Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Bunch Of Random

There’s a lot of stuff running around in my head tonight as I sit down to write this blog. You know what that means? It’s time for another big bunch of random post!

1. So… I really love my new iPhone. Like really, completely, utterly adore it. You know that old joke where you say you love something, and then the other person says “Well why don’t you marry it”? If I could… I would. I love it so much that I feel guilty over the fact that my husband may be being neglected. Sorry honey!

2. I’m a really irresponsible Mom sometimes. I played hooky with two different children last week. They had doctor’s appointments, but I didn’t bring them to school when we were done. I brought Alexis to the Nature Institute, and I brought Brandon down to wade in the river at a local park. Does that make me a bad Momma? Maybe. Do I care? Nope! Especially when the trip results in photos like these…

I spy dirty, sandy toes in freezing cold water.

I think he liked it just a little bit.

Oooh a stick!

See why I don’t care? It made him happy, and it made me smile. We spent a few hours together on a beautiful Fall day, and he’ll probably never forget sliding down the rock incline to get to the river. We went home with sand in our shoes and we brought the stick with us too.

3. Jordan is one tough cookie. In the past year, she’s had muscle tremors in her legs due to a growth spurt that her muscles haven’t caught up with. I taught her how to stretch her leg when the tremors happen. Tonight, while we were all sitting around talking, she developed a tremor. She didn’t miss a beat in the conversation. She just slammed her foot down into the full stretch without a thought and just kept going. Liken the muscle spasms to a Charlie horse, and you’ll know how much that probably hurt. Baby girl is resilient. She may have to bend from time to time, but she’s not going to break. I love that about her. She’s my hero!

4. Several people have asked for an update on Alexis. Things are better than they were. She’s sleeping. That in itself is such a huge thing. Everyone feels cranky if they don’t sleep! She’s struggling like mad in school. She just can’t keep up. I finally got the school to agree  to test her for accommodations but they are taking their sweet time getting to it. Homework is a nightmare because most nights we are spending at least three hours plugging away at getting what we can done. It’s sad because she has no time to play anymore. Even with all of the work we are doing, she’s barely pulling low C’s in her classes. I’m hoping they get a move on so we can get her some help. She now says she hates school and especially hates fourth grade. No kid should have to feel that way. (Especially not MY kid! Grrr…)

5. I was asked to join the creativity team again this year. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This past year has been amazing! I’ve met so many wonderful ladies on the forums there, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with the BEST designers in the industry. What’s not to love?!

6. Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone? Because if I haven’t… I totally could tell you all about it. I mean seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome these things were before now?!

Wood Grain Thank you


Elizabeth said...

WOW! I really am so glad to have found your blog! (via I love everything about it...your layouts, posts, photos...everything! congrats on the iphone and the JS team! Happily following now!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

that was pretty random. glad you are having fun with the new phone. hooky is good sometimes. hooray for J and her strength. sorry A is struggling.

Cindy deRosier said...

It makes me so sad to hear that any kid doesn't like school. And as a former 4th grade teacher, it makes me even more sad because 4th grade has the potential to be so incredibly fun. She shouldn't be doing hours of homework, nor struggling so much. Keep fighting for her, pushing and pushing to get what she needs. You're such a great advocate for her.

Just Jaime said...

Glad Alexis is sleeping at least. I don't think skipping school makes you a bad mom at ALL!

Mitralee said...

Toes in mud are good for the soul and sole! I guess I shouldn't tell u how much I love my iPad!