezing cold water.

I think he liked it just a little bit.

Oooh a stick!

See why I don’t care? It made him happy, and it made me smile. We spent a few hours together on a beautiful Fall day, and he’ll probably never forget sliding down the rock incline to get to the river. We went home with sand in our shoes and we brought the stick with us too.

3. Jordan is one tough cookie. In the past year, she’s had muscle tremors in her legs due to a growth spurt that her muscles haven’t caught up with. I taught her how to stretch her leg when the tremors happen. Tonight, while we were all sitting around talking, she developed a tremor. She didn’t miss a beat in the conversation. She just slammed her foot down into the full stretch without a thought and just kept going. Liken the muscle spasms to a Charlie horse, and you’ll know how much that probably hurt. Baby girl is resilient. She may have to bend from time to time, but she’s not going to break. I love that about her. She’s my hero!

4. Several people have asked for an update on Alexis. Things are better than they were. She’s sleeping. That in itself is such a huge thing. Everyone feels cranky if they don’t sleep! She’s struggling like mad in school. She just can’t keep up. I finally got the school to agree  to test her for accommodations but they are taking their sweet time getting to it. Homework is a nightmare because most nights we are spending at least three hours plugging away at getting what we can done. It’s sad because she has no time to play anymore. Even with all of the work we are doing, she’s barely pulling low C’s in her classes. I’m hoping they get a move on so we can get her some help. She now says she hates school and especially hates fourth grade. No kid should have to feel that way. (Especially not MY kid! Grrr…)

5. I was asked to join the creativity team again this year. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This past year has been amazing! I’ve met so many wonderful ladies on the forums there, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with the BEST designers in the industry. What’s not to love?!

6. Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone? Because if I haven’t… I totally could tell you all about it. I mean seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome these things were before now?!

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, October 24, 2011

Layout Time!

With all of the whining I did last week, I figured I’d better get to scrapping so I would have pages to share today! I made four pages this weekend. I didn’t sleep! This is the busiest time of year for us and I’ve missed my creative time something fierce. (Nobody gets between Momma and her glue. Nobody!)

1: The Best Present Ever


(I made this page with my template #3.) Jordan's favorite present last year was a wooden baby crib. She begged me to put it together as soon as possible!

The fonts I used are Mr. + Mrs. Popsicle and Smiley Monster.
Creativity By Crystal's Distressed Solids (Blog Freebie)
Echo Park Hybrid's Holly Jolly Paper Pack One
Echo Park Hybrid's Holly Jolly Paper Pack Two
Echo Park Hybrid's Holly Jolly Paper Element Pack One
Echo Park Hybrid's Holly Jolly Paper Element Pack Two
Echo Park Hybrid's Holly Jolly Alpha and Border Pack

2: Happy Holiday

Heather Landry Happy Holidays WEB

I made a paper page with this design earlier this month. I loved it so much I had to create a digital template to match. (It won’t be available on my blog until December because it’s for a designer showcase on Ideas For Scrapbookers.) I loved the snowman paper in the Cosmo Cricket Dear Mr. Claus collection. So cute!

Dear Mr. Claus Candy Candy
Dear Mr. Claus Paper Pack
Dear Mr. Claus Candy Candy
Flea Market Brads
Vintage Paper Textures

3: Sweetie

I so totally LOVE this month's kit and add on from Scraptastic Club called "Home Sweet Home". It reminds me of visiting my grandma's house. The cozy colors and Fall themed embellishments are so much fun to play with. I used the kit and add on to create this page. I had a blast pleating paper and using a plethora of pop dots. (Say that five times fast! LOL)

I'll be coming out with a sketch to match this page sometime in November. *Note: If you’re interested in the kit, please click here to go preorder it!

4: I Miss This

I also used my November 2011 Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "Home Sweet Home" to create this page with 20+ year old photos. It's really suited to scrapping "vintage" photos. LOL The journaling is a letter to my brother. I got a little mushy. Sigh.

This page will be a sketch later in the month too. I just need to add more hours into my day somehow! I’ll be back on Wednesday at the latest with an update on what we’ve been doing around here.

Wood Grain Thank you

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Did Fall Go?

When I woke up this morning the temperature was in the 40’s and we had frost on the ground! I was a bit shocked because it’s not even November yet. The weather this year has definitely been wacky! It makes me wonder if we’ll be in for more snow.

At our house, we’ve been trying to cram in as many Fall activities as possible. We get invited to a lot of different things with three kids because each kid has a different set of activities and friends. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the schedule. Maybe I should hire a driver?

One nice thing about the weather lately is the fact that we’ve been  able to have more picnics. It’s the perfect temperature most days. Not too hot, but not unbearably cold yet either.

My favorite part of having picnics is that Ronnie barbeques and that means I don’t have to cook!

Recently, Jordan was invited to a Fall Festival for special needs children at a local church. Brandon came along because everyone knows you can’t separate the peas from the carrots. (That’s our little saying, we stole it from Forrest Gump.) They won’t go anywhere without each other.

They have an amazing program for special needs children and she found visiting with the other kids particularly valuable. She’s in a stage right now where she’s very angry and frustrated with the fact that she has cerebral palsy. I thought that letting her know she’s not the only one dealing with special needs might help and it really seemed like it did.

She was really thrilled that there was a hay ride that she could wheel her chair onto. We watched the sun setting as we rolled around. It was a lovely night!

The next day Alexis finally got to wash her horse. She’s been begging to wash Cody since she started riding for therapy months ago. She got soaking wet full of dirt and mud, but it was totally worth it because she smiled from ear to ear the entire time. At one point, she even kissed him on the nose. It was really sweet to watch her interact with him.

Alexis had therapy on Monday morning and she had to get her blood drawn for a medication check. After she finished the blood draw, since she already had her excuse note from the therapist… I let her ditch school. She and I drove to the Northlake Nature Preserve in Mandeville. We walked through the grounds and enjoyed a beautiful day. The scenery was so pretty and the sky was so blue that it almost looked fake.


We saw bees, a caterpillar, a crane, and even a water moccasin. The water moccasin was a bit too much nature for my taste. I could’ve gone without that part! Alexis looked for opportunities to sit and pose for photos.


The posed photos all came out really cute but this one is my favorite. The lighting in the trees, the sassy hands on her hips pose, and seeing her check everything out. Plus, she just looks so grown up. I miss her being bitsy!


I don’t have a single scrapbook page to share so far this week. Life has  just been too busy! I volunteered for a bunch of stuff at the beginning of the school year and it’s all coming up at once. Plus, Brandon has a lovely stomach virus again and Jordan is just getting over a kidney infection. Anyone know where I can buy bubbles to put my kids in?

Oh and before I forget… I’m LOVING my new iPhone. You’ll be seeing lots of square photos in the near future. (Nancy, Don’t look too closely at the photo. Ronnie “cooked” dinner last night so I could go to class! LOL)


P.S. Guess who is  hosting this week’s challenge at Scraptastic Club? Me! Click here to check it out. Jessica is giving away an AMAZING prize. (Two Echo Park collections!)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fright Night Sketch/Template

Good morning! I am back to share another free template and sketch. This is the preview of the sketch. As always, please feel free to right click on the image to save it to your computer for later use.

I know that the sketch looks a little busy, but it makes sense when you see that I based it on my Fright Night layout. I created this page with my Scraptastic Club "Witching Hour" kit and I wanted the sketch to have many of the same elements.

I didn't forget about the digital girls! You can download the free layered template that I created in Photoshop Elements at the link below.

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

I know how much you all love Mondays. Probably as much as I do. (AKA Not at all!) The only thing that makes a Monday better is scrapbooking. I didn’t get to do any of that today because I was busy playing hooky with Alexis, but I DO have layouts to share. That’s the next best thing!

My good friend Jessica was inspired by my Mayhem and Mischief layout. She sent me this page she made with her son dressed up as a dirty pirate. His makeup looked so cool! I really liked the tree she added to the lower left corner too. Thanks so much for letting me feature you Jessica.

dirty pirate 10.15.11

Even though I’ve been super busy for the last week, I managed to get a good bit of creative time. As a result, I have quite a few pages of my own to share!

1: Everyday Love

Heather Landry Week 40 Everyday Love WEB

It's week 40 and I'm still going strong on my Project 365 for 2011. I think I'm going to take a break in 2012 though. There's only so many things to photograph and I'm running out of ideas. LOL

Fonts are Nueva Std, Pacifico, and Typewriter
Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Autumn Paper Pack
Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Solid Paper Pack
Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Stripes And Houndstooth Paper Pack
Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Autumn Embellishments
Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Autumn Chipboard
DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons
Template Tuesday 26

2: Sour Grapes

I used a Sketchy Thursday's sketch to finish the last of my September Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "A Walk In The Garden".

Journaling: It didn't take Jordan long to figure out that the grapes Maw Maw was growing were not yet ripe. They were sour! June 2011

The beautiful butterfly chipboard is from 3 Tails Crafts. I altered it by inking it with distress ink and I added a pearl to the body.

3: Oh Brother

I used my Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "Out Of Print" to create this page. I'm working on using up the last bits of scraps.
This photo is one of my favorites I've ever taken of my kiddos. I thought it would be fun to journal about how Brandon gets lots of love around here.

I based this page on the sketch from The Color Room's palette #60. I did not use the color combo because I didn't have papers that were that soft and light.

4: Obsessed

Again, I used an older Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "Out Of Print" to finish this page. It used up all of the last bits of scraps that I had! I love when that happens.

Journaling: April 2011* The kids in our family are totally obsessed with Angry Birds. They beg ceaselessly for access to any iPhone. These photos were taken at Easter when they should've been playing!

My design here is based on sketch #62 by Susan Stringfellow. I just love her sketches. They are so detailed and fun!

Last but not least, here is last week’s Project 365 layout.

5: Week 41

Week 41 (Oct 8, 2011 to Oct 14, 2011)WEB

It was another busy week in the life for us. This week included a picnic, a party, and giving a horse a bath!

Happy Days Elements Pack #2
Happy Days Paper Pack #2
Happy Days Elements Pack #1
Happy Days Paper Pack #1
The {365 Challenge} Templates - July 2009
DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons

Wood Grain Thank you

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scraptastic November Kits Are Up!

Good morning everyone! I’m so excited to reveal the Scraptastic Club November kits a bit early this month. I got mine in the mail yesterday and let me tell you they are gorgeous. (Yes, I bought both kits and both add ons this month! I couldn’t resist!)

Autumn Splendor Kit

I love those fluffy blue flowers and the colors are fabulous for scrapping Fall photos. I’ve pulled so many photos to go with this kit!

This month's free goody for those who purchased one of the October Kits is a bottle of Studio Calico's Mister Huey in Warm Calico. (It’s sooo pretty! Seriously. You should totally become a member so you get early notification to pick your kits in case they sell out early.)

Autumn Splendor Add-On

The wooden leaves and tiny alphabets in the add on are perfect. I have so many ideas already!

The second kit is called Home Sweet Home. It could be my favorite kit ever. I know I’ve said that before BUT… this one is just amazing!

Home Sweet Home Kit

This is the free goody for those who ordered an October kit last month! Have I mentioned that I love mists? No? I do! =0)

Home Sweet Home Add-On

Aren’t those trims beautiful!? Crate Paper is quickly becoming one of my favorite manufacturers. Their stuff is so cute!

Jessica said that these kits will be available for Pre-Order on Friday October 21st and will be shipping out the following week.

Don't forget about the October challenges going on right now. (Look for them in the upper right hand corner of the blog.) Mine goes up this week. Of course it’s a sketch! I know that you aren’t surprised to hear that, but there will be a twist this month. You also don’t want to miss out on a chance to win the prize. It’s totally fabulous!

Wood Grain Thank you

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Digital template + sketch #3

Hi everyone! I'm back from my month long break with a sketch and template to share. As always, please feel free to right click on the image below to save the sketch for later use.

This is the page I made that inspired this template and sketch. I used my October Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "Witching Hour".

Here's a closer look at some of the smaller details. The bats were a .svg file from Echo Park's Apothecary collection.

If you're a digital scrapbooker, you can download the layered .psd file that I created in Photoshop Elements by clicking the link below.

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pretty Spooky!

I’m officially joining the 21st century now. The best husband in the world bought me an iPhone this evening. Let the mailman stalking commence! I’m so excited to play with the Instagram app that everyone has been talking about. Mr. Brandon is thrilled to have a portable version of Angry Birds now too! When my Mom comes over to visit, he tackles her and begs for her iPhone. It’s pitiful! Now he’ll be begging me too, but don’t worry… I’ll share!

I have quite a few layouts to share today. I have been a very busy girl! I finished my entire Scraptastic Club kit this month. Even down to the teeny tiny scraps! The first page I have to share is design team work for Jessica Sprague.

1: The First Day Of School Ever

10Heather Landry 1st Day Of SchoolWEB

I had a lot of fun playing with different fonts on this page. I used CK Letterman and Pencil Pete fonts.

Splendid Fiins Go Big Template #3
Samantha Walker's A to Z Borders And Labels
Samantha Walker's A to Z Graph Alpha
Samantha Walker's A to Z Patterned Papers
Samantha Walker's A to Z Solid Linen Papers
Samantha Walker's A to Z School Imagery Pack
Vintage Paper Textures

2: Pumpkin Killers

I created this page with my Scraptastic Club "Witching Hour" kit and add on. It was SO much fun to work with. I'm all about Halloween! I loved the extra goodie this month. The Tim Holtz distress ink is really easy to use. The only things I added to the kit were a tiny bit of stickles and some googly eyes from my stash. I also cut out several embellishments on my Cricut including the bats which are a die cut file from Echo Park's Apothecary collection. I had a lot of fun using a photo I took of the pumpkin guts as a design element.

Digital/Hybrid Supplies:

Halloween Circle Tags
Halloween Journaling Tags
Red River Paper

Journaling: Ruthless Ronnie + Crippling Katie took entirely too much delight in carving our pumpkins. They scraped the guts out with gusto! It was quite eerie to watch! 10/31/2010

3. Fright Night

I also created this page with my Scraptastic Club "Witching Hour" kit and add on. The only things I added to the kit on this layout were a tiny bit of Stickles and some black distress ink. I cut out several embellishments on my Cricut including the spider web and the fence.

Digital/Hybrid Supplies:

Halloween Circle Tags
Halloween Journaling Tags
Red River Paper

Journaling: You are not one of the scary things that go bump in the night. You are too cute to be very scary at all. My sweet little boy. Oct. 2010

4. Creating Mayhem + Mischief

This is the last page I made with my Scraptastic Club "Witching Hour" kit and add on. I used up all of the bits and pieces of paper that I had leftover with this page! The only things I added to the kit were a tiny bit of Stickles and some Dymo title work. I cut out the bat flourish on my Cricut. I also used the pearls in the kit to create a wonky string for my spooky banner.

Journaling: Don't let that sweet face fool you! Alexis' favorite part of Halloween is creating mischief and mayhem! She is lucky she's cute! 10/2010

Digital/Hybrid Supplies:

Red River Paper
Halloween Journaling Tags

P.S. I’m in the process of turning the last three pages into sketches and layered digital templates for you all to download. Stay tuned! I’m working on getting back into the swing of things.

Wood Grain Thank you

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When All Else fails

The St. Tammany fair sets up next to my kids’ school every year. As a result, each year my kids have a walking field trip to see the animal exhibits. I had to do TWO walking trips this past Thursday. One of them was with Brandon’s pre-school class and let me say, his teacher is a saint. I don’t know how she does it!

I brought our all terrain wagon to the school to pull Miss Jordan around. Her wheelchair will not roll over the rocks and mud. Yuck! I was really irritated that she wasn’t included in the class photo this year. Her teacher didn’t wait for her. So I took her photo in front of the props all by herself. She insisted on pig tails that morning because “they’re sassy”.

One of the more decent animal photos… Have you ever wondered why roosters have combs and wattles? (Answer: They are used for temperature regulation and they also attract hens.) See? Now we’ve all learned something today!

This pig must’ve weighed 500 pounds! He almost didn’t fit in the pen they had him in. He was asleep each time I passed by the exhibit with the kids. They kept yelling at him to get up. Personally, I admired his dedication to getting beauty sleep. He surely needs it!

This is Brandon and his little friend that I was assigned. They were so cute together. They both kept reminding each other to pet with TWO fingers like the teacher taught them. Note: Brandon is nearly a full head taller than all of the other children in his class.

This is the class photo. See? I told you that teacher is a saint! Brandon was off to the right horsing around. Pun intended. (I crack myself up! LOL)

After we buried Lady on Saturday, the house was entirely too quiet. We ended up going out to lunch at the new Five Guys that opened here. It was delicious! Those Cajun fries? OMG!  We headed to the fair when we were finished because we didn’t want to go home yet.

Ronnie always carries Jordan around on his shoulders when we go to the fair. She really loves being able to see over everyone. “Being tall rocks!”

The kids played quite a few different games. Alexis and Brandon played a game with race horses. Ronnie played basketball and hit his second shot perfectly. He won Jordan a huge stuffed Pooh Bear and she was in heaven. I was really impressed!

Brandon played the duck game because they “guaranteed a prize”. I can only imagine how ticked he’d have been if he didn’t get anything for his $5.00. Speaking of which, holy cow! When did fair games get so expensive? I remember playing for fifty cents! Jeez.

Jordan and Brandon didn’t want to ride any rides, instead they did this jumping activity. They both had a blast. This year was the first year that Jordan was able to do it by herself without Ronnie helping. She was thrilled!

This was Brandon’s first time jumping and he did an amazing job. I tried to get some good shots of his face but I couldn’t since I was shooting into the sun. It really bummed me out because he was SO excited.

Alexis chose to ride the mini Chinese dragon roller coaster. She was ALL grins. I could hear her giggling even when it went to the other side of the track. She is my little daredevil. She keeps asking me if she can go on the Yeti ride when we go back to Disney World! How can I explain to her that I’m too chicken to ride it? I’ll probably end up doing it just to make her happy. Yikes!

Wood Grain Thank you